The Final TimSidizen Cut or Uncut Blog Entry: “On To The Next One”

Alright, so I’ve been holding this off. Maybe it was just me being lazy or just the fact that I didn’t want to accept the fact that Tim and Sid: Uncut were no longer on the air. But it’s true, Tim Micallef, Sid Seixeiro, Rob Pizzo, John Noon, & Aaron Bronsteter, our favourite dudes to hang with everyday at 4PM, are no longer on the air or working the podcast. I’ve been getting a lot of mail of late requesting answers, delivering hate, or just plain out being a bitch for either selfish reasons or just because they love being a troll in their mom’s basement. I can get into a big ol’ entry about why I think this happened or demand they come back on air, but as with anything, it’s important to always look on the bright side. Change is good, change is positive, change always brought me a new girlfriend. Jay-Z says it best, “I’m on to the next one, on to the next.

In all seriousness though, it was a fun ride and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the show, working on the blog, and interacting with the guys. All of them, Tim, Sid, Rob, John, & Aaron were well receptive of the reviews and without their constant encouragement, I may have not stuck it out for so long. Each of them in their own right are solid dudes and gave me nothing but respect – and in the world of television and radio, that’s hard to come by at times.

Another big thank you also goes out to all the TimandSid-izens who would check in on the site on a regular basis. Starting with only approx. 10 views a day, it eventually rose to 400 views a day and way beyond anything I ever expected and the comments/feedback I received from you guys was unbelievable. It was meant to be a place for fans of the show to come and experience Tim and Sid: Uncut outside of the 4-5PM slot and all signs point to the fact that it did just that. But again, without you guys, the TimandSid-izens, this site was nothing.

Whether some of the “starting five” stay with theScore or move on, I wish all five of them nothing but success for the future with whatever they choose to do and I look forward to seeing them pop up wherever it may be. Good things happen to those who put in work, and Aaron, Rob, John, Sid, & Tim all put in hard work every day in order to keep us edu-tained in the world of sports & pop culture. You don’t become the #1 sports podcast in the nation for nothing. Until next time…shkeef ya later bitches!

Big thanks to the boys & all the listeners,
Toby (TimSidizen)

Final Laugh:

As most of the TimandSid-izens know, from time to time, I’ll throw up the photo of Micallef’s audition tape to show how long he’s been working with theScore. Unfortunately, I never had a photo of Sid from the early days of his career. Well, it’s only fitting that a secret listener who asked to remain nameless sent me this over the weekend. A final laugh to go out on with the last post for Cut or Uncut blog. A pre-Gabby’s photo.


The World of Tim and Sid: Uncut: Check Out Aaron Bronsteter on Spinal Tap Out!

While Tim and Sid: Uncut is currently taking a short hiatus, I figured this would be a good time to make all the TimandSid-izens out there aware, that our very own Aaron Bronsteter has begun writing on one of theScore‘s popular blogs, Spinal Tap Out – an informative blog that allows readers to get all their up-to-date news from the world of MMA.

If you’ve listened to any shows of Tim and Sid: Uncut where the topic of MMA is brought up, you know that Bronsteter is quite knowledgeable in this area and always adds some great insight/points to the conversation. And this past Friday, Aaron added his very first posting on Spinal Tap Out in anticipation for yesterday’s UFC 134.

So for true fans of MMA or new fans of the UFC, I’d advise keeping an eye out for Bronsteter’s postings from time to time. This weekend alone, Aaron treated us to to his pre-fight picks (Beat The Odds: UFC 134), live results and chats, and post-fight analysis. Follow him on twitter @aarbron

Hockey For Haiti, Carleton University Forgets theScore, and John Noon Trims His Bush

“The Jays say no way.
Jeter’s only four hits away.
And we say hello, to P.K….
(Sid: For those of you who might be confused)
(Tim: Pernell Karl)

It’s hump day Tim and Sidizens and welcome to Tim and Sid: Uncut. Where your sports and edu-tainment consumption is just around the corner. Tim’s takin’ names, Sid is ready to rant, Bronsteter is picking out intro. songs on his own, Dave Coulson is filling in, and John Noon is on vacation tweeting. Topics up for today that may or may not be discussed include: Tom Brady, Roger Clemens, Pyeongchang, Jonas Vala….Jona Valanciunas, Derek Jeter, Keith Yandle, Field of Dreams, Albert Pujols, Carl Lewis, and Pernell Karl Subban.

