The Final TimSidizen Cut or Uncut Blog Entry: “On To The Next One”

Alright, so I’ve been holding this off. Maybe it was just me being lazy or just the fact that I didn’t want to accept the fact that Tim and Sid: Uncut were no longer on the air. But it’s true, Tim Micallef, Sid Seixeiro, Rob Pizzo, John Noon, & Aaron Bronsteter, our favourite dudes to hang with everyday at 4PM, are no longer on the air or working the podcast. I’ve been getting a lot of mail of late requesting answers, delivering hate, or just plain out being a bitch for either selfish reasons or just because they love being a troll in their mom’s basement. I can get into a big ol’ entry about why I think this happened or demand they come back on air, but as with anything, it’s important to always look on the bright side. Change is good, change is positive, change always brought me a new girlfriend. Jay-Z says it best, “I’m on to the next one, on to the next.

In all seriousness though, it was a fun ride and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the show, working on the blog, and interacting with the guys. All of them, Tim, Sid, Rob, John, & Aaron were well receptive of the reviews and without their constant encouragement, I may have not stuck it out for so long. Each of them in their own right are solid dudes and gave me nothing but respect – and in the world of television and radio, that’s hard to come by at times.

Another big thank you also goes out to all the TimandSid-izens who would check in on the site on a regular basis. Starting with only approx. 10 views a day, it eventually rose to 400 views a day and way beyond anything I ever expected and the comments/feedback I received from you guys was unbelievable. It was meant to be a place for fans of the show to come and experience Tim and Sid: Uncut outside of the 4-5PM slot and all signs point to the fact that it did just that. But again, without you guys, the TimandSid-izens, this site was nothing.

Whether some of the “starting five” stay with theScore or move on, I wish all five of them nothing but success for the future with whatever they choose to do and I look forward to seeing them pop up wherever it may be. Good things happen to those who put in work, and Aaron, Rob, John, Sid, & Tim all put in hard work every day in order to keep us edu-tained in the world of sports & pop culture. You don’t become the #1 sports podcast in the nation for nothing. Until next time…shkeef ya later bitches!

Big thanks to the boys & all the listeners,
Toby (TimSidizen)

Final Laugh:

As most of the TimandSid-izens know, from time to time, I’ll throw up the photo of Micallef’s audition tape to show how long he’s been working with theScore. Unfortunately, I never had a photo of Sid from the early days of his career. Well, it’s only fitting that a secret listener who asked to remain nameless sent me this over the weekend. A final laugh to go out on with the last post for Cut or Uncut blog. A pre-Gabby’s photo.


Greg Sansone’s Challenge, Booster Juice, and “Mary, Mary, Why You Buggin?”

We land Joey Bats.
The Pats land Haynesworth.
And there’s officially more Bush in Miami.
(Why did I say that with an accent?) (Cause I started it with Joey Bats!)
There’s more Bush in Miami. It’s the truth; don’t give me that look.
Did they sign Michael Bush too?
Uh, there’s still time. 
Famous, Run that bitch!”

Happy Thursday TimandSid-izens. We are one day closer to Friday meaning patio beers are just around the corner. For me personally, it’s the beginning of a five day holiday. Bring it. On today’s show, Bronsteter and Noon are working behind the glass, Pizzo is getting ready to deliver the best opening segment for Pizzo’s Updates ever, and Tim and Sid are rockin’ the booth. Topics that may or may not be addressed today include: Reggie Bush,, Sidney Rice, Mary Brown’s Chicken, Jerry Meals, Albert Haynesworth, Nnamdi, Jose Bautista, Kevin Kolb, and Booster Juice.

Booster Juice and Shitty Wheatgrass
Before the guys get into any sport talk, the first thing on the agenda is Booster Juice. Sid officially had his first smoothie from Booster Juice today and boy was he impressed. Tim’s been drinking them for awhile now, but when Sid had to head down to the York St. location to cover Jose Bautista (Blue Jay just signed a Canadian deal with the chain), he was given a $25 gift card. When he got back to theScore, Sid promptly gave the gift card to Micallef and then asked him to head out get him one, “it was raining fuck.” When the boys came back, Sid had his first smoothie (Ripped Berry) and said he was pretty impressed. The guys also gave Sid a wheatgrass shot which he turned down immediately. Noon goes on to suggest that they need to have a “Brow Booster” to which Sid responds, “Not needed by the way Noon…my brows have to clear customs when at the airport. He goes on to say, “This (wheatgrass) smelled like what I think Eric Cohen’s apartment would smell like. It was unbelievably bad.”

