Brothers In Arms & The Score Radio Bids A Final Farewell

“When you need a friend, you can always count on your teammates.” 
Jim Brown

Unfortunately, tomorrow marks the final day that theScore Radio will air on Sirius Satellite Radio Canada. After years of providing Canadians and fans around the world with their sports highlights and news, theScore on Sirius channel 158 will cease to exist. While some personalities will be staying with the company, we lost many a men who we’ve laughed with, listened to daily, and grown to respect. While I feel disheartened that I won’t hear some of these fallen soldiers for awhile, I’m confident they’ll thrive and have nothing but success in the next chapter of their lives. For someone who spent weekdays stuck in a cubicle, glued to a computer screen, I’m thankful to all the guys involved with the station to get me through the many days of boredom and monotony. So while it’s a shame that theScore Radio will no longer exist, it’s the people behind the shows that I’ll miss. All the best guys and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for you.

Toby (Tim Sidizen)

Be sure to tune in tomorrow to theScore Radio for it’s last day of scheduled programs.


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