P.K. “PrimeTime” Subban Joins Tim and Sid: Uncut

Good afternoon Tim and Sidizens! On today’s episode of Tim and Sid: Uncut, the boys will be joined by Montreal Canadiens, Pernell Karl “P. K.” Subban. The Canadiens Defenseman is coming off a pretty successful second year in the NHL (14G. 24 A. 124 PIM) and should be quite entertaining this afternoon. If you’re fan of the Canadiens, you don’t want to miss today’s episode.

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Luke DeCock, Sid Ain’t Touching It, and “I’m Sorry I Didn’t Go To Humber”

“Steve Simmons spouts off.
Jon Rauch goes off.
And Casey Anthony gets off.
(Sid: And not the good kind of get off; you know what i mean…like first degree murder get off.)
(Tim: No, I understand.)
(Sid: It’s a terrible story. I don’t know why I’m laughing.)
(Tim: She made the opening.)
It’s July 5th, Famous Run that bitch…”

Good Tuesday Tim and Sidizens. After a long weekend for most people on Friday, Tim and Sid: Uncut had a holiday yesterday so the boys were pumped to get going this afternoon. Tim and Sid are in the booth, Bronsteter, speaking on behalf of millions is behind the glass joined by Dave Coulson, and John Noon is out somewhere getting extremely hammered because he’s still on holidays. Today’s jam-packed show includes the following topics: Afghanistan, Novak Djokovic, Hot Dogs in your mouth, Jose Bautista, Brad Richards, Sonny Weems, Albert Pujols, Dany Heatley, Tomas Vokoun, and unfortunately, Casey Anthony.

Casey Anthony and Kim Kardashian
Obviously you’re thinking, Casey Anthony? Well according to Sid, “The only reason that’s on the end of the list is that it was the most intriguing part of my afternoon.” For those of you unaware, it was announced not too long ago that Casey Anthony, accused of murdering her 2 year old daughter with chloroform and duct tape, was acquitted of first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter of a child. “They were like the Marlins. They couldn’t hit a fucking thing down in Florida.”, said Sid. And how could the boys not address this topic – twitter, the news, and all other forms of social media blew up when this news was released.

* During this part of the conversation, Seixeiro announces that Andrea Cuccaro, Supervising Director at the Score and Ryerson University Graduate, interrupts the show briefly to serve Uncle Timmy his coffee.

“Why’d you give me the finger?”, asked Sid. From what I can gather, Andrea attempted to deliver Tim’s coffee discreetly but according to Sid, “I don’t live in that world. Fuck that.” The boys get back on the topic of Anthony and figure that it will be pretty interesting to find out what she does this evening; now that she’s been acquitted. Seixeiro had a conversation with DJ Bennett when this story was going down and the question between the two was what would you do if you saw her in a bar tonight? She’s semi-attractive, free, and looking to have fun. “What’s the opening line?” asked Sid; “You got a body I could kill for.” Tim goes on to say that he was checking out Anthony’s Photo Bucket account this afternoon and couldn’t believe some of the pictures that were posted of Casey Anthony partying. “I thought mothers weren’t supposed to party; but I’m crazy like that.”, said Tim.

Tim and Sid then get into a little conversation about the tweet that Kim Kardashian had sent out earlier in the day in response to the verdict. She, like many others, was blown away by what happened in the case. She did however, take a hit from the twitter world and one in particular was the following below:

“Fuck! Are you serious? I had to re-tweet it…on a 1-10 level of murdering people in the face with a line, that’s a 10 1/2!”, screamed Sid. Kardashian took some heat because her father, Robert Kardashian was part of the defence team that managed to get OJ Simpson a not-guilty verdict back in 1994. It’s crazy stuff to say the least. Before the guys finish off the discussion, Tim brings up the fact that the puppet, Nancy Grace is going to have a field day with this verdict.

BREAKING NEWS! The Arizona Cardinals have activated Albert Pujols and will return a month ahead of schedule after he broke his left wrist. That’s what I call miracle-healing.

BREAKING NEWS! The Carolina Hurricane have just signed Tomas Kaberle to a 3-year $12.75 million deal. Are you kidding me? Over $12 million? I’m not sure how someone could pay this kind of money for this guy, he is what we thought he was – not very good. Micallef still can’t believe that he signed with the Hurricanes, “To the Toronto Maple Leafs of the South? What is going on?”. It’s true, Kaberle is now going to join Paul Maurice, Tim Brent, Alexei Ponikarovsky, Jay Harrison, and Jiri Tlusty. I’m telling you…if the Hurricane have success this year, which I doubt they will, it would be a slap in the face to Leaf Nation. “Luke DeCock is going to have a field day once the season starts.”, replies Sid.

Steve Simmons, Brian Burke, & Afghanistan
Other news from the hockey world today included the criticism of Brian Burke by Steve Simmons for visiting the troops in Afghanistan. During the free agent frenzy, the Toronto Maple Leafs made no moves or signings and Simmons suggessted that Burke should have stayed home rather than go overseas. I don’t post items from the 3-letter network on this site, but felt it was important to post the video so you can see exactly what Simmons said.

Tim and Sid both know Simmons a little bit and are familiar that he doesn’t “give a fuck” when it comes to writing what’s on his mind or discussing what pops in his head, but both guys agree that this topic, the issue of Burke going to Afghanistan was hands off. “It’s one of things that you don’t touch.”, said Tim. To which Sid replied, “It’s one of those things that I wouldn’t touch.” And we all know Sid does a lot of touching – this ain’t one of them. The guys also discuss the fact that Dave Nonis was still in town (Nonis is the Leafs Sr. V.P and Director of Hockey Operations) and if a deal was going to be done by the Leafs, Nonis would have handled it. According to Tim,“Leaf fans might not realize that Dave Nonis performs a lot of the GM duties while Brian Burke remains the face.” Despite what was said by Sid on Friday’s show, he has no problem with Burke visiting the troops, but if so, he hopes that he wasn’t conducting business there. A little e-mail is okay, here and there, but a full out Skype? That would have been weird.

There’s also brief discussion on the Leafs newest additions: Matthew Lombardi, Cody Franzen, and Tim Connolly. Of the three pick-ups, they all agree that Cody Franzen was the best choice where as Connolly and Lombardi could be injury prone. Seixeiro likes players that play 80 games and the Leafs could be rolling the dice with these two guys. Other things we learned during their chat:
1. The boys are somewhat skeptical about the amount Brad Richards signed for; 9 years is a long time.
2. Sid once asked Glen Sather for an interview when he was 18. With cigar in mouth, Sather replied, “You got 3 minutes. Walk and talk.”
3. Tim’s first interview was with Jim Brown when he was 17. The unfortunate part of the story, someone else erased the tape conversation on him.