Mary Brown’s Fried Chicken & The FUCK Challenge
If you’ve listened to any Tim and Sid: Uncut in your life, you know that Sid absolutely loves Mary Brown’s and as much as he’d like to eat it, it’s not available in the East York area. In reality, it’s more of an East Coast fast food chain and from personal experience, I’ve only ever seen the dirty bird back home in Newfoundland. Anyways, during the course of a day Sid will check his twitter from time to time to see who was following him. And to Sid’s surprise, Big Mary herself began to follow him on twitter. “Sid got on twitter and he’s was practically ejaculating. He’s doing it right now in the studio.”, said Tim. Sid agrees with Tim’s sentiments, “I had to masturbate…with all do respect Popeye’s Chicken, fuck off. It’s not that good.” Sid loves Mary Brown’s TimandSid-izens.

Just before the boys wrap up the Mary Brown’s Fried Chicken conversation, Tim notices a tweet from theScore’s VP of Television, Greg Sansone. Sansone, known as the man responsible for Ryder Fuck, seems to get tired of Sid constantly dropping the F-Bomb because this was the second day in a row that Sansone tweeted about the foul language.

Sid in typical fashion replies, “If Greg was here, I’d tell Greg to his face that he’s wrong.” BOOM, Sansone shows up in studio. I wrote a synopsis about this segment but ended up scrapping it because you really need to hear it first hand. So TimandSid-izens, I beg you to listen to the following clip.

“Mary, Mary, Why you buggin’?”

Bascially Sansone throws out a challenge to Sid to see if he can not say FUCK for a period of time. Every time he fails, Bronsteter has to play the NBA on NBC John Tesh theme song. Best part of this conversation though, hearing Sansone say “masturbation” numerous times. EPIC.

The End of the NFL Lockout Brings More Surprises
The boys finally get into some sport chat and the first item up for discussion today is the NFL free agency frenzy that is currently going on due to the lockout officially ending yesterday. The big news from today include:

Kevin Kolb
The Eagles have finally dealt the fifth-year quarterback to the Cardinals for cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a second-round draft pick in 2012. The Cardinals also signed Kolb to a five-year, $63 million contract extension, including a $20-million guarantee. “I like Kevin Kolb, but I don’t $60 million like Kevin Kolb.”, said Sid. Both Tim and Sid agree that the Cardinals were lucky not to have to put up a first round pick but the amount of money they signed him too? That’s a lot of dough to give a guy who hasn’t really played in awhile. The question for the Eagles now will be who will back up Michael Vick? While there were rumours that Favre could be coming back, there’s a good chance that Vince Young could be heading to Philadelphia now.

Kyle Orton
The next quarterback up for discussion was Kyle Orton. Orton showed up today at the Denver Broncos’ practice even though he knows and the Broncos know that he’s going to be traded. Very strange indeed, but the Orton is still under contract with the team so I appreciate the fact that was there, ready to work out with the guys. Both Tim and Sid go on to say that they like Orton, but Tim believes that he needs to be on a good team to win, “Kyle Orton can’t get it done on a bad team…he’s 32 – 30 as a starter.”

Tim Tebow
And with Kyle Orton on his way out, it looks like Tim Tebow is taking over the Denver Broncos. Seixeiro sounds like he likes Tebow and thinks the kid will surprise people, “They could win 7 games and show Elway that they can play.” After Sid throws out that Tebow could get 7 wins, the boys then go into a debate as to whether wins or losses to a quarterback really matters. Tim and Sid figure that there should be something implemented that states “you need to have minimum amount of snaps to be considered for a win or a loss.” Makes sense to me boys…book it.

Albert Haynesworth
The New England Patriots landed the troubled and disgruntled Albert Haynesworth from the Washington Redskins. The Redskins traded him to the Patriots for a 2013 fifth-round draft pick after a disappointing two seasons and a coaching change that did not go over to well for Haynesworth. After receiving a $41 million guarantee from the Redskins last year, it’s hard to believe he’s on the move already; big changes for the Redskins this year. Tim and Sid discuss whether or not Haynesworth will get away with some of the shit he pulled over in Washington. While Tim thinks Coach Bellichick could help Albert’s career, Sid’s not to sure. According to Sid, Haynesworth is a different animal and doesn’t give a shit about anything: rules, regulations, nothing. “He’s worse than Randy Moss.”, cried Sid.

Reggie Bush

Another big name to move today included the New Orleans Saints’ Reggie Bush. The Miami Dolphins reportedly acquired Bush from New Orleans; details not yet disclosed. Tim only has one thing to say regarding the move by the Dolphins, “They blow and there’s no reason to believe that they won’t still blow.” I guess he doesn’t think the deal will help Miami at all.

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Updates
Pizzo’s Update started with a bang, it was amazing. To follow up Sid’s mishap when he promised to not swear, and then proceeded to say fuck, Pizzo quickly found this clip for the segment’s intro. and it was, “Gold, Sid, Gold.”

