Redemption For Sid Seixeiro: Gabby’s Restaurant Came Through

Situation: The way the story goes is that on Friday of last week, Seixeiro called down ahead of time for his usual and asked them to add some ketchup to the order. After about 20 minutes, Sid headed on down to Gabby’s and brought the wonderful deep fried food back to the studio. Upon opening the bag, Sid was astonished to find that Gabby’s gave him a single; 1; uno, a tablespoon of ketchup. Damn! Gabby’s gave Sid one packet of ketchup for his entire meal. He couldn’t believe it – what the hell was he going to do with one ketchup packet? Even Tim was shocked and couldn’t believe that Gabby’s had the audacity to only give Sid one packet.

The boys then get into a debate on what the minimum amount of ketchup packets should be given in a scenario such as Sid’s above. “How many ketchup packets would you require Sid?” asks Tim. “Five, Five.” responds Sid. Sid goes on to say that he’s still a fan of Gabby’s but the next time, they better put in the ketchup. “What you’re saying is that you want it for free?” calls out Tim. “I’m not saying that…it’s just that the next time I go there, I’m not paying for it.” replies Sid.

It looks like the situation was finally cleared up as Sid tweeted that his recent trip to Gabby’s Restaurant was a success when the chain came through and delivered some ketchup packets. 6 to be exact; well above Seixeiro’s minimum requirement.

Sid’s story though seemed to touch a nerve as several TimandSid-izens shared their displeasures or positive experiences with other restaurants who either failed or came through in the ketchup department. Some submissions from loyal TimandSid-izens include:

BhuTanClan: Trip to McDonalds

RangerRickLI: Successfully scored Sid’s limit. 5 ketchup packets


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