“What Goes Around, Comes Around” & Dany Heatley 

What Goes AroundJustin Timberlake 

Before Pizzo’s Update, Tim and Sid quickly discuss the recent swap of Dany Heatley and Martin Havlat. The first question asked though by Tim is in regards to the Ottawa Senators, “How do the Sens suck? And how does Murrary still have a job?” Both Heatley and Havlat were once property of the Ottawa Senators, they were assets, and now they’re gone. What the hell! However, the player of focus is Dany Heatley. It appears that his failure to show up in the postseason is what killed him. According to Sid, now that he’s in Minnesota, Heatley will never be able to flip that switch, “they’re not going to the postseason anytime soon. His career will be defined by him postseason perfomance.”

Sid also goes on to say, “What goes around, comes around.” Tim seems to try and stop him from that train of thought, but I agree with Seixeiro wholeheartedly. This kid ruined a couple of teams and he was nothing but a dick and caused problems for a lot of GMs and organizations. Tim’s point of view for not rushing to judgement is valid too. He would like to get inside the head of Heatley to find out what’s going on, what he’s thinking, and why he disappears at times. A player with his ability and who has averaged 40 goals a season since the lockout could be valuable to a team. “There’s some demons in this guy.”, says Tim. Sid’s not buying the psychology aspect completely, “I have very little sympathy, hockey-wise, for Dany Heatley. I don’t give a shit.”

Interesting Facts “From No Longer Tired” Rob Pizzo
Before his update, Pizzo gives his two-cents on Heatley going to Minnesota. He justs thinks the Sharks are tired of making excuses for the kid; an elite goal scorer such as Heatley only has 5 goals in the postseason. Wow! Pizzo also notes that the Sharks will save about $3 million by having Havlat.
1. WWE Wrestler CM Punk got into a verbal altercation with several fans at an event in Australia. “You have a Vagina” was pretty hilarious, but of course, using the homophobic slur seemed to cross the line.

2. Tiger Woods’ commerical for a Japanese heat rub has finally be released. Got to make your money some way.

3. During the Toronto Blue Jays game against the Philadelphia Phillies, Jon Rauch went on a tirad after a bad call. While attempting to subdue the Hulk, Manager John Farrell had his jaw displaced when hit by an elbow from Rauch.

Jose Bautista and Song Selection
Before the boys started in on the discussion of Jose Bautista and the MLB All Star game, Sid asks, “Bronsteter, who helps you pick out the songs?” to which Bronsteter replied that he did (Bronsteter opened the segment with the song Popular by Nada Surf). Tim interjected and suggested that Noon helps him when he’s around and Aaron agreed with that statement.“Wow, in 2.5 seconds he went from picking out the songs himself to Noon helping him out.”, cried Sid. But back to the topic on hand, Jose Bautista has broken the all-time record for all-star game votes, breaking the record set by Ken Griffey Jr. in 1994. “Does it surprise you?”, asked Tim. Sid says that he’s somewhat surprised becasue he didn’t realize how old this record was – ’94. He also finds it great that Bautista is getting the respect that he deserves and it shows that even in Toronto, a Blue Jay can be admired by people in the States and all over the world. Tim and Sid also briefly discuss the fact that Bautista is also taking part in the Homerun Derby come All-Star weekend. Sid sounded a little hesitant about Jose doing it because there’s been a history of guys who participate and then end up having a bad second half of the season. It will be interesting to watch to say the least – The Homerun Derby hasn’t grabbed my attention like it has in the past. I’ll definitely tune in to watch Bautista.

Holidays and Humber College
As the guys are nearing the end of the show, Micallef reminds everyone that they’ll be on holidays from July 11th – 25th. During that 2 week period, the show will air Tim and Sid: Uncut Best Of episodes and according to Tim, “Bronsteter won’t be hosting those shows.” The backstory is: Last week, Aaron approached Tim and Sid asking if they had time to do the voice-over for the Best Of show that aired this past Monday. Both guys were currently busy doing Plays Of The Week so Bronsteter offered that he could do it. It appears that his voice over didn’t grab the attention that it should have and some topics thrown out and the tone of Bronsteter’s voice didn’t exude excitement apparently.
Ex. Making fun of Sid’s hatred during the Chocolate Milk Cut or Uncut & the headline of Peppermint or Spearmint gum debate

Sid: Did you ever think for a moment of being an on-air guy?
Tim: He is, he hosts the Hoops Show.
Sid: What’s that?
Bronsteter: It’s the….
Sid: (interrupting) I’m kidding, I’m kidding…but you’re not good is what I’m saying.
Tim: Oh My GOD! Muuuurrrddddeeerrer!
Bronsteter: I’m sorry we didn’t all go to Humber Sid.
Sid: Well…
Bronsteter: Actually, I did go to Humber.
Sid: Wha, wh…of course you did you fucking moron. I’m leaving; fuck this.
Tim: (Laughing hysterically) “We all can’t go to Humber”…you can’t leave, we have to go to Rapid Fire.

Rapid Fire
From here the hilarious debate continued. “You went to Humber you fucking tool.”, screamed Sid. “The joke is that you’re on air and we both went to Humber.”, replied Bronsteter. After that shit show, Aaron was still able to produce a Rapid Fire for all the Tim and Sidizens.
–  Former NHL ref Andy Van Hellemond is suing the author of a comic strip series that made fun of him. What is your favourite comic strip? Calvin and Hobbes did it for me. Short, easy to read comics with humour for both kids and adults.
– An escpaped Baboon, from the New Jersey Zoo, was just found after being missing for 3 days. What animal would you most be scared of encountering on the streets? I think I’d be more scared of shit that can get into small place, snakes, spiders, and other stuff like that. They can creep up on you.
– Kyrie Irving files a police report saying Miss Hawaii is stalking him. Have you or anyone you know ever been stalked? I’ve never been stalked, but a Miss Hawaii? How is that a bad thing. I need know the whole story first.

This was definitely one of the more random shows in awhile – filled with equal amount of sports talk and straight up hilairty. I’m glad they touched on Casey Anthony and discussed the verdict. I can’t believe they bridged into whether or not she was hot and what pick up line would you use – I added a photo above for all to check out. The discussion on Brian Burke and Afghanistan was interesting; as a fan of the Leafs, things like this should be left alone whether or not I’m happy with the team. Some things are above sports at times. Pizzo made up for Friday by bringing the “You have a vagina” clip – I’m sure we’ll hear that  soundbite lots during the next couple of weeks. Besides the Jose Bautisita and his all-star votes, the second half of the show was all humour and I had to stop listening because I was at work. Thumbs up to Bronsteter for hanging in there because I know Sid was ribbing on him hard today. All in good fun. Solid show 9.5/10.

“Working 4 Hours” vs. “Hosting for 4 Hours”

Def: Hosting: a mastering of ceremonies, moderating, or interviewing for a television or radio program.

Def: Working: the act of a person or thing that works; operation or action.