1. Sir Paul McCartney will kick off the London 2012 Olympics as Britain’s answer to the spectaculars of Beijing’s opening ceremony. Wow, good luck with that Mr. Beatle. The shitty part of this update? The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin turned down the offer. #fail
2. Spanish bank Bankia put up soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as Real Madrid teammate Kaka, as collateral as they try to secure loans from the European Central Bank. Bankia helped finance Real Madrid’s acquisition of Ronaldo and Kaka by loaning the club 76.5 million euros, which went towards the 100 million euros paid to Manchester United for Ronaldo, and the 60 million euros given to Milan AC for Kaka.

3. Rory McIIroy threw some serious twitter blows towards commentator and former European Tour player Jay Townsend. Townsend was quoted as saying that Rory’s play at the British Open “was some of the worst he’s ever seen”. McIlroy took his frustrations out on twitter.

Right after Pizzo is finished with his updates, Sid quickly brings up Tim and Sid: Uncut alum, DJ Bennett. It seems that since the lockout was lifted in the NFL, DJ is anxious to get the fantasy draft going at work. “I’ve never seen anyone so obsessed about a fantasy game for sports.”, said Sid.

Jose Bautista and Booster Juice

As discussed in the first segment, Seixeiro was at Booster Juice this morning covering the Jose Bautista / Booster Juice partnership. The Blue Jays slugger just signed his first Canadian endorsement deal with the smoothie chain and Sid was down there to chat with Joey Bats himself. Sid starts off the discussion by asking Bautista what fans yell at him more. Jose Bautista or Joey Bats? According to Bautista, the nickname is quickly becoming popular and when fans see him on the street, they usually call him Joey Bats. He’s not getting tired of the nickname either; it’s all in good fun says Jose. Sid goes on to ask Bautista about twitter and the effect it has had on him since he first joined the social media platform. Jose believes that it’s important to stay in touch with the fans. When he uses twitter, fans get the “real me”. Seixeiro follows up his previous question and asks whether or not Jose has any rules when tweeting himself. “Everyone has some sort of set rules…I keep it light and simple…no politics, no religious comments.”, replied Bautista. In saying that though, Bautista hopes that the MLB never puts parameters on what baseball players can or cannot tweet. As long as players tweet responsibly, it should be okay.

In regards to Colby Rasmus, Sid asks Jose if he’s excited to have the kid on the team? Bautista goes on to say, “Definitely. He’s only 24 years old and has already had two good seasons.” Jose believes he a good player and will be a great addition to the Blue Jays organization. Jose goes on to compare it to his first time coming to Toronto and seeing it as a fresh start. In saying that, Sid follows Jose’s answer with a great question, “What was the turning point for you?” (regarding the play of Bautista over the last two seasons) According to Jose, it was when he showed up in Toronto. He found the way he was received by the fans, the team, and the employees was all positive. “I felt like I was coming to a place where I was wanted. It was a breath of fresh air.” From here, Sid finishes off the interview by asking Jose, “How many homeruns will you have by the end of the season?” “I hate making predictions.”, said Bautista. “I love making predictions.”, replied Sid. Gold Jerry, Gold! “The over/under is 50. Are you going over or under?” Bautista is still not making a prediction and gives the weak answer of saying he “wants to help the team win”, “wants to stay healthy and be productive”. Just tell me you’re going for 60 Joey Bats! Great interview by Sid though and Jose Bautista seems like a great guy – I’m happy to have him in the Blue Jays organization. He’s really the only guy I’d play to watch right now #HA (for Noon).

#_________Lasts Longer Than Sid Seixeiro Goes Without Swearing
The first match game since the break! To tie in with the Greg Sansone challenge, Micallef threw out the above match game. Some suggestions from the boys and twitter world included:
– Amy Winehouse’s Sobriety (Noon)
– Hainser Reading a Novel (Sid)
– Brett Favre’s Retirement 
– Eric Lindro’s Quebec City Career
– Steve Francis with the Grizzlies
– Hugh Hefner
– NBC’s The Event
– Hainser’s Saunter for Free Beer 

Rapid Fire
On today’s edition of Rapid Fire, Bronsteter had a great game of Cut or Uncut and got suggestions from TimandSid-izens today.
– Making a phone call on the toilet. CUT or UNCUT? Am I pissin’ or taking a dump? There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a stall next to the dude who’s bitching with his wife on the phone while he’s taking a shit.
Calling a female by her last name in a non-sports setting. CUT or UNCUT? UNCUT. There’s a few girls I know that go by the last name.
– Guys who have girls as their best friend. CUT or UNCUT? It’s all about the vagine…before I got engaged, I wanted lots of girls as friends.
– Buying a jersey of a player before he plays a game. CUT or UNCUT? UNCUT. Respect to those that do it.
– Doing yoga to meet chicks. CUT or UNCUT? UNCUT. Again, you got to do whatever you can to get some lady action.
– Banging a girl on your buddy’s couch while your house-sitting for him. CUT or UNCUT? CUT. If I found out a buddy of mine was having sex on my couch, it’s out the window. I sleep, read, have my own sex, and watch t.v. on that thing.
– Typing out smiley faces on twitter or email. CUT or UNCUT? After yesterday’s tutorial, it’s now officially CUT.