Jonas Valanciunas & Strippers
Up for discussion today in the first segment of the show is the recent play by Jonas Valanciunas in the FIBA U-19 World Championships and the reactions from Raptor Nation on Tim Micallef’s tweets. Periodically, Tim will tweet Jonas’ stats after each game and being the high profile sportscaster he is, will receive a flurry of shit tweets from people who believe that Valanciunas is a complete joke or because they believe Tim is hyping the guy up. Even when he adds the hastags: #calmdown, #justthefacts, or #takeitforwhatitis, people will still shit on him for stating the facts and producing numbers. Sid’s avoiding the situation altogether and felt it was more entertaining to watch Tim and Raptor Nation go back and forth on the topic of Valanciunas. While Sid’s not taking sides (this has to be a first), he can see both sides of the debate. 1, he agrees with Tim because Valanciunas is playing like a beast right now. But 2, he can see why the patience of Raptor Nation is worn thin. Here’s how Sid likes to breakdown the feelings of Raptor fans/nation:

“Raptor Fans are the parents and the Toronto Raptors are the son. The Raptors, a long time ago, met a hot young stripper named Rafael Araujo who seemed pretty intriguing at the time. Let’s just say it didn’t work out. Two years later, they (Raptors) bring home another really, really hot girlfriend named Andrea Bargnani, also an Italian stripper. And Raptor fans are like…okay, we love our boy…last time didn’t go so good but maybe this time different (Italian accent). So far, so good. For the third time, the Raptors brought a stripper to meet their folks (Raptor Nation) and i think the folks are a little tired of that train of thought. They (Raptors) did it for a third time in a very high profile way and you can understand the parents being asked to go down this road again, for the third time, can be a little hesitant.”

WTF? That’s the most crazy, weird, but perfect example of the reaction and feelings by fans of the Toronto Raptors draft pick, Jonas Valanciunas. It’s all agreed upon though that everyone needs to just wait and see how this guy plays in the NBA before we start ripping him. As of right now, he might have a better skill set than all the other strippers. Sid does go on to say though that he’s a little worried about Tim’s investment in Valanciunas, “You’re married to this guy…You’re going to be carrying this guy around like an Albatross.” Tim flat out denies this and says that he’s only trying to give people facts and make them aware that we can’t shit on a dude without actually seeing him play in the bigs – it’s illogical to do so. According to Sid though, Tim needs to jump on this though because “You’re A.C Slater if this works out.”

Canada Basketball
And speaking of FIBA Basketball, the Canadian team in the tournament was officially knocked out after a loss to Serbia and the team can no longer finish higher than 9th place. It’s understandable though as a few guys, like Mike Kabongo, were absent from the tourney. It does bring up the question by Sid on whether or not some of the Canadian talent that was absent will ever don a Canadian jersey. Most of the guys did promise theScore’s Jason Thom that they’d play, but “Talk is cheap until it happens. Fuck Sherman Hamilton, where have you gone.”, said Sid. But in saying that, it’s hard. There’s no support behind Canada basketball, and it’s the same with soccer. Sure Steve Nash had to find his own sponsor to step up for his insurance when he played for Canada at the Sydney Olympics. Come on Canada, start funding these guys.

Carleton Ravens and Respect for theScore

Other big news that came out today was the announcement that the Carleton Ravens Football team will be returning to the OUA and CIS Sports. In 1998, the program was axed due to financial shortfalls, which came after a poorly played season. However, thanks to entrepreneur and former Carleton Ravens defenceman John Ruddy, who gave the proposed team a $2.5 million boost, matching other fundraising for a total of $5-million in start-up capital to get the team back on the field in 2013. The problem though didn’t lie with the university getting their team back; it was the fact that no one in the athletic program contacted theScore or any of it’s employees to make them aware of the announcement. Seixeiro is pretty pissed that no one gave them a head’s up; and he has a right to be mad. For years now theScore has had a great relationship with the OUA and are really the only media outlet that gives them the time of day. “We’re not asking for the moon here. This is bullshit.”, screamed Sid. “No one talks about the OUA as much as theScore does.” Micallef especailly has put his blood, sweat, and tears into the league and according to Sid, “He (Tim) bust his fucking ass on the OUa and he needed to read one of the biggest stories in the CIS this year on the internet.” If you want to get Tim’s side of the story and his feelings towards what transpired, check out the blog entry below.