After receiving some inside information, it’s important to note that hosting is much different than working. It appears that Rob has a valid reason for not being able to provide Pizzo’s Updates on Friday’s episode of Tim and Sid: Uncut. It came across the radio that he only worked for 4 hours, when in actuality, he hosted for 4 hours during his 10 hr. (estimation) work day. When sitting for long periods of time, in this case hosting radio shows about the NHL’s Free Agent Frenzy, a person can experience:

1. Stomach Cramps
2. Genes that regulate glucose and fat in the body start to shut down
3. Obesity
4. Tiredness
5. Dizziness
6. Cholesterol levels can increase
7. Rapid Aging (Let’s hope this doesn’t happen to Pizzo) 😉

Pizzo’s body must of taken a toll on Canada Day and I can see why he was so beat out by the time 4PM rolled around. I have a feeling though that Pizzo will come strong when he’s up next – he does work!

Wheat Kings, Canada Day, The Decision: Part 2, and the NHL Free Agent Frenzy

Ahead By A Century – The Tragically Hip

“It’s Free Agency day in the NHL.
Lockout day in the NBA.
And Canada Day in Canada.
(No, that makes sense.)
Happy Birthday Canada! What up! (What up Canada? haha)”

Happy Canada Tim and Sidizens! While most of us are probably at the Blue Jays game, having a beer on a patio, or just basically relaxing from having a day off, the dudes behind Tim and Sid: Uncut are doing work and providing us all with another episode. No holidays for these guys. Bronsteter is putting in work behind the glass, Noon is on vacation and replaced by Dave Coulson, Tim and Sid are both present, and Rob Pizzo, Mr. Update-less, is present and in the booth to discuss today’s NHL Free Agent day. But first, let’s breakdown the topics for today: Brad Richards, Roger Goodell, Christian Ehrhoff, Jonas Valanciunas, Roy Halladay, Tim and Sid Blog, Dean Blundell Take Two, Erik Cole, NBA.COM, and Canada Day.

The Royal Couple and Waiting 4 Hours to See A 1.8 Second Drive-By
Before the boys begin discussion on what transpired over the last few hours in the NHL, they talk about William and Kate’s recent visit to Ottawa for Canada Day to lighten the mood. Sid throws out the most obvious question about whether anyone saw them earlier in the day during the Canada Day festivities. “Did they sign as a UFA?”, asked Pizzo. “I’d sign that in a second.”, (referring to Kate) replied Sid. Tim followed up with “I think she’s a restricted free agent now though guys. You might have to give a first, a second, and third…” They also discuss all the people that waited on the streets waiting for William and Kate to drive by. Micallef pretty much calls out anyone over the age of 15 that waited on the Hill to watch the Royal Couple drive by a loser 🙂 It seems that Pizzo and Sid agree with that statement and give a great example of someone screaming out, “I waited all day for thhhiiiisssss…” as the Royal Couple drive by in a car going about 60 mil/hr. I’m not sure waiting in a crowd for 4 hours to see someone drive by in 1.8 seconds is really worth it.

95% Chance and Radio’s Margin of Error
Sid also brings up the fact that on today’s show, they’ll try and play the Dean Blundell interview from the Joe Carter Classic Golf Tournament. If you remember, on yesterday’s show, Bronsteter attempted to play the audio and it seemed to break up and was very hard to hear. They ended up having to shut it down and said they’d try again today. Seixeiro asks Aaron if there’s a possibility that the audio works today. According to Bronsteter, they’ve been testing it all day, but in saying that, “Radio has a margin of error period. I’m go to say we have a 95% chance this works.” To which Sid replied, “I’m not saying shit.”

Free Agency Day in the NHL!
It’s free agency day folks in the NHL. That only means one thing on the Tim and Sid: Uncut radio show, lots of hockey talk. To help with discussion and to breakdown many of the signings, Tim and Sid bring in their very own Rob Pizzo to figure everything out that’s happened up to this point.

The first agent signing discussed was regarding Kris Versteeg. The Florida Panthers have acquired Versteeg from the Philadelphia Flyers for two draft picks. The three time 20 goal scorer will hopefully give a boost to the Panthers offensive line. But according to Sid, “The best part of the Panthers story is the fact that their salary was .80 cents coming into today.” From what I can gather, you have to hit the basement and today was literally a shopping spree for them, they had to make moves or they couldn’t play. Besides Versteeg, the Panthers also signed veteren, Ed Jovanovski to 16.5 million over 4 years. The guys are not sure this was the brightest move though, “He’s 35 and he’s only getting better.”, said Sid sarcastically. Pizzo made a great analogy when he compared all the signings by the Panthers today to the film Brewster’s Millions; just spending money because it’s required. Other deals made by the desperate Panthers included: Jose Theodore to a 2 year deal worth $3 million, and Scottie Upshall to a 4 year deal worth $14 million. Panthers be shoppin’!

BREAKING NEWS! Speaking of shoppin’, the Buffalo Sabres just signed Ville Leino to a 6 year, $27 million contract. Holy shit! The guys seemed pretty surprised by the signing but all agree that they love what “TERRY PEGULA” is doing. Pizzo is a little shocked that Leino didn’t resign with the Flyers but Tim makes a great point that with Richards and Carter sent packing several weeks ago, it was only a matter of time before Leino would have wanted to move, “Those guys were his boys.”, added Tim. Now that the Sabres have acquired Leino and Christian Ehrhoff (earlier in the day, the Sabres signed Ehrhoff to a 10 year, $40 million deal), and with Miller in net, Tim wants to know “where do you put these guys?” Seixeiro believes it’s still a little too early to tell and we’ll have to wait and see where Brad Richards and some of the other free agents land. They also briefly talk about the fact that while the Flyers no longer have Leino, they did however pick up Max Talbot and Jaromir Jagr.

Another big name available today during the free agent frenzy is Brad Richards of the Dallas Stars. Richards seemd to be the most talked about free agent today and many teams have sent representatives to Mississauga in an attempt to sign the UFA Centre. Teams that are said to have the best chances of signing Richards are the L.A Kings and New York Rangers. The crazy thing about whoever signs Richards is that the first 2 years of his contract will be the max $12.8 million – crazy numbers. The guys play a guessing game: Sid believes he’ll sign something around $80 million, while Pizzo and Tim think it wll run between $60 – $70 million. But Sid makes a valid point, “He’s the best of the bad bunch. How can he not?” Pizzo believes the fact that Richards is 31 will prevent him from making that kind of loot. Other deals quickly mentioned here include Marco Sturm who just signed with the Vancouver Canucks. Micallef thinks it’s an okay deal because “they needed someone to protect the Sedins. What happened to them in Vancouver was ridiculous.”

Being from Toronto, you knew the guys were going get into some Maple Leaf talk and discuss the moves the team has made so far today. Oh wait, “after a few months of heavy talk, Brian Burke hasn’t done a fucking thing.”, cried Sid. Leafs nation has been completely silent today as no moves have been made. Pizzo throws out the idea that maybe Burke is scrambling behind the scenes in an attempt to get Richards. But Sid’s not hearing it, “We hear a lot of tough talk from guys, but sign somebody for fuck sakes. Go get Kaberle, anything! Your team is shit, your tickets are overpriced. Go get something for your fans to talk about today and put a smile on their fucking faces.”, screamed Seixeiro. Sid makes a good point though, if your team has been losing they way the Leafs have been losing for the last few years, you have to do something. The Leafs are plain bad right now – they have to do something. The guys then focus on Brad Richards a little bit more and suggest that maybe TSN do a Decision 2 with him (LeBron James’ spinoff). So many teams are trying to get this guy; ideal set up would be Gord Miller conducting an interview with Richards in a gymnasium.