Great show by the boys today, it really was jam-packed with everything. The Greg Sansone bit was hilarious and it was cool to hear the V.P. of Television talking about “masturbation material”. Again, a solid discussion on the NFL and all the free agents currently being signed. Great focus on Tebow and Orton, and in particular, I liked Tim and Sid’s idea of “minimum snaps”. This was an interesting suggestion. Pizzo’s Updates was really the best thing out of this whole podcast today. The Dumb and Dumber clip was phenomenal, it tied in with what the show was about, it wasn’t too long, and it truly showed why Pizzo is the greatest hockey analyst, broadcaster, and anchorman? in the world. Great interview with Jose Bautista, Seixeiro. My favourite part of the discussion was when you asked Jose how many homers he was going to hit. The guy was not budging – he’s too nice. With regards to Rapid Fire, I like this idea a lot Bronsteter. If you can’t do it everyday, maybe it could be every Thursday. Just do CUT or UNCUT from the TimandSid-izens; it could work. Awesome show all around and because the boys mentioned Newfoundland and Labrador, 10/10. 

Chyna & Sid’s Left Nut

“The Mavs are four wins away from their goal, it was a goal fest in Tampa, plus should TFC give up a goal? on purpose? It’s gonna be one of those.”

Ah, Thursday afternoon….meaning one more day until the weekend. Bonus horns all around for everyone making it through their busy work week. Noon and Bronsteter are behind the glass and Tim and Sid are ready to fire on all cylinders. Another huge thank you to the readers for all your comments, suggestions, and DMs. In surprising news yesterday, I actually got an offer from an organization that liked what I was doing and asked if I would be interested in doing a similar thing for them. However, money does not talk and my interest was not there. I’m keeping my talents focused on the Tim and Sid: Uncut show, even if this is all done on my own. The guys are great and it’s important to stick with what you like; especially with all the positive responses and readers. I’m sure other opportunities will arise in the future. Anyways, after that little rant, Topics for today’s show include: Mariano Rivera, Rain, Mike Brown, Buster Posey, Kim Kardashian’s Ass, Seattle, Kyle Okposo, The Eastern Conference Finals, Bill Daly, and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

NHL Eastern Conference Finals
The talk in the first segment of today’s show involved the match-up between the Bruins and Lightning and the fact that Tampa Bay were able to stave off elimination again. Backed by Roloson, who’s 7 – 0 in elimination games, the Lightning pulled off a gutsy 5 – 4 win in game six. Sid figures there’s two heroes right now in sunny Florida – Wade and Roloson.

Discussion then flowed to the fact that there’s a Canadian team (VAN) in the NHL finals. Tim wonders about the idea that if your team is no longer in the playoffs, are you supposed to cheer for the Canadian team? According to Sid, “I haven’t cheered for a Canadian hockey team in 15 years. When you work at the Score television, you don’t become a fan anymore. You are an observer, I cheer for the stories, not the team.” The reason the story came up is because during 24 and 30, Micallef’s other show, he made the comment that he cheers for the team that he believes would appreciate it the most. And from his view, the Canucks are the team that would appreciate it the most, followed by Boston, Tampa, and San Jose. “I don’t care who wins the cup, just make it a good story.”, Sid. Tim believes it would also be cool if the Bruins won as well – the last time they hoisted the cup was in 1974; it’s been awhile for that team. Sid believes the Bruins will pull out a win at home, but Tim figures they better be careful. In game six, it looked like the big three of Tampa woke up and you have to watch out for those guys. Sid can see where he’s coming from and believes that if Claude Julien doesn’t have his guys ready, “I’m blaming Johnny  McChins.” Tim then threw out a funny quote at Sid’s line – “He has more chins than Chinatown.”

Seattle? Really, Seattle?
There were some rumours today in regards to the Atlanta Thrashers and the possibility that Seattle could be a destination. Apparently, Bill Daly said today in the news that he spoke with some parties in Seattle who were interested in bringing hockey to the West Coast. Tim is full aware that the market in Seattle is better than Atlanta and Phoenix (they have a history of supporting teams), but is it going to happen?“Please, I don’t think it’s going to happen. However, it will be a good rivalry if it was ever to happen (vs. Vancouver).”