To lighten the mood though, Tim does share a little story about a time when he hosted the OUA Awards at Carleton University, where he once dropped out. Tim mentions that during the show, one of the old soccer coaches was retiring and as he walked up to the microphone, he said to Tim, “I do believe that the C for Carelton stands for committment. Something you wouldn’t know anything about.” The coach knew that Tim dropped out years ago and the Scottish/Irish old man was taking a jab at Micallef. Tim jokingly said, “Then I punched him in the face.”

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Update
Pizzo chimes in and tells the boys he thought their Irish/Scottish accents were hilarious. He then brings up a story about how his old always messes up cliches. One of the better ones included, “Pizzo, the wheel that squeaks, you gotta get da WD 40.” Pretty funny shit if you ask me – sounds like my old man at times.
1. Fortune Magazine just released their list of “100 Things That Make Amercia Great”. Two athletes that are on the list include Tom Brady (50) and LeBron James (33). Check out the full article here.
2. FIFA has announced the possibility of having three 30 minute periods to combat the heat that will be felt by players at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Fucking ridiculous.
3. After clinching his first ever French Open success on Sunday, Thomas Levet launched himself barefoot into a pond protecting the 18th green at Le Golf National but hurt himself on the rocks at the bottom. Now he’s out of the British Open. What an idiot.

P.K “PrimeTime” Subban and Hockey For Haiti

In the next segment, Tim and Sid had a surprise for Tim and Sidizens and were joined by the Montreal Canadiens’ P.K. Subban. Subban and former Canadien Georges Laraque are in Haiti this week to raise awareness of the ongoing problems created by the earthquake that devastated the country in January 2010 through a program called Hockey For Haiti. The guys had Subban come on the show to discuss the trip and what he’s encountered so far while he’s down there. Hockey For Haiti, a joint project of the National Hockey League and the NHL Players’ Association, has raised more than $1.3 million, but there is an ongoing need for funds. Sid’s up with the first question and asks Subban how he got involved with the trip. According to P.K., he got a call from George 4-5 weeks ago and was asked to head on down there with him. Subban said he didn’t hesitate and immediately said yes, “Just tell me where I need to be and he’d be ready to go.” Tim then asked Subban what it was like down there and what it was like the first time he got off the plane. The first thing to pop in Subban’s mouth was that “it was extremely hot down there” and when he “stepped off the plane, if was absolutely beautiful.” However, according to Subban, once he made it into the city, he was able to see a lot of devastation left by the earthquake and it seemed like utter chaos as locals were trying to sell him items or help him with his luggage. Subban goes on to say that he spent most of his time at the Grace Hospital meeting with kids and families. He mentions that while people are getting treated, there’s still many people (3 million in the city) that are not getting the needed care. He also believes that this is what he really cares about; helping people, listening to their stories, and being in the position to actually help, rather than sitting behind a phone and just raising money. And in order to keep awarmenss on Haiti during their time of crisis, trips like these will continue the cause. The boys then go on to ask Subban if they met any hockey fans down there and P.K does mention that he met a young boy who had some pretty good skills with a hockey stick. Before he left Canada, Subban collected a bunch of items and brought some Habs swag (hats, t-shirts) and played some street hockey with the kids. He was especially touched by the boy who asked to exchange emails with him so he could keep up-to-date on how the Canadiens’ defenseman was doing during the season on the ice.

BREAKING NEWS! John Noon tweets while on holiday. I guess vacation is beginning to get boring.

Roy Williams and His Crazy Ass Proposal

Before the guys throw to Rapid Fire, they quickly discuss the outrageous news about Roy Williams that came out today. Apparently, Williams proposed to his girlfriend Brooke Daniels, Miss Texas, by mailing her a $75,000 ring, $5000 for dental and school bills, an audio of the proposal, and a baseball for her brother. “If you get a package like that in the mail, how could you not get moist?”, said Sid. Anyways, she declined the proposal and when Williams asked for her to send the ring back, she said she had lost it. Williams then had to get his insurance agency involved and they found out that Daniels’ father actually had the ring. Williams now has to go the route of suing his ex-girlfriend in an attempt to get the ring back from her. You, Roy Williams, are on the crazy train.