Other deals mentioned briefly are:
1. Roman Hamrlik is off to Washington
2. Joel Ward is gone to Washington
3. The Montreal Canadiens have picked up Erik Cole
4. Semyon Varlomov is now an Av
5. Sheldon Souray is now a Dallas Star

They briefly touch on the Semyon Varlomov deal that saw the Capitals netminder head to the Colorado Avalanche for 2 draft picks (1st pick in 2012, and 2nd round pick). The team is definitely rolling the dice on Varlomov because no one has really seen what this kid could do yet. He could be a great or he could be bad. If this deal goes badly for the Avs and they suck big time next year, Sid thinks this could be worse than the Phil Kessel deal as the 2012 draft lottery looks pretty good so far.

A special Canada Day match game in celebration of today’s NHL Free Agency. Some great responses from Tim and Sidizens and the guys working the show include:
– A Kardashian because they’re whores (Sid)
– Paris Hilton (Dave Coulson)
– Ecuadorian Hookers (Pizzo)
– Confirmation Tweets from the 3-letter insiders (Hainser Nation)
– Twit pics of the Canuck flasher
– Hainser’s Shake Weight
– More than blame thrown around at the Joe Carter Classic on lost taped interviews 

Pizzo also throws out the answer Pippa but this seems to be where the guys think he’s crossed the line and pretty much ask him to leave. “Thanks for doing this Pizzo (regarding all the NHL discussion above). Go home and get some coke and sleep. Do whatever you do.” To which Pizzo has no response and just chuckles as he leaves the booth.

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Update
* There were none. Pizzo worked 4 hours today and was uable to find three updates to discuss. Hopefully he’ll have the strength on Tuesday. He has no reason not too.

Hainser’s Corner
* Check out the blog entry and transcript below for the very special Canada Day Hainser’s Corner. 

Dean Blundell, Deep Fried Asparagus, and Take Two
As mentioned above, Bronsteter was going to give it more try to see if he could air the interview with Dean Blundell from the Joe Carter Golf Classic Tournament. This time – it was a success. Again, one of the men that sat down with Tim and Sid during the event was Toronto’s own, Dean Blundell from the Edge. As he’s sitting, Tim and Sid are giving him props, but it seems the feeling is mutual. “Does it really matter, you guys are so National, so huge.”, replied Blundell. Tim begins to discuss the fact that people started tweeting for Blundell to go meet the boys and that’s why he showed up at the clubhouse – he wanted to sit down and say hi to the guys. “If you tweet something, people will do it.”

Sid goes on to ask Blundell how the Fried Asparagus was?  “Is there swearing on this show? (he obviously doesn’t listen to Tim and Sid: Uncut) They completely screw up vegetables. They have fucked up asparagus; they deep fried it.” Tim goes on to mention that Sid loves everything deep fried, but Blundell continues to disagree, “They fucked this asparagus up.” Toddy Tickles then shows up and you could hear him in the background a little bit. Tickles can’t believe they are allowed to swear on the show, so he joins right in by mentioning something about sticking the deep fried asparagus up someone’s ass. “Deep fried in the bowel’s of grease.”, replies Blundell. The interview does get a little crazy as it continues with topics such as masturbating in excitement for sport idols, not being allowed to talk over one another in radio, Tickles has a sore back from too much sex, and the news that Chris Hansen (To Catch A Predator) was busted on camera for having an affair to which Blundell asks, “Was he having intercourse? Was he up in the guts?” The interview does turn serious for the one second though as Blundell goes on to thank Joe Carter for putting off the event and all the other athletes for showing up and playing some golf. According to Dean, the athletes do this pro bono and do not make a dime – big ups for everyone that showed up in support of the Children’s Aid Foundation.

TimSidizen and the Tim and Sid: Uncut Review Blog
* I’m currently doing up an entry discussing my experiences at the Score, the gifts/swag from the boys, and a look at the behind-the-scenes of the Tim and Sid: Uncut radio show. Keep an eye out very soon.

Things we Learned This Week
1. Devon White was a better Centre Fielder than Kenny Lofton, according to Devon White
2. Ecuadorian Prostitutes are irresistible but they’ll steal from you
3. The Inaugural Score Hall of Fame has a fairly big first class
4. Justin Bieber looks like Marcy D’Arcy
5. Star Jones wheezes heavily when she speaks
6. The Hockey Hall of Fame is easy to get into
7. I (Aaron Bronsteter) should never speak on Gordie Howe’s behalf ever again

Rapid Fire
– Shia LaBeouf said he hooked up with Megan Fox on the set of Transformers and he wasn’t sure if she was dating Brian Austin Green at the time. CUT or UNCUT, banging someone you know that may be in a relationship? I stand by the UNCUT, Green was on 90210, no respect.
– A love letter written by Michael Jordan when he was 18 was leaked to the press. Have you ever written a love letter to a girl? It all depends who and how hot the chick is…if there’s potential to get some, a love letter could be warranted. That’s why Google is so great because you could just copy something from there.
– What’s your favourite thing about Canada? Too many things: the air, the people, the country as a whole. It’s great to be a Canadian! How many countries can you start a blog in and be recognized by the guys that provide the inspiration. Un-fucking-believable.

Amazing show today. Obviously this will be a biased review as I was in the damn thing. How can you give it anything less than 10/10? Plus, they worked on a holiday, who can take away anything from that. I especially liked the NHL frenzy discussion on Brad Richards and the lack of effort today by Brian Burke. The dude needs to stop shopping because it isn’t going to start on it’s own. Lucky for Bronsteter that the Dean Blundell audio finally worked – I had a feeling that Seixeiro would have thrown the headset through the glass if it hadn’t 😉 Failure on Pizzo’s part though for not providing an update – but I know the boy was tired. They did manage to squeeze in a Hainser’s Corner which never ceases to amaze me. Overall, great show, there didn’t seem to be any down time and I appreciated the boys letting me sit in, behind the glass and then later in the booth. Happy Canada everybody; hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Good job boys and have a great holiday 10/10.

Sorry Doug “Killer” Gilmour…Micallef Thinks You Don’t Cut It!

“Dougie gets in,
Pavel Bure’s on the outside lookin’ in.
And on the same day they file for bankruptcy, the Dodgers are money.”

Happy Tuesday Tim and Sidizens! With the long weekend on the horizon, I would like to say it’s Wednesday. Big show for you today with lots of sports and information for your edu-tainment. John Noon is sober, Bronsteter is playing with TOUT, and Nay Nay Liverpool is rooting hard for Canada’s National Soccer team this afternoon. Topics for today’s show, which may or may not be addressed include: Lyle Overbay, T.O., Jonas Valanciunas, Nate Marquardt, Doug Gilmour, Looks Like, Phoenix, Maria Sharapova, Testosterone, and Eagles Nest Golf Course.

