Footy Superstars Tim Micallef and Sid Seixeiro “Rock the Pitch”

This past Saturday, our boys Tim Micallef and Sid Seixeiro took part in Rock the Pitch Athletes for Africa. As mentioned in an earlier post, Athletes for Africa is Canada’s only athlete driven organization dedicated to making a difference in Africa’s most under-developed regions. The organization is not exporting sport, but using sport to help fundraise and support the infrastructure projects and sustainable development solutions Africa needs to help with poverty, famine, and disease.

Along with several other Score employees, Tim and Sid: Uncut-ville residents Micallef, Seixeiro, and Liverpool took part in the event which took place at Lamport Stadium and were part of the Footy Show FC roster. By reading some of the tweets from Tim and Sid, it seemed they had a great time.

Thumbs up to the boys for taking part in the event – I’m sure Seixeiro celebrated the win or loss and random exercise with a little Gabby’s fried food. I look forward to Monday’s show as I’m sure they’ll drop some funny stories on Tim and Sid: Uncut.



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