Yukon Quebecois & The Iron Sheik

“The Hawks surprised the Bulls, the Mavs surprised the Lakers, and the election? Surprised everybody.”  In today’s Tim and Sid: Uncut, some topics that were to be covered included Derrick Rose, Tim Thomas, Kobe, the National Anthem, Twitter, Sacramento Kings, and the Canadian Election. However, like most podcasts, these boys just ran out of time (Reason #167 these guys could do 2 radio shows a day). I kid, Tim and Sidizens would get spoiled if that ever happened. Much like yesterday, there was alot of available topics to choose from. Sid felt while the election did happen the night before, he didn’t want to discuss politics too much to prevent alienating anyone. However Tim pointed out, “We can talk about shit! We talk about whatever the Tim and Sidizens want to talk about.”

The Canadian Election: ___#hadmoreseatsthantheliberals
The boys started today’s radio show with a little game. Apparently, the night before, Brandon (a loyal Tim and Sidizen) asked Sid on twitter if we could try and get _____#hadmoreseatsthantheliberals trending. BAM! The one-liners began – some of options included:
1. Noon’s Patio
2. Shawn Kemp’s Thanksgiving Dinner
3. The short bus to French Emersion Summer School
4. Tim’s SUV – Ford Escape (according to Ford, it is called a Compact SUV Timmy)
5. Jack Layton’s Rub and Tug
6. My Face…..(a small tip to the ladies)
7. Rex Ryan at a Yankees game

After the hashtag game, both Tim and Sid got into the topic of the Canadian Election. One result of the election that shocked both of them was the fact that the NDP is now running Quebec. 15 yrs. ago, that never would have happened. And without Quebec, there ain’t no Bloc Quebecois….Sid suggested they’ll re-emerge in the future, but this time in the Yukon. There was also some chat on how bad Iggy did leading the Liberals. Both guys believed that American politics are slowly making it’s way into Canadian politics and it would seem the smear campaigns and “failure to communicate” really killed Michael Ignatieff – Tim believes it’s “A Cautionary Tale.” Some other topics included the poor voter turnout, Iggy’s inability to connect with people at home, and how the opposition were unable to prove that Harper indeed screwed the Canadian Government. John Noon also brought up a great point during the election talk about how shitty the coverage of the event was. Great quote from Nooner, “Did they take the bottom 4% from Durham College to cover this thing?” Noon again came hard with, “Iggy got bitch slapped by the Canadian public; worst Jedi mind trick ever.”

Interesting Facts from Pizzo’s update:
1. English cricket commentator Edward Bevan was on the receiving end of a cricket smash. During a recent match, a ball was hit out of bounds and smashed through the commentary box window hitting Bevan in the back. A great audio click is available here. Apparently, this is the third time it has happened to him.
2. Tim thinks Guelph has crazy fans. He’s not into commentating when it involves the shaking of the booth, especially from 10.000 fans.
2. Athlete tweets have been huge the last couple of days. And another tweeter that’s caused a ruckus is RB Rashard Mendenhall. He’s been questioning the events surrounding 9/11, who was actually responsible for 9/11, and feeling sympathy for Osama Bin Laden. He’s not entirely sure Bin Laden was even responsible.

Chris Douglas-Roberts @CDOUGLASROBERTS
The next segment from Tim and Sid: Uncut was my favourite of the day. After the discussion from yesterday’s show regarding Chris Douglas-Roberts (CD-R) and his so-called controversial tweets, it appears Bronsteter was able to track the man down and get him on today’s show. If you’re not aware, on Sunday, during the announcement of Osama Bin Laden’s death, millions of people had taken to twitter to discuss the news. Just like everyone else, NBA player, Chris Douglas-Roberts did the same and made some tweets. Unbeknownst to Chris, and not on purpose, he became the target of many fellow tweeters who were pissed at his comments. Some of his tweets included:
– “It took 919,967 deaths to kill that one guy.”
– “It took 10 years & 2 Wars to kill that…guy.”
– “It cost us (USA) roughly $1,188,263,000,000 to kill that………..guy. But we are #winning though. Haaaa. (Sarcasm)”