Around this time, the guys starting shitting on Bronsteter for his tweet earlier in the day. Orville tweeted that he made some amazing sweet tea while at home and when a tweeter asked Orville how to make it, he proceeded to write down the directions/recipe. Sid, “Two things, first, it’s kind of ridiculous, and two, what goes in this tea? What do you put in it? Tea is fucking disgusting. Tea is one of the biggest scams in it’s history. Tea’s bullshit!”

Discussion flowed into comedy roasts and Jeff Ross. Some of the more classics include:

Or the ever awkward Jaime Foxx and Doug Williams roast….AMAZING STUFF!

TFC and the Rain
Once the hilarity of roasts and shitty comics was over, Tim and Sid dove into what transpired the night before at a TFC match. If you live in Toronto, you’re fully aware of the rain that fell the other night. At the time, TFC were trailing the Whitecaps 1 – 0, but due how bad the rain was and the flooded pitch, the match was called. When this happens in certain leagues, a called match will then start over at 0 – 0 and replay the entire 90 minutes at a later date. The question brought forth by Tim was should TFC give up a goal because it was called at 1 – 0? When both teams meet again. In the past, the 2007 Carling Cup to be exact, a similar issue to TFCs, arose when a match between Forest and Leicester was suspended because Clive Clarke collapsed on the field. When play resumed at a later date, Leicester allowed Forest to score a goal to begin the match at 1 – 0, rather than start from scratch; the ultimate example of sportsmanship. Sid believes that both matches are completely different and gives credit to Leicester for what they did, but in the case of TFC, the match was called due to weather – completely different than a heart attack. Either way you look at it though, both guys believe this “start from scratch” is a ridiculous rule.

Interesting Facts From Rob Pizzo’s Update
1. A stupid woman from California is suing Chucky Cheese. She believes the franchise and their ads are setting kids up to become compulsive gamblers…Bitch please.

2. Past WWE star, Chyna, is going back to work by making another porno film. She approached Vivid and they’ve sealed a deal that would see stars Evan and Lee Stone show her the real definition of “air tight”. The title of the film is called “Backdoor into Chyna”. Pizzo threw out his own Cut or Uncut about watching such a film. My first thought is CUT because she is actually a man, but Pizzo said he would watch it out of interst. However, he wouldn’t beat off to it. According to Sid, there are some guys in the Score’s building that love the muscle women – are these the guys that like to get pegged?

Dirk Daggers Again!
Once Pizzo finished discussing how and when he jerks off, the boys got into discussion about the Western Conference finals in the NBA. As we all know, the Mavericks finished off the Thunder the other night in fine fashion. Scott Brooks went small in the beginning and it actually worked for awhile, but in the last few minutes, they just collapsed again. There’s some thought out there that Westbrook is the reasoning behind the loss and people want to see him gone – even if he is only 22 years old. Sid had a good quote here, “There’s teams out there where people want Russell out, but there’s some people that are just fine with Calderon and Jack.” (LOL).  There’ll always be the question whether or not the Thunder lost the series or whether the Mavs won the series, but either way you look at, Durant should have had the ball more often. At least the OKC’s fans are supportive – there was a huge welcoming for them when they arrived back home.

Prior to Rapid Fire, there was some discussion on the film My Left Foot. There’s a story that Sid had originally thought the film was about a guy who beat the shit of everybody with his left foot and it wasn’t until the boys sent him the trailer for the film that he realized what it was actually about; a dude with cerebral palsy – classic Sid. There was some reflection here for Nooner as he remembered how his brother would always do an impression of Christy and get him laughing all the time.

Rapid Fire
Good Rapid Fire by Orville! He’s CUT or UNCUT’s have definitely gotten better lately and usually involve a wide range of topics.
– Using the word toque. CUT or UNCUT? Sid refuses to answer the question. I think it’s fine to use the word. It’s in the fucking dictionary.
– Hoisting the Conference Champion trophy. CUT or UNCUT? It’s Cut guys. You play for the championship.
– Honking at an attractive woman while you’re driving. CUT or UNCUT? Cut. If you’re trying to get a chick, this won’t work. But if it does, she’s either a whore or a hooker. Sid says he doesn’t honk, he just shows them his balls.
– Creating yourself as a video game character. CUT or UNCUT? Uncut – magically I’m featured in XBOX’s UFC and NBA2K11 games. Gotta dream.
– Men shaving their armpits. CUT or UNCUT? Hmmm, tough one…there’s a lot of factors here. Length, smell, etc.
– Giving someone something you got for free as a gift. CUT or UNCUT? Uncut, I’ve done this a few times. Wine, DVD’s, etc. If someone else can make better use of it than me, I usually pass it off.