Rapid Fire
A pretty solid Rapid Fire by Bronsteter this afternoon. He had a wide range of topics to discuss and lots of questions to ponder. Let’s break them down.
– Tom Brady was just announced the NFL’s top-100 player. Tom Brady or Peyton Manning in your opinion? Both guys are great quarterbacks but Brady has the rings. You can’t argue with that – the guy is a winner.
– Hot Dog or Hamburgers? I’d eat a hamburger everyday if it was healthly for you. Burgers at the Firkin are pretty amazing with a slice of Apple Smoked Bacon and Cheddar Cheese.
– Crab or Loster? Hmm, too hard to decide. The only part of the lobster I like is the claws. There’s lots of juicy meat and easy to crack. The rest of it can go to hell; too messy, hard to handle and all that green shit. #fail.

Great show today Tim, Sid, Bronsteter, Pizzo, and Dave. It was great to finally hear Sid’s opinion on Jonas Valanciunas. If I remember correctly, Sid was on vacation when the kid got selected and Tim and Sidizens never really got to hear his take on the pick by Colangelo. I also especially enjoyed the OUA and CIS discussion – having focused primarily on amatuer sports in university myself, it was good to hear the Canada Basketball debate and how the OUA markets their organization. And in this case, forgetting to contact your biggest supporter is a complete fail. Who is running shit over there at the athletics program? Also, a solid interview with Subban. I never heard of the Hockey For Haiti until today, so it was really good to hear about the positives being done by the NHL and it’s players down there. Huge thumbs up to Bronsteter for getting him on the show. Soild Rapid Fire; sports mixed with humour? You can’t go wrong. 10/10.

Gordie Howe “Will Be Visiting Some Chicks…” Audio Clip

Seixeiro had a great request on Friday regarding what went down at the Joe Carter Golf Classic Tournament last week between the Score’s Producer Aaron Bronsteter and Legendary Hockey Hall of Famer, Gordie Howe. According to Sid, there needs to be a soundbite / audio of Bronsteter speaking on behalf of the great Howe and played whenever Aaron messes up. Of all random jokes, hilarious debates, and miscues, this little word fumble goes down as one of the greatest radio mistakes in history 🙂

This is how the blooper came to be:

Bronsteter comes running into the clubhouse to let the guys know that, “We just got turned down by Gordie Howe for an interview because he hasn’t done one for a couple of years. But he said to speak on his behalf that he will be visiting some chicks…some children in the hospital later on.” “Very different than the first part that you said.”, replied Sid. “Did that just happen? Did that just fucking happen here…Go out there and apologize to Gordie Howe.”, Sid.

In case you missed out, enjoy the clip below.

Shawn Kemp, Pulling Out, & Rule 48

“The Raptors find their man, Tim Hudson is the man, and both men, and I use the term loosely, are back in the building!”

It’s Tuesday Tim and Sidizens and welcome back for another edition of Tim and Sid: Uncut. Uncle Timmy is back from his flu-like symptoms, Sid’s back from vacation, Bronsteter is behind the glass, and a “starving for vacation” John Noon is present. Topics up for grabs today include: Hanley Ramirez, Pau Gasol, Josh Smith, Flu-Like Symptoms, Winnipeg, Ricky Rubio, Albert Pujols, Roger Goodell, Headshots, and Dwane Casey. Today was an interesting day as both Tim and Sid seemed to flow into numerous topics, rapid fire style. So the outline of this review will look a little different as they sometimes only spent a couple of mintues on each topic. I’d probably call it a good warm-up before the Dwane Casey interview.

Awkward Beginnings
If you haven’t noticed, but at the beginning of each show lately, Tim will throw in “Newfoundland” and mention the time zone. Now that the guys are on a first name basis with Bob Cole, it’s important to do so. They get into a little discussion of how the beginning of the interview with Bob was awkward and Tim compares it to his interview with Marc Crawford while Sid was away. But that sort of thing happens from time to time in radio. I know when I called into Tout Telephones, there was a weird pause prior to coming on air and it caught me off guard. Nothing the boys can do…remember their marconi phone interview with Ariel Helwani?

Raptors Central
“We’re becoming Raptors Central here.” And that’s no lie; Jay Triano was on the show this year, Amir Johnson stopped by, Bryan Colangelo called in, and now today the boys will be speaking with Dwane Casey. If you’re a fan of this show and a Raptors fan, it’s a double win.