Tim and Sid Invade Eagles Nest Golf Course
* Please see blog entry below for full details of this section. 

4 Steps to Stardom and Five-Pin Bowling
Speaking of malls, Tim begins to tell the story of a five-pin bowling alley that used to be at his mall in his hometown. Noon immediately chimes in and says that five-pin bowling is harder and Sid agrees. According to Noon, “It’s tougher, smaller targets, small balls, harder to pick up spares, and less control of the spin.” Tim’s not buying it though; it sounds like he believes five-pin is quite easy compared to ten-pin and is willing to challenge Noon any day of the week. Noon’s up for it though because he used to be a bowler growing up – part of the YBC’s 4 Steps to Stardom team. The only thing Sid can really contribute to the debate is, “Speaking of small balls Bronsteter.”

Doug Gilmour: Does He Belong in the Hockey Hall of Fame?
The 2011 Hockey Hall of Fame class was announced today and once again, there were some questions with the newest additions. First off though, Pat Burns and Fred Shero were snubbed – this will be discussed later. The four players inducted this year included: Doug Gilmour, Eddie Belfour, Mark Howe, and Joe Nieuwendyk. The player up for discussion however, is Gilmour and most of the criticism is coming from Tim, “Do you believe Doug Gilmour is a Hall of Famer right now?”. Micallef believes that points are weighted too heavily in the decision and when a player only makes 2 All-Star games, he can’t see how that person could be called a Hall of Famer. While he agrees that Gilmour’s defensive abilities was above many players, he thinks that Gilmour’s time in Toronto is what propelled him into the Hall of Fame. “If you can’t say you were among the top 6 forwards at one time in your career, it’s hard to say you deserve to be there.” Sid’s not buying it though and his thought is that Dougie belongs in this year’s class. First off, Sid hates the fact that people only look at Gilmour’s work in Toronto (reason for Gilmour w/ Buffalo picture). He played significant roles in Calgary, Montreal, and other teams. The guy has over 1400 points and when you consider who he played against, he should be in there. Tim continues to play devil’s advocate and figures if you Doug Gilmour is in there, Adam Oates should be in there too, “I keep harping on this Sid, but the guy was only in two All-Star games.” At this point Seixeiro seems to get fed up and who can blame him? There’s no right answer when it comes to discussing who gets in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The conversation on the HHOF also focused on the fact that Pavel Bure didn’t make it in, a goal scorer that led the league three different times – I can’t believe it! Sid’s also perturbed that Viktor Tikhonov is absent, “How in a Hockey Hall of Fame is Viktor Tikhonov not in it? Someone explain this one to me hockey guy.” Tikhonov’s bid for the HHOF was as a Builder, but it just didn’t happen. The guys also give a huge thumbs up to Eddie Belfour for making it in – that guy did work. Just as they were about to wrap up discussion though, Tim touches on the Gilmour thing again. “Picking a player to be on your team right now in their prime. Gilmour or Bure?”, said Tim. Seixeiro’s not sure that Bure could win as many games for a team as what Gilmour could. “Who is more valuable to a team when it matter most on the ice?”, replies Sid. It was Doug Gilmour. Shout-outs to Mark Howe as well; in terms of defensemen, this is the guy that should get in. His numbers in both the WHA and NHL were up there with the greats.

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Update
Being the hockey guy he is, Pizzo wants to jump in on the HHOF debate before his update. In regards to Gilmour, he agrees with Sid that he belongs in there. Pizzo throws out a statistic that “only 6 players in the history of hockey have more playoff points than Gilmour.” But in terms of Pavel Bure, Rob is convinced that he should of been in there too, “He was meant to score goals.” The guys also agree that Pavel was one of the better players in NHL ’94. Pizzo then runs through the names up for nomination next year and some of the 1st year guys that are eligible are: Mats Sundin, CUJO, Gary Roberts, Joe Sakic, Brendan Shanahan, Jeremy Roenick. Good luck getting in, it’s a bottleneck. The guys also discuss that Pat Burns will be up again as a Builder – hard to believe he didn’t make it in this year. According to Bronsteter, this was the first year since 1981 that Builder hasn’t made it on there.

* Check out Bure’s dominance here. 5 goals in just over a minute.

1. It seems that a lot of people are upset that Michael Vick won Subway’s Sportsman of the Year Award. People are calling to boycott both Subway and the BET Awards.
2. Tiger Woods has called a press conference and announced that he will not be playing in the British Open due to injuries.
3. Gilbert Arenas is attempting to have keep his ex-girlfriend from signing on to the popular reality show, Basketball Wives. He believes that it will exploit him by having her on the show.

The Inaugural Score Media’s Hall of Fame
* I felt this posting should be up by itself. It’s currently being worked on – stay tuned.
* Also important to note that Tim said something about himself and Sid going back on T.V. News maybe? We’ll have to wait and see.

It’s Just Statistics People
Toronto Raptors fans had reason to be happy today as their newest addition to the team, Jonas Valanciunas (Lithuania), dominated a warm up game for the World Junior Championships against the U.S. by finishing with 23 PTS. and 11 REB. But the story here was the fact that Tim tried to tweet to his followers the kid’s stats. The responses he got were unexpected and it seemed that everyone started ragging on him. One in particular was the guy who told Tim to calm down. “Calm down? Calm down! How is there a tone with numbers. I’m just giving statistics.” Sid had a great response, “Calm down with your facts and stuff Tim….People only hear what they want to hear and money talks.” Here are some of the guys who can hear tones in statistics. They must have superhero skills:

* At this point, it’s also important to note that Sid either shit in his chair again or the chair is making noises.

Rapid Fire
Good Rapid Fire Bronsteter. Aaron brought a long Either Or to the table today and it ranged from mullets to hotness levels of chicks. Also, good luck with the events tomorrow at Eagles Nest – it should be pretty entertaining.
– Skim Milk or 2% Milk? Sid, “I’m not even going to answer the fucking question.” Is it just me or does Sid have 24/7 periods? He’s more emotional at times than a 14-year old girl. I’m going to select 2% milk.
– Hotter A-Rod girlfriend. Kate Hudson or Cameron Diaz? Diaz seems to be more of a slut. Depends what you’re into.
– Hotter Jeter girlfriend. Jessica Alba or Minka Kelly? I’m going with Jessica Alba.
– Dougie Gilmour or Pavel Bure? I’ll go with Doug Gilmour.
– Better mullet. Jaromir Jagr or Ryan Smyth? I choose Ryan Smyth and Tim throws out an honourable mention to Derian Hatcher.
– Chips or Pretzels? Chips baby!

Some great photos sent in by loyal Tim and Sidizen, HHH1979, Stephen Davison. 