Great show by everyone today. Lots of edu-tainment thrown out there. If there’s one thing you do get out of this radio show, it’s street smarts. At times I think it’s geared towards savants like Hainser in an attempt to them get through the day. Hainser’s Corner was epic, Orville brought a strong Rapid Fire, and Pizzo had a great update. Loved today’s episode 9.5/10.

Grimace, Diggler, & Milley Baena

“A ballsy performance from Tyler Seguin, a ballsy performance from Dirk Nowitzki, and the balls just didn’t bounce properly for the Raptors.”

What a shitty afternoon! Mid-May and it’s been cold/raining for the last week. Let’s hope this doesn’t continue into the May 2-4 weekend. Nothing a little Tim and Sid: Uncut couldn’t fix however, and boys came firing on all cylinders today. Only a couple of more days now and Tim will be back in the studio, but in the meantime, Sid is helped into his celebrity “O-list” status by the team of Noon, Bronsteter, and the lovely Nadine (P.S. Nadine, after your last visit to the show, I mentioned you in the review and added one of your SportsNaytion videos. Holy shit, the amount of emails I received was off the hook – Do you know her? Do you speak with her? How do I contact her? You have fans Nay Nay). Topics up for discussion this rainy Thursday include: Winnipeg, Tea Bags, Dirk Nowitzki, Heather Cox, Secaucus – New Jersey, Tim Thomas, Charles Barkley, Jay Triano, Soundboards, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Just when you thought the Terminator talk was over, think again listeners. As you know, yesterday we all received the news that Arnold had a love child with one of his maids, causing himself and Maria Shriver to announce that they were getting a divorce. And in true tabloid style, we found out the identity of “said” mistress early this afternoon – Mildred Baena (see photo above), the maid who gave birth to Arnold’s love child. Personally I don’t think she’s much to look at and it appeared that Sid agreed, “I don’t want to throw stones in glass rooms, houses, or whatever you’re living in, but I don’t know about this one. A lot of beers before this one.” Not that I think Shriver is the most beautiful in the world, but I agree that Ol’ Milley is a big step down. And Sid didn’t stop there, “She’s built like a Canadian Right Tackle. If you’re going to risk everything, that’s an interesting choice.” Bronsteter had an interesting point of view regarding Arnold’s mistress, “He proving he’s a man of the people because 99% of men can now say they’ve banged more attractive women.” Hearey, Hearey!!

Boston Bruins/Dirk Nowitzki MishMash
Sid actually didn’t waste much time getting into sports today. The above conversation was maybe 5 minutes maximum; Sid said he wanted to quickly get down to business and discuss the Bruins and Lightning series in the NHL playoffs. “The game in TD Garden last night was amazing. Entertainment from front and back, the way the playoffs should be.” For those that are unaware, game 2 between BOS/TBL was a shoot-out fest, ending with the Bruins evening the series after a 6 – 5 win. According to Sid, there were two stories to this game; one negative and one positive. The first one being that Roloson looked pretty shaky. He’s a great goaltender, but he’s in the age group where he’s getting up there and as of right now, he’s teetering on the ledge of being a problem. “I don’t know how long Dwayne can keep this up. So for his sake, I hope he plays better in game 3.” But the positive story that came out of last night’s game was the exceptional play by Tyler Seguin. Here’s a kid, 19 years old, and has only one playoff game under his belt. He went in there for a total of 13 minutes and scored 4 points. WTF. “God help Tampa if he sees 18 minutes of ice time in game 3 because he’s on point, on point. You got to loosen up the reigns a little bit if you’re Claude Julien.” said Sid. And it’s hard to not disucss Seguin without thinking that he could have been a Leaf #fail.

While that story was developing in Boston last night, Dirk Diggler was writing his own story in Dallas. In game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, Nowitzki brought his best stuff and the German Wunderkind had 48 points, including 24/24 from the charity stripe. Unbelievable. Like Sid said, “Dirk is destroying people. He is annihilating people on the other side of the floor. He is unguardable, unguardable.” But Sid was quick to point out that it was only one game. Let’s keep it in perspective, “The label of being soft is not going away. The only way it leaves is if he does what he couldn’t do in 2006. Close the deal and win an NBA Finals.”

Secaucus, NJ and David Kahn
Sid’s definitely controlling his ability to stay on topic this afternoon – the transitions are like butter. Once he was finished discussing the NBA playoffs, the other NBA story of the night revolved around the draft lottery that took place in New Jersey. If any anyone remembers, on February 24th, Baron Davis was traded to the Cleveland Caviliers for the Clippers first pick. “Did the Clippers think at all about protecting that first pick? They didn’t; they didn’t protect their first pick.” And guess what Clipper fans, the Cavs won the fucking lottery – winning the #1 overall pick. And it was a pretty good night for the city of Cleveland as they received the #1 and #4 pick of the 2011 draft and have something to build on since the departure of LeDouche. Does it soften the blow for James leaving? Not quite, but it does make it better.