Hangovers & Flu-like Symptoms
Tim was sick yesterday and discussed how he found it funny that they usually rip on a guy for being sick due to flu-like symptoms. In the past, both Tim and Sid have said that when a guy calls in with that excuse, it’s because he’s dealing with a hangover. “Sounds like you had a great Father’s Day.”, replied Bronsteter.

Shawn Kemp & Pullin’ Out
And speaking of Father’s Day, it’s also known as Shawn Kemp Day for some. The ex-NBAer has a shit load of kids out, and most likely from numerous baby mommas. “For Shawn, there’s another 20 or so that he doesn’t know about.”, said Seixeiro. “The guy doesn’t know how to pull out.” They also discuss how Kemp could be the ugliest basketball player out there and his weight issues. “His ass was the size of the key.”

Tim and Sid: Uncut Blackberry Podcast
Sid brought up the fact that he mentioned to his wife Monday night that he cracked on the shitty performances by the VJ’s on the MMVA’s Red Carpet. Sid’s wife asked if she could hear the podcast, but when he tried to download it on his blackberry, it didn’t work. From what I could gather Sid, sometimes there’s updates for Apps, and you might have to reload it. Then again, 200 employees of RIM were laid off here in Waterloo – they could be fuckin’ with the system. It’s also interesting to note that, according to Aaron, the MMVA’s was the most watched show of the night, along with record numbers for the Red Carpet Special. Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez definitely helped with that because the VJ’s sure as shit didn’t do anyting spectacular.

Dwane Casey Raptor Press Conference
The guys got into a little pre-Dwane Casey Interview chat and discussed his press conference from earlier in the day. Sid felt Dwane said the right things and got the impression from Casey that “it’s his way or the highway.” Seixeiro also thought it was telling that the first Raptor out of Casey’s mouth today was DeMar DeRozan – DeRozan sounds like he’ll the #1 guy on this team.Tim also feels there’s still much work to do with the team but is anticipating an exciting year of Raptor basketball.

NBA Trade Rumour Mill
With the upcoming draft, there are lots of proposed trade rumours surrounding players and teams. First off, there’s rumours that the Lakers are looking to trade Pau Gasol for Kevin Love and the No.2 pick in the draft. Sid found it funny that people are considering the Lakers old and not entirely sure that you blow this team up. However, if it’s Mike Brown that’s calling the shots now, he may want to put his thumbprint on this team. The guys also found it funny that Pau wants to stay in L.A. even after what went down between himself, the girlfriend, and Mrs. Bryant supposedly. It sounds like he’s sticking with the ladies rather than play with Rubio. Sid also made a good point about the trade in regards to the fact of whether or not Love will resign with the team, “If you don’t think Love is coming back, you trade him.” Both Tim and Sid also found it funny that Minnesota would have to sell this possible trade and combo of Gasol and Rubio as the “Spanish Armada” to the fans – pretty hard to do if you ask me.

NBA Board of Governors Meeting
Well, the NBA lockout continues to loom over everyone’s head and the NBA threw out an offer yesterday. According to the San Jose Mercury News, “The NBA’s latest counterproposal, which followed a proposal from the union earlier in the day, is a salary-cap system based on the same principles as the NHL’s “flex” system. With the “flex cap,” teams would target a uniform dollar amount to spend, but would still be permitted to exceed it up to an unspecified level.” Both guys can’t fathom the idea of a work stoppage in the NBA; who could blame them? After the season we witnessed, it would be a complete shame for that shit to go down. Right now, it looks like the league put out a hardcap of $69 million and we’re left waiting to see how the Player’s Union responds.

NHL Board of Governors and Rule 48
Just like the NBA, the NHL also held their Board of Governors meeting this afternoon. Among many of the items on the table, Tim and Sid focused on the changes to Rule 48. Last year, Rule 48 dealt only with “lateral or blind side” hits, language that has been stricken from the rule book. But this year, taken from New York Times, “Rule 48 now bans all hits “where the head is targeted and the principal point of contact,” although it is up to the referees to determine whether the victim of such a hit “put himself in a vulnerable position immediately prior to or simultaneously with the hit or the head contact on an otherwise legal body check was unavoidable.” According to Tim, “As long as it’s clear, I don’t give a shit.”

Sid Seixeiro’s Work Attire
It sounded like Sid came into the office today wearing a white shirt with black pants. “He looks like a choir boy.”, said Noon.