Awesome show today boys. I really, really enjoyed the debate on Doug Gilmour and his Hall of Fame induction. Personally, I’m glad to see him get in and come November, maybe Tim will have hopefully changed his mind. Some random news about Noon – had no idea he was quite the bowler. While I had no idea who most of the Score Media’s Hall of Fame personnel were, the bit was still funny anyways. Great Rapid Fire by Bronsteter! Overall good show. Good luck with the events tomorrow – no touchin’ Trish Stratus Sid, I’m pretty sure she’s married 9.5/10. 

Sade, Mary Brown’s, Seixeiro’s Wrist Action, and The Winnipeg Jets Debate: Part Deux

“Ryan Smyth goes back to Edmonton.
Kevin Bieksa isn’t going anywhere.
Plus, the Williams Sisters aren’t going to the next round.”

God I hate Mondays! Hello Tim and Sidizens; welcome to another episode of Tim and Sid: Uncut. The only bonus of this week is that it’s shortened due to Canada Day coming up on Friday. We have a stacked show this afternoon and the “Starting Five” are all accounted for. Sid’s back from assignment, Tim’s in the building, and both Noon and Bronsteter are working their magic behind the glass. Topics for your edu-tainment this afternoon include: The Dodgers, Brian Campbell, Nate Marquardt, Terrell Owens, David West, River Plate, the NHL Draft, Ricky Romero, the T-Wolves, and Sade.

Right after the topics for the day are introduced, you can hear Uncle Timmy sighing and breathing big time! When Sid threw to the intro. theme to Famous, Tim realized he forgot some shit on his desk and ran to his office to get them before the theme song was over. Those high school football days are way behind us 😉 Tim compares it to Star Jones’ breathing and how disgusting it is and just like that, Bronsteter finds an absolute gem.

Gold! Sid eventually get fed up though, “Stop it! Stop it! She’s unattractive.” to which Micallef replies, “Even when she’s skinny, she’s unattractive.”

Ryan Harris & The Sade Tickets
The boys had a quick CUT or UNCUT to throw out before they got into any sports. Apparently earlier in the day, Ryan Harris, who I believe is a camera operator at the Score, emailed the office saying that he had 1 Sade ticket available and even though the face value is $75, he would reluctantly sell it for $60. CUT or UNCUT? It’s completely Cut!!!!! It’s a single ticket. Who goes to a concert with a single ticket? Is Harris going by himself now? In saying that though, Sade is an amazing vocalist and if you’re a dude, it’s one of the best concerts to go to if you want to pick up women.The guys then reminisce about Sade and one of her hit songs – Smooth Operator.

“I don’t know how many times I danced in an unfinished basement to this song.”,
said Sid. “Right after you were bangin’ on the furnance.”, replied Tim. “Tsk, bangin’ on something.” “Yeah, your wrist!”, said Timmy. Seixeiro followed with another quote which should be written down, “The dance would end quickly when I had a massive boner.” But back to the CUT or UNCUT question, it’s agreed by all that it’s complete Cut.

Kevin Bieksa and Ryan Smyth
Tim and Sid finally get into some hockey talk. Reports out of Vancouver today is that the Canucks have signed defenseman Kevin Bieksa to a 5-year, $23 million extension. Could you blame them? He was one of their best players in the postseason this year. Sid goes on to explain that as of right now, Bieksa is also the highest paid player on the team. It’s definitely strange seeing as the team was shopping Bieksa earlier in the year around the trade deadline. It goes to show how quickly things can change in the world of sports.

In other NHL movement, after an emotional breakup, the Edmonton Oilers have reunited with Ryan Smyth. The boy with the mullet got his wish after all. Both guys agree that the Edmonton fans will be excited to see him back – he was the heart of the team for quite some time. However, they are quick to point out that fans should be realistic; Smyth is aging and they shouldn’t expect a lot. He’ll play hard, but he’ll most likely shine as a good mentor, provide character in the locker room, and show the young guys what hard work is. It’s definitely an exciting time for Edmonton – after all the early draft picks over the last couple of years, they’re going to break through soon.

Pizzo Is the Second Most Hated Man In Winnipeg (Besides Bettman)
I’m kidding of course, but we are once again discussing Micallef’s and Pizzo’s opposing views on True North’s decision to bring back the Jets name. Sid was absent for a couple of days last week and on Friday, while going through some email, he noticed a lot of nasty shit directed towards Pizzo and Seixeiro wanted to get to the bottom of it. If you remember from last week, Micallef is glad that ownership brought back the name “Jets” and gave what the people wanted. Pizzo however, believes that the Jets are still in Phoenix and this decision by True North was based on pressure from the fans in Winnipeg. Pizzo just can’t see how you can have two sets of records, stats, and history, “Would you put Dale Hawerchuk’s jersey in the rafters?” Sid said he would, but Bronsteter points out that that’s hard to do as his numbers are technically retired in Phoenix. “Listen, Dale Hawerchuk’s number need to hang from the rafters (Winnipeg). People in Winnipeg never stopped supporting these guys.”, said Micallef.

Sid finds it kind of surprising that Mark Chipman even went with the name Jets in the first place because he seemed to wanting to go the Manitoba __________ route. Again, Pizzo points out that this all happened because ownership was pressured by the fans of Winnipeg. “I think it’s pretty obvious that Pizzo hates Canada.”, said Seixeiro. In which a Tim and Sidizen called in and said that Pizzo needed to hang from the Winnipeg rafters. Horns!

BET Awards and Marcy D’Arcy
The guys then begin to bring up the BET Awards that took place Sunday night. According to Sid, the only reason he knew they were on was because the Score’s Sheldon Alexander and DJ Bennett were “just ripping the shit out of people on twitter.” A couple of interesting areas in this discussion was the host Kevin Hart and the fact that Justin Bieber looks like Mary D’Arcy from the hit show, Married With Children. Both seemed to agree that Hart did a great job and that he’s a funny dude. They bring up this scene stealer in 40-year old Virgin.

And in his 4th appearance at the BET Awards, Bieber looked just like the lesbian that any mom would be proud of. Sid’s not convinced he looks like Marcy at first, so I sent in a photo of the two, and Sid seems to jump on board. Tim also wonders if we should start giving this guy credit now and whether or not he can be the next Justin Timberlake. The next couple of years should be interesting.

Women’s World Cup: Canada vs. Germany
“From lesbians to the World Cup” – the boys are great with their transitions. Tim and Sid begin to discuss the opener for Canada in the World Cup against Germany. Sid was blown away by how great it was, “I’d watch that game over a TFC game any day.”

* Weird interruptions by Sid. We find out that he watched Valkyrie on Sunday and that Marcy D’Arcy became a huge whore on Married With Children.

Anyways, back to the soccer. Everyone in the booth found the soccer in the game both exciting, it had plenty of chances, and there was little diving. Better than any MLS game watched by them in awhile. Two players in particular that were mentioned were Christine Sinclair (above) and Diana Matheson. First, Sinclair is a tough broad – not only did she break her nose during the game, but she then fought with team doctors to let her back on. Then this happened:

The boys also point out how great a game that Diana Matheson had. While she didn’t score, she did have some chances and the person most impressed with her play was Noon, “What a ball handler.”