It was a great job by the show to contact Chris and have him as guest on Tim and Sid: Uncut. As a fan of the NBA and it’s players, it meant alot to me to be able to hear Chris’ side of the story. And before I write anything else, Chris Douglas-Roberts is an intelligent guy and very articulate on how he speaks and approaches topics. Tim began the interview suggesting that alot of times the public want more than cliches from athletes, but should they discuss something we don’t particularly agree with, then we don’t want to hear from them. Tim asked Chris what his take on the whole situation was? (the following are Chris’ words loosely, not quoted exactly.)
CD-R: “Athletes should talk about certain topics. We’re trained to be very politically correct. It’s great because we are always in the public eye, especially with kids around, and we have to carry ourselves in respectful ways – we have to be role models. And sometimes, athletes get that confused with just being themselves. I was just a regular American tweeting what happened, just like everyone else. Then I got hammered for it. But I think I need to continue to be who I am.” Tim went on to ask Chris if he thought that if he had made the comments a week after the incident, would he of received the same response? CD-R:No. I don’t think so. I was aware of the celebrations going on and felt someone should say something. It would of killed me more if I didn’t say anything, rather than not say anything at all.” Chris did get into a good debate with people on twitter but there were still plenty that seemed to be talking “at” him, rather than talking with him. CD-R: “Many people put athletes in a box and they’re not considered intelligent. It rubs me the wrong way because people at times will believe this because I’m an athlete or because I make millions of dollars.” An interesting moment that happened in the interview was when Sid brought up the fact that the Bucks had released a statement stating that “Chris Douglas-Roberts doesn’t speak for the team.” Sid asked whether or not the team or anyone involved had reached out or contacted him? Chris responded with, “Basically I’m not with the Bucks, I’m a restricted free agent.” He’s well aware that he’s not speaking for the team.

From the rest of the interview, it was apparent that CD-R doesn’t regret anything he did. He didn’t delete any tweets and stands behind everything he wrote. He made a great statement when he said that “the public should know the man behind the athlete“. Huge thumbs up to Tim and Sid during the interview. I give them and the show props for getting him on the show. I definitely have a new found respect for Chris and I’ll keep an eye on him from now on. I completely see him in a new light and have the utmost respect for him. As always, I suggest following him on twitter – see link above to add him.

Rapid Fire
Great rapid fire by Bronsteter! A little twist today as the questions were basically, “Either or”
Edwards’ “You play to win the game.” OR Mora’s “Playoffs? Playoffs?”: I’m going to go with Edward’s quote. Second place is for losers.

Who was bigger the last couple of days? The Canadian Conservative Party OR the US Democratic Party?: Sid picked the PC – he felt it was huge that they got a majority. My pick would have to be the US Democratic Party. PC was already close to having a majority but no one knew where the hell Osama was. Bin Laden was not only found, but killed.
Boxers OR Briefs?: All the boys pick briefs unless you had elephantitis of the balls. I would agree with all of them, but when I’m playing a game of b-ball, boxer briefs are the way to go.
Ultimate Frisbee OR Touch Football?: Neither really. Any touch football I play ends up tackle anyways.
Vin Diesel OR The Rock?: Vin Diesel is straight foss, but the guy does have a better selection of movies to choose from.
Luxury Vehicle that costs $100/ tank of gas OR Economy Vehicle that costs $30/ tank of gas?: I choose economy car. You can get some pretty sweet looking rides in the economy section.

Amazing show. I loved the fact that Tim and Sid: Uncut were able to get Chris Douglas-Roberts on today’s show – especially regarding the recent incident with twitter. Actually, it shouldn’t even be called an incident. He was just a dude tweeting his feelings and thoughts. Full horns for you Chris – you’ve gained a new fan. But solid show for Tim, Sid, Bronsteter, and Noon. Anyways, interview with CD-R deserves a 10/10. 

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