Interesting Facts From the Man, Rob Pizzo
Before Pizzo gets into his update, he congratulates the guys on finally getting back together. “Reunited and it feels so good”, replied Pizzo. It’s true, with Sid on holiday, it’s been awhile since they’ve all been together. They also discuss a little bit about yesterday’s Rory McIlroy golfing win and then rag on Hainser about whether or not the guy can play golf – and not The Golden Tee – real golf. “Can you picture Hainser on a golf course”, said Pizzo. “I can’t picture Hainser kissing a girl. Both require finding a hole.”, replied Sid.
1. Former New York Giants wide receiver, David Tyree just made some douche comments. According to Tyree, “I would give up my Super Bowl win to end gay marriage.” Someone needs to learn what to say to the media and what to keep to yourself.
2. A TMZ cameraman made the mistake of calling Greg Oden, LeBron James.the other night. Give Leg Oden credit, he brushed it off with class.

Tim and Sid Interview Dwane Casey
* Check out the full transcript of the interivew in the blog entry below.
Some thoughts from the guys after the Dwane Casey interview.
1. Sid was surprised that Dwane called them men.
2. Casey’s comments on Andrea Bargnani was an interesting point of the interview.
3. Sid believes Casey will give Andrea a year before he thinks about doing anything (i.e. moving/trading him)
4. At the press conference, Casey said the only thing he can control with the guys is minutes.
5. Tim likes this hiring better than Lawrence Frank. “I think you need a leader of men.” 
6. It will be interesting to find out how much Casey will make as Jay Triano was one of the lowest paid coaches in the NBA.
7. According to Tim, it souned like Casey’s choices were Toronto and Detroit.

Rapid Fire
I have no idea where Bronsteter got these questions, but this segment was hilarious. Glad to see them having fun the game, Either OR.
Chocolate Milk or a Vanilla Milkshake? If I had to pick one, I’d go with Chocolate Milk….I’m not a fan of the Vanilla – never was.
– Most Foss Hobby, Stamp Collecting or Train Collecting? I’ve never done either and but have you seen the money that people rake in for those collections. Check out Pawn Stars – it only comes on 5 times a day on the History Channel 😛
– Better Tennis Surface, Grass or Clay? Clay is messy shit – Grass can be cleaned off easily with hair spray. However, near the end of some tourneys, grass does starting looking a little thin.
– Better Gum flavour, Spearmint or Peppermint? At this point of the show, Sid ran out of the booth in disgust of the awful line of questioning. Entertainment right there. I’m going with Spearmint.

Extended Rapid Fire
(Remember, this is only my opinion on what they might have talked about) Items missed on today’s show included:

1. Hanley Ramirez: Logan Morrison called out the struggling hitter because he was the last one to show up for McKeon’s first address to the team. Morrison went on to tell Ramirez that his tardiness could be why he’s only hitting .200.
2. Winnipeg: The NHL Board of Governors confirm the new Winnipeg franchise.
3. Albert Pujols: Pujols was injured over the weekend and it looks like he’s out 4-6 weeks with a broken left forearm.
4. Roger Goodell: On Wednesday, Roger Goodell, some players, and league officials are meeting in hopes of figuring out a new labour deal.

Sweet, sweet show boys. You usually hit a homer when you’re hosting the show by yourselves, but when combined, it’s utter brilliance. Like anything, having someone to play off one another definitely helps with conversation flow and topic transitions. Obviously the highlight of the show was the Dwane Casey interview. Huge kudos to Bronsteter for getting him on the show and even bigger kudos to Tim and Sid for the interview. It was obviously well-planned and I appreciated the #realtalk with him. If anything, I think he should remember who you guys are and I can picture him showing up as a guest on Tim and Sid: Uncut again in the near future. Huge thanks for doing the interview. Everything in the show A++. The Rapid Fire quesitons, the multiple topics, and even Pizzo Update. The Greg Oden story was Gold. Good Tuesday boys 10/10.

“Famous! Get Your 15 Seconds of Fame Bitch”

Want your 15 seconds of fame Tim and Sidizens? Do you want to say something that might have an impact on the world? Are you from Vancouver and want to give Uncle Timmy shit for reverse ranting the rant and jinxing the Canucks?

