The Return of Tim and Sid: Uncut…Bruce Smith Is Pumped & “It’s About Today” So Let’s Get Them Trending #TimandSid

It’s been a long two weeks for many listeners of Tim and Sid: Uncut, but the guys return today, Tuesday September 6th, and will most likely come out of the gates with guns a blazin’. In order to get the word out there, let’s try and get the show trending on twitter by adding the hashtag #timandsid to all of our tweets. Some examples to get you going:

  • Heading to the restaurant to propose to my girlfriend #timandsid
  • In the middle of a tornado but I can’t wait for this afternoon #timandsid
  • About to fly overseas to help build a school in Africa #timandsid
  • I hate to say this @Jasmine, but I think it’s time to break up #timandsid
  • Just got out of surgery; happy to head home #timandsid

Thanks again TimandSid-izens for all the support – you guys really are the best listeners out there. Same place, same time #timandsid. And as Sid is famous for saying, “It’s About Today!…It’s About Today!”


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