Interesting Facts From Winnipeg Jets Hater, Rob Pizzo
(I’m going to milk this 🙂 )
1. This weekend in Women’s tennis at Wimbledon, Marion Bartoli was so mad at losing her first set, she gestured at her parents to leave; she had them removed. It’s important to note that Bartoli’s father is also her coach.

2. Also in Women’s tennis, during the tournament, Jelena Jankovic changed her underwear during a match. Pizzo found this kind of hot – sweaty panties don’t do it for me though. This is not the first time Jelena did this though, she has done it several times in past tournaments.

3. The Chicago Wolves officially announced its affiliation with the Vancouver Canucks. Weird as the Canucks and Blackhawks are one of the biggest rilvaries in hockey right now.

Tim and Sid: Uncut Attempt Shout-Outs
1. Happy Birthday to Lucas Martin
2…………the guys can’t fnd the email. Bronsteter is gone searching for it.
To kill sometime, Tim goes through a list of topics on the agenda and let Sid decide what he wants to talk about. They include:
– The L.A. Dodgers.
– The Jays are playing better.
– David West opted out of his contract.
– Chris Paul is leaving the Hornets.
– Minnesota Timberwolves draft a player that is ineligable.
– Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens.
– UFC Stuff.

Instead Sid and Tim begin to discuss how great David Chapelle was and how much they missed the guy. They still can’t get over the fact that he left the comedy scene but it seems the negativity from people like Oprah and Bill Cosby was just too much to take. Maybe he’s hitting the gym? Check out the guy’s ripped arms below.

And speaking of Oprah, it seems that she’s having her own issues with her new network OWN – I bet DJ is upset. Anyways, there’s rumours that they are trying to get OJ Simpson to confess to the murders he was accused of doing in 1994. If they could snag such an interview, ratings would jump through the roof for the network. “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Just run it on a loop.”, replied Sid. If this was to actually happen, the boys feel this could be one of the most amazing interviews ever. Easily up there in the top 2 all-time. “It would be a mind fuck. I hope Oprah gets it, I hope Oprah finds the killer.”, said Sid.

An interesting point was brought up by a Tim and Sidizen in regards to OJ and the possibility that the murders/rage/anger could be attributed to the concussions he received in the NFL. It’s a defence that some athletes have used today, where as in ’94, this kind of information wasn’t available. Tim suggests reading the article by Malcolm Gladwell about flashes of anger experienced by football player that were possibly caused by concussions. The full article can be read here.

Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens
Some news about the two wide receivers that do everything but play football. Ochocinco wants to try wrestling alligators and Owens just recently got injured during filming of a reality t.v. show. What a shit show! The boys go on to discuss whether or not Owens will get a Hall of Fame jacket and both agree that he probably will; you can’t argue with the numbers he’s put up. Owens is currently second all-time in receiving yards.

Dana White, Nate Marquardt, and TOUT
The big discussion here was the recent firing of Nate Marquardt by Dana White on TOUT just hours before his fight on the weekend. Bizarre shit! Marquardt was not cleared by the commission and was immediately fired by the UFC. Something’s going on and hopefully we find out on Tuesday. Nate’s doing an interview with Tim and Sid: Uncut Alumus Ariel Helwani. Sid said he was going to see if they can get Ariel on the show later in the week.

Rapid Fire

Great Rapid Fire by Bronsteter! He managed to choose and ask some great questions today.
– Michael Vick won Subway’s Sportsman of the Year Award at the BET Awards over LeBron James, Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony, and Kobe Bryant. Who would you have voted for? I’m going to say Vick. I’m an Eagles fan and I’m proud of what he accomplished this year. He gave me hope again.
– A Mavericks fan recently got a tattoo of Dirk Nowitzki on his ass after saying he’d get the tattoo if they won the NBA Championship. Would you gain or lose respect for your friend if he did that? Hey, the guy stuck to his word. No one is going to see it, it’s hidden….I’m alright with it.

– Ryan Smyth won the battle to move back to Edmonton. If Sports Broacasters could be traded and relocated, what city in the world would you like to be traded too? I’m not a broadcaster so I have no comment. Sid chooses Toronto while Tim suggests Malta.

* And a huge SHOUT-OUT to Tim and Sidizen KPWhatsCrackin for sending in a Mary Brown’s printable coupon to Sid Seixeiro. Follow our dude on twitter.

Great show today Sid, Tim, Noon, Pizzo, and Aaron. It was random as fuck, but still good. The Sade and Winnipeg Jets debate were good stuff and I have a feeling that Pizzo will never live this down. Discussion about the BET Awards was okay, but I think it turned into more of a Justin Bieber debate. So much more went on that they didn’t discuss (i.e. presenter calling out Brown’s name as a winner instead of Rhianna). Update with Pizzo was good and I was glad to hear the guys touch on the Women’s World Cup Soccer. They deserved some recognition. The last segment seemed to drag out because I don’t know whether the guys had a set plan on what to talk about – the Shout outs seemd to fail as there was only 1, but it was saved by the discussion on OJ and the UFC. Rapid Fire wrapped up the show nicely. I’d like to hear more of Noon – is he doing work now? 😉 9/10.

Arvydas Sabonis, Maurizio Gherardini, & the City of Toronto Freaks the F**k Out!

“The Flyers future jumps on a knife’s edge.
Wininpeg names the franchise, or so they pledge.
And Raptors Nation needs to come down off the ledge.

It’s Friday Tim and Sidizens and another successful week of Tim and Sid: Uncut has come to an end. I don’t now about you, but I spent my Friday evening hanging out on the balcony with the missus, a couple of friends, and cold beer –  a good way to end the work week. Hopefully, whatever you did, it was just as good. Great line-up on the show today; Pizzo is working the update, Bronsteter is working behind the class, and Dave Coulson is filling in for the absent John Noon. Seixeiro is still out of the office working on an assignment. Topics for your edu-tainment today include: Tristan Thompson, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, A Puck Daddy, a Beer Caddy, absolutely no Alan Thicke, Maurizio, and Jonas Valanciunas.

TheToronto Raptors Select?
With the 5th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, the Toronto Raptors selected, Jonas Valanciunas. After months of speculation and guessing who Colangelo was going to select in this year’s draft, the answer was provided in less than ten seconds when the organization took the 7-footer from Lithuania. While the organization were probably happy with their choice, the outcry from Raptor Nation was something unheard of. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fan base so upset with a pick than Raptor fans last night when David Stern walked up to the podium and said Jonas Valanciunas.”, said Tim. Tim asks Bronsteter is the criticsim by fans was warranted in which Aaron responds that in this case Jonas was a top 5 in all the mock drafts. While he might have not been the pick the fans wanted (most were expecting Walker and Knight), the analysts all expected Jonas to go somewhere in the top of the draft.