Well, you might get your wish. Our boy Tim Micallef has been tweeting up a storm today and he is looking to have an interesting Tim and Sid: Uncut radio show this afternoon. Just check out his following tweets (and if you’re not following him, you better get your ass to it)

Remember Tim and Sidizens, call 1-888-942-7326 this afternoon at 4PM ET for a chance to give your BEST 15 Second live soundbite.

Uncle Buck & Pre-game Rituals

“The Big Bad B’s and Orca Bay’s whale, every goal, a register on the Richter scale. Tonight we settle the fight for hockey’s Holy Grail. Could of used Doug Smail.”

Hello Hump Day and welcome Tim and Sidizens to another exciting review of the Tim and Sid: Uncut radio show/podcast. As mentioned every day for the last week or so, Seixeiro is still on holidays. Apparently, the guy is playing in a golf tournament today that both himself and Tim had signed up for, but because Sid took holidays – someone had to stay back and do the show. Anyways, you suck Sid! I think I’ve seen Noon call you a fuck numerous times on Twitter. But have no fear, Noon, Bronsteter, and the Lovely Nadine are working behind the glass and everyone’s ready for a jam-packed show. Topics for today’s episode includes: Lord Stanley, Phil Pritchard and his White Gloves, Tristan Thompson, Cam Neely, Cory Joseph, Conn Smythe, Timmy T., and of course, Bobby Lu.

Game 7 of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals
“To quote Bill Parcells, this is why you lift all them weights.”, said Tim. It’s game 7 tonight Tim and Sidizens, the last hockey game of the season. Can you think of anything better than a game 7 of of the Stanley Cup finals? Both teams will be playing their 107th game of the season and it should be a dogfight. Tim asked the guys if there’s a particular ritual before the big game: Noon has some beer in the fridge, will be taking the dog for a pre-game walk, and doing up a little BBQ with the wife. Both Bronsteter and Micallef don’t really have a ritual besides the fact that they like to watch the game at home – and most often by themselves.

With all the hockey discussion, Twitter was going nuts this morning with the idea that Timmy might do a final rant on the Vancouver Canucks. After some thought, and with the belief that he had reversed the rants fortunes in game 7 of the Blackhawks series, Tim felt it was safe to do another one. Again, this kind of rant really needs to be heard in podcast form and I’d suggest listening to the show for yourself. Some of the highlights included were:
– “Where the Streets have no name. Prove your franchise best in points, prove why you deserve Lord Stanley.”
– “Don’t just do it for Trevor Linden and Pavel Bure.”
– “Win that thing for Toni Tanti, Russ and Geoff Courtnall.”
– “Do it for the biggest party since….well, last year in the Gold Medal Game of the Olympics.”

Cory Joseph and Pre-Draft Workouts
With all that’s been going on with the NBA and NHL finals, everyone seems to have forgotten about the upcoming drafts for both leagues. As mentioned several weeks ago, Bryan Colangelo hinted at the possibility of going with a guard (i.e. Kemba Walker) and this week, the Raptors continued working out possible prospects and one of the potentials included Canada’s own, Texas PG, Cory Joseph. Bronsteter managed to track the kid down for a little #realtalk about the workouts and the upcoming draft. Obviously, Tim asked Cory how the pre-draft workout with the Toronto Raptors was going and how he felt? Joseph felt it has gone great, a good practice so far. He finds that it is still kind of surreal to be working out with your home team – it’s a huge honour for him. He mentioned his first Raptors game was around the same time that T-Mac was trying to make up his mind about whether or not he was leaving the Toronto Raptors. Some of the discussion also surrounded Joseph’s decision on not hiring an agent for the upcoming draft. According to Joseph, his mom is his agent right now and all he can do is go with his heart. I’m kind of glad that Joseph is not going with an agent – I remember Newfoundland’s boy Carl English that entered the draft early and hired an agent. The poor guy didn’t get drafted and because he had an agent, he couldn’t return to Hawaii for his final year.

During the interview, there was also some discussion on Joseph’s teammate and Canadian beast, Tristan Thompson. Both players have been going through the process together and Cory is glad to have him by his side. They talk a lot, he feels like a brother, and is just part of the family. For those Tim and Sidizens that might be unaware, Thompson is a guaranteed pick in the first round and definitely one of Canada’s up and coming basketball stars; Canada’s Basketball future looks really bright. In saying that, Tim asked how bad Cory and his fellow Canadian ball players want to rep for Canada? Joseph says that they are always thinking of their country and always looking to represent Canada. Unfortunately though, there are times when schools won’t allow the boys to represent Canada in particular tournaments and the players have to stay down South. Great little chat with Cory Joseph – it was good to hear what he had to say and he sounds like an overall good guy. I’ll be pulling for him in the upcoming draft.