The other interesting story that took place during the draft lottery revolved around Dan Gilbert’s son, Nick. Nick Gilbert is battling a form of nerve disease and the kid has a heart of gold. He was selected by the Cavaliers to represent the team when the draft positions were being announced. Call him good luck, or from David Kahn’s point of view, the “draft lottery is rigged.” What a shithead, he’s basically saying that Cleveland won the draft because Nick was up front and that it makes good T.V. Don’t blame the NBA for you losing for the 14th time in the lottery without a #1 pick. Blame your god-awful choices and your decisions that involve the Timberwolves franchise. Sid is pretty sure that the league will have to take a look at Kahn’s accussations.

The Man, the Myth, the Legend, Robert Pizzo Update
Being the softie that he probably is, Pizzo started today’s update by shunning the guys for being rough on Arnold’s mistress, Mildred. He thought everyone was being a little harsh…..but in true fashion, the guys ignored him and Bronsteter began reading out what the twittter world thought about Milley. Aaron threw out a tweet to Tim and Sidizens with the line, “_____________ is hotter than Arnold’s mistress. Some hilarious answers were:
– Kamala
– George Muresan
– B. Arthur
– Popeye Jones
Finally, Pizzo caved and joined the boys by saying “she kind of has a Joker mouth.”

1. Madden NFL 12 has a new feature. In the past, when one of the players would get injured, they’d leave for a quarter or a half. But in the new edition, concussions are introduced and due to their severity, your player will be gone for the entire game.
2. Apparently Lew Alcindor is pissed that his statue is not outside the Staple Centre. “Magic, Hearn, Gretzky, and del a Hoya all have statutes, what don’t I?” The boys get in somewhat of a heated discussion about what determines an athlete getting a statue. The only thing fully agreed upon is that Kareem is an asshole. I’d advise that you check out the article – he is a complete douchebag.
3. Both Wade and James scored under 20 points in game 1 of the Eastern Conferece Finals the other night. Sounds bad, but they always rebound with the best of them. When James scores under 20 points, the Heat are 13 – 1 in the following game. When Wade scores under 20 points, the Heat are 13 – 4 in the following game. Pizzo pretty much guarantees a win in game 2 against the Bulls.

Random Ramblings of a Madman
After the update, Sid focused some more on the NBA draft lottery. The Raptors fell from 3rd spot to 5th – a great present for Colangelo after he resigned with the organization. What players will be available at the #5 spot? The draft isn’t quite filled with superstars and after 1 & 2, there’s a wide array of opinions where guys will fall. Who do the Raptors take? Kemba Walker, Brandon Knight? Sid figures it will be an interesting choice when it comes time for the Raptors to pick. I personally would like to see Knight playing for Toronto.

I could tell at this stage of the show that Hainser’s Corner was not taking place (maybe with a mistress?). So Sid started answering some twitter questions. Some dude wanted to know why the fuck Sid hates tea? “I can’t use a tea bag and not giggle my way through the entire experience.” Another tweet Sid read out was pretty funny. It appears Nadine has struck a cord with the male audience, “@sid_seixeiro Nadine has a sexy voice. That is all.” Fuck Hainser, get Nadine in to do some rapid fire questions (I kid, we all want Hainser).

Just before Rapid Fire, Sid did want to touch on the story about what was happening between True North Sports & Entertainment and the Atlanta Thrashers. Basically, True North requested the help of the Provincial Government (Manitoba) in getting hockey back into Winnipeg. The Preimer said that that was not happening; the government will help with the building and other shit, but when it comes to helping subsidize the debt to purchase the Thrashers? Fuck, No. Sid can’t believe he is hearing this, “The Thrashers are the second cheapest team to buy in the NHL, one spot above Phoenix. When you don’t have enough money to buy shit, that normally means that you shouldn’t buy shit.” Sid’s having less faith in the True North group and the more he reads about them, the more he doesn’t like. I don’t blame him, the last thing Winnipeg needs is to be successful in moving the team, only to have them depart again years down the road due to financial issues.

Rapid Fire
Today’s Rapid Fire included a little Oprah, Arnold, and Ronald McDonald. Brilliant!
– Maria Shriver was out with Oprah for supper when she found out about the love child between Arnold and his mistress. What situation would you least want to find out bad news? I’m getting married in December – I’d have to say the alter.
– People are demanding the removal of Ronald McDonald from it’s products. Whose your favorite McDonaldland Character? Sid chooses Grimace because he doesn’t know what the fuck he does or stands for. I select the Hamburglar because I do know what the fuck he does!