Micallef can see the frustration but made a good point when he said, “It is baffling to me that perhaps the most multicultural city in the world would stereo-type a 19-year old because he is what some folks would call another Euro.” And as most people know who follow the Raptors, players like Calderon, Bargnani, and Turkoglu are not the most popular to fans. But in saying that, a European (Dirk) just won the NBA Championship. “What I think people fear here is the unknown. You’re not sure what this kid is going to bring. How can you hate a player you haven’t seen before.” It’s also important to note that Tim believes that Bryan Colangelo had major balls for making such a selection. He’s already on a short leash so you’d think that instant gratification should be an easy decision (picking Knight, etc.), but it’s obvious that he thinks Jonas is better than Knight and Walker. Bronsteter throws out a hilarious statistic that the success rate of centres from Lithuania is 100% – referencing both Arvydas Sabonis and Zydrunas Ilgauskas. And speaking of Sabonis, he’s gone on to endorse the kid by saying “His wrist is magic and the basket draws his shot in.”

Micallef ends off the discussion by explaining the fact that a lot of teams in the past who’ve won championships have always had a huge front court. Maybe this pick isn’t so bad? Remember the Lakers? Who put them over the top? It was Odom, Bynum, and Gasol. Don’t forget the Heat…..Wade didn’t win a championship until Shaq came to town. I’m not going to lie, but the more that Tim talks and the more I read on this Jonas kid, the more optimistic I am about the future. Wait until next year, rumours are that it could be one of the deepest drafts in history. Tim thinks it may have been a good idea for Toronto to get their big man now and next year the team can go out and choose a point guard. One name that comes to Tim’s mind is Myck Kabongo.

Maurizio Gherardini Joins Tim Micallef
* You can check out the interview in the blog entry below. A great conversation between Tim and Mo Money. 

Interesting Facts From Rob Pizzo’s Update
Tim and Pizzo have a little warm-up chat prior to updates and discuss the recent news that the Winnipeg __________’s finally picked a name and ownership will bring back the Jets. On one side, Tim believes that they should be called the Jets and Pizzo thinks the name should be trashed. His belief is that the team is still in Phoenix and True North should just start fresh. Either way, both guys agree to disagree.
1. Both Kanye West and Dwayne Wade showed up recently as the Louis Vuitton Menswear fashion show in Paris. The funny thing was that Kanye showed up with a Dallas Mavericks hat. When both guys posed for a photo, West smartly removed his hat. Damn, the Heat lost again.

2. Shawn Thornton was recently on a radio show and said that the $100,000 bottle of champagne the team shared during their Stanley Cup Championship party will be signed by all the players and given to charity.
3.  Ron Artest, the NBA player who once was suspended for 73 games (plus playoffs) for attacking a fan in the stands in Detroit in 2004, an incident that set off a massive brawl, has petitioned the Los Angeles Superior Court to change his name to Metta World Peace.

Greg Wyshynski, the NHL Draft, & the Winnipeg Jets

After all the basketball chat over the last couple of days regarding the NBA draft, we seemed to forget about tonight’s 2011 NHL draft in Minnesota. To get all the Tim and Sidizens caught up with what was happening, Tim brought in Puck Daddy’s own, Greg Wyshynski. Greg sounds pretty pumped for tonight’s draft – Minnesota is a great hockey city and the there’s a lot of people excited for the events to come. The conversation between Tim and Greg head into the direction of who will be named the No. 1 pick this evening; “Will Ryan Nugent-Hopkins don an Edmonton Oilers jersey?”, asked Tim. Wyshynski believes that Ryan will be the No. 1 pick this evening unless the Oilers trade the pick. Apparently, Florida is making a lot of noise and will be looking to trade up in the draft. Greg does question whether or not the Oilers really need a player like Nugent-Hopkins, but when a draft class like this one happens, you sometimes need to just take the best player. Greg feels the Oilers’ Blueline is the area they should be focusing on rather than their frontline. Tim goes on to compare Nugent-Hopkins to Adam Oates and thinks maybe a player like Ryan could help the Oilers, “A legit centre.”

Tim switches up the discussion by asking Greg whether or not there are any rumours he’s heard about that might take place shortly. According to Wyshynski, twitter has already let people know what they need to know. There doesn’t seem to be any other trade noise other than what we see on the feeds. But that being said, it could be complete chaos and unpredictability tonight because there’s no real huge superstars in this year’s draft. In regards to the recent moves made by the Flyers, Greg can’t believe that Brian Burke and the Toronto Maple Leafs didn’t make any moves for Mike Richards, “Richards is a Burkie guy.”, said Wyshynski. But Greg follows up and makes a great point that even if Burke made a play, there was no way that Philly was going to trade him within the conference. Unlike Pizzo’s reaction about the trade, Wyshynski actually likes what the Flyers are doing right now. He believes the team is not going to take a huge step back and believes without Richards and Carter, the team can still have success with Briere and LeDroux. And now that the team has Bryzgalov between the pipes, they’ve done pretty good for themselves.

To round up the interview, Tim asks Greg to settle the dispute between himself and Pizzo regarding the new Winnipeg Jets. However, Tim didn’t get the answer he wanted because in this case, Greg believes it was wrong of ownership to keep the name. “They shouldn’t have called themselves the Winnipeg Jets. It’s a new franchise; you need to start fresh.” Wyshynski went on back up his belief by saying that all the records are still in Phoenix, on the website, and in the rafters. “At the end of the day, it’s a new team. You had a chance to start fresh.” He’s also starting to believe that people wanted the Jets back more than they wanted the NHL back in Winnipeg and while ownership were partial to Manitoba, it seems that they buckled under pressure and went with the fans on this one.

Rapid Fire
“Do you know what grinds my gears? Apple added Facetime to the iPad 2 because they buckled to the pressure of what the consumer wanted.”, said Bronsteter (taking a jab at the fact True North went with the voice of the people).
– Dirk Nowitzki will throw out the first pitch this weekend at the Texas Rangers game. If you could see anyone in the world throw out the first pitch at a baseball game, who would it be? Jesus, any ball game that I’ve been to, I really didn’t pay attention. I think someone from the WWE would be funny because I’m not sure what their throw would be like between all those ‘roid muscles.
– Lockouts are possibly coming up soon. If you had to pick one, no NBA or NFL season? I hate to say it, but I would say the NFL. I might be able to make it through one season.
– Mike Richards has said that he learned about him being traded by text. What do you think is the worst way to find out that you have been traded? I’m going to go with this. Email or Text – either one is shitty, without a doubt.

Good way to end off the week guys. My theory that if 3 of the guys are still in the studio, it will be a success. Great conversation between Tim and Aaron regarding the Raptors recent selection in the draft and Micallef made so great points. He definitely opened my eyes a bit more and it’s made me accept the choice made by Colangelo. I think I’m more excited right now if anything. A solid update by Pizzo; and the interview with Greg Wyshynski was pretty solid. I would have liked to have heard a little bit more about the draft prospects, but it’s nothing that I can’t find on my own anyways. The Winnipeg Jets discussion was pretty solid as well – I’m still on the fence with this one and haven’t made up my mind on what I would prefer. At this point, I’m just happy Canada has another team. Solid show boys 9.5/10.