Interesting Facts from Pizzo’s Update
Prior to any updates, the guys had a little debate on both John Candy and Chris Farley. Most of the guys were big Candy fans and believed some of his better films included: Uncle Buck, The Great Outdoors, and Canadian Bacon.
1. EA Sports had completed the usual game simulation before the series between the Canucks and Bruins started to predict a winner. According to the results, it shows the Vancouver Canucks winning the Stanley Cup in 7 games with Roberto Luongo winning the Conn Smythe. (After last night, #fail).

2. When Cabbie used to play NHL ’94, he always used Cliff Ronning because the guy had a high rating and was one of the fastest skaters in the game. He always had a rating of 99 out of 100. Here’s a little reminder of the classic game.

3. The Peroria Chiefs will be honouring LeBron James and his non-existent title by giving fans nothing as they walk through the gates during an upcoming game; plus the team has asked to skip the 4th inning to represent James’ disappearance during the 4th quarters of the NBA Finals.
4. Shaquille O’Neal is currently involved in a case with the police. The police are claiming that Shaq is involved in a case where a gang abducted a man who said he had Shaq’s Sex Tape. “That girl better be strong; that’s all I’m sayin’.”, said Micallef. The guys then go on to discuss Shaq’s bird and it’s possible length.

Marc Crawford and the Vancouver Canucks
What a great way to end the last half of the show than to have retired Canadian hockey player and once Head Coach for the Vancouver Canucks, Marc Crawford. However, the word on the street was that Crawford is a huge basketball fan and Tim decided to go against the grain for the first few questions and ask the man some b-ball questions. Crawford was once the Head Coach for the Dallas Stars and Tim asked him if he thought the Mavericks had it in them to win the title. Crawford said he was very impressed with Rick Carlisle. He also felt that the pick-up of Peja earlier in the year was huge for the team and he was also very happy with the play of Jason Kidd. Crawford also discussed one time when he was coaching the Canucks and “a young man came up me and said he was a huge fan of the team.”, turned out this young fan was Steve Nash.

Unfortunately, time was running short and Tim only had a few minutes to ask some hockey questions but discussion flowed into whether or not Crawford has ever seen the city of Vancouver like this before. Marc said he saw it in ’82, there was excitement in ’94, but seeing the crowd this time around that evening was really something special. There’s a real buzz in the city with the belief that they will win. Tim followed with a great question and asked Crawford, “If you’re the coach, do you talk to your players that much, especially in this scenario?”. Crawford said it really depends on the mood and it will ultimately depend on the guys. It’s important to read their emotions. As a coach, you might have to pump them up or calm them down. At times you might have to rely on the leaders of the team and the character guys in the dressing room. It also sounded like Crawford was pulling for Luongo to have a good game. According to him, the net minder position is one the loneliest jobs out there in the sports world – when you’re good, your good, and when you’re bad, you’re by yourself.

Rapid Fire
A pretty good Rapid Fire by Bronsteter. The first question sounded familiar, but after checking, he was comparing the US Open to the French Open – so no repeat questions here.
– The U.S. Open kicks off tomorrow. Other than the Masters, what is your favorite golfing tournament? I’m going with the British Open. For me personally, I enjoy the European flavour at times.
– Aaron Rodgers has started his own music label. If you could sign any artist from one era, who would it be? Tim figures it would be A Tribe Called Quest. I’m going to throw out Jon Secada 😉
– Mark Cuban has a new idea for the Dallas Mavericks. He wants to give out chains rather than rings. What would be cooler than a Championship Ring? Nothing. You play for the ring. Screw off Cuban – I like you, but this idea is shit.

Great show by the guys. Tim’s rant was epic as usual – let’s just hope the guy didn’t jinx the team. I was glad to hear how Cory Joseph was doing in pre-draft workouts. As a huge follower of Canadian Basketball, I’m pulling for him and I wish him all the best. It would be cool if Bronsteter could track down Tristan Thompson in the future as well. In regards to the interview with Crawford, I would have liked a little bit more time, but I understand these things happen. Guests can be unpredictable and I guess we were lucky to at least have him on. Not bad guys, a solid 9/10.