Replaced by Willie Beamen?

Some news for the Tim and Sidizens today who listen to the Tim and Sid: Uncut radio show on SIRIUS Satellite Radio Canada (ch.98). It appears there’s been some re-shuffling and beginning May 4th, 2011, The Score Satellite Radio will now air on “ch. 158”. So don’t freak out when you wake up Wednesday morning, tune into your favourite sports radio station, and hear Jamie Foxx and his radio show, The Foxxhole – remain calm and change the channel – order will be restored.

While Jamie Foxx might be taking over channel 98, Tim and Sidizens will always have the last laugh. Who could forget his “My Name Is Willie” music video in Any Given Sunday. While Foxx is only acting in the video, I have this funny feeling he actually sings this song to himself in the mirror – only using the lyrics, “My Name is Jamie”.

Stayed tuned for the daily review….(And check out Any Given Sunday Sid, oh wait – you don’t watch movies, my bad)