While there were no guests during this show, I thought today’s Tim and Sid: Uncut was “Gold Sidney, Gold!” I liked the NBA talk and the rant against True North Sports & Entertainment. Definitely interesting things to think about. Bronsteter’s Arnold Soundboard continues to get the thumbs up. Overall, I enjoyed how it all went down in the world of sports and edu-tainment. I found the show flew by faster than normal. 9.5/10 

Sid’s Statute #2: Pull Out

“Taj Gibson dunks on D-Wade, Kevin Durant dunks on Memphis, and Rebecca Black’s boyfriend dunks on Rebecca Black.” We’re back Tim and Sidizens…..another Monday has arrived and another week of Tim and Sid: Uncut is upon us. Noon, Bronsteter, and Sid are in the studio, while Uncle Timmy continues to soak up the sun in Turks and Caicos. After a huge weekend of news, topics for today include: KJ Choi, Henrik Sedin, Doc Rivers, Jose Bautista, Cristiano Ronaldo, Russell Westbrook, Donald Trump, Jorge Posada, SNL, and Ray Hudson of GolTV. Who the fuck is Ray Hudson you ask? According to Sid, if you’ve watched any soccer on the Score in the last 2 years, you’ll recognize the voice.

Before Sid could get into some serious sport chat, it was important for him to raise some breaking news that was brought to his attention the other night regarding Rebecca Black – “The 8 year old who sang that piece of shit song, Friday. The same girl that made a shit load of money and has over 100 million views on her Friday video.” Anyways, as Sid was flipping through tweet world, he noticed that CNN iReport was reporting that Ms. Black was pregnant. Of course, this kind of news immediately makes Sid’s brain tick and he started coming up with the dirtiest arrangements for her stupid song, Friday. Noon threw out one the funnier suggestions, “Friday, Friday, it’s feels better bareback Friday.” But what the fuck! She’s 14 years old. Sid threw out some great parental advice, “There’s no other way to fuck up the fame you stumbled into, than to get pregnant. Life has given you a gift with this shitty song about Friday. Kids, if you’re listening to this and you got a boyfriend or a girlfriend, and you’re thinking of have sex, do me a favour, PULL OUT!” Noon suggested an interesting theory – maybe Black is being offered a shit load of money to star in the show, 16 and Pregnant? (more like 14 and pregnant). And who could disagree with Noon’s statement about the theory, “I’m going to make money because fuckin’ teenagers are dumb fucks and will watch anything.” It’s true; there’s a lot of shit on T.V. that was never around when I was a teenager. However, by the end of the Rebecca Black talk, Bronsteter had some breaking news that revealed Black’s latest tweet regarding the rumoured pregnancy, “I’m denying the whole thing. I’m absolutely not pregnant.” Sigh of relief from Sid, but he still thinks the song is shit. My only thought is what do you expect for $2000, auto-tune, and shitty “D” level producers.

Western Conference Finals Blueprint
Once Seixeiro taught all the kids about the importance of pulling out, he got into the topic of the WCF matchup between the Sharks and Canucks. If you’re from Canada, you have to know that Vancouver came from behind last night and took game 1 with a score of 3 – 2. And after such an exciting game, Sid believes game 1 was “the blueprint of how this series is going to go. It was tight, there was animosity, and players like Kesler and Thornton were trying to kill each other trying to get position at the face-off circle.” Sid’s convinced that the series is going to look like this from here on out. He was impressed with the Canucks however and their ability to come from behind, have a Sedin twin finally step up, and Lapierre’s ability to continue throwing his weight around. It’s going to 7 games though and Sid feels the Sharks will come right back and even up the series in game 2.

Seixeiro’s NHL vs. NBA Rant
“Whoever’s scheduling at the NHL office in New York should be fucking fired.” Like many sport fans, you’re probably aware that the VAN/SJS and MIA/CHI games were on at the same time last night. WTF? It appears that the NHL decided to go head-to-head with the NBA. And with 11.1 million people tuning into the basketball game last night, the VAN/SJS game lost out big time. With those numbers that the MIA/CHI game brought in, the the NBA set a cable viewing record. How can the NHL compete with those numbers? Even Sid watched more basketball than hockey last night. The atmosphere at the United Centre (no, not because of Oprah) was unreal; it seemed like an NBA Final. “Marv Albert’s panties were in a bunch.” said Sid. If you missed the highlights from the game, check out this one in particular.

And to think that the NHL are going head-to-head again Wednesday night. Sid throws down some #realtalk, “Canucks/Sharks head-to-head with the Heat/Bulls in the States? What are you smoking?” Better get your PiP working Tim and Sidizens.

The record set by the NBA for viewers in game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals also brings up an important point Bronsteter made on Friday. He believes that the numbers will be higher for this series than the actual NBA Finals. Seixeiro thinks he’s full of shit and completely wrong. However I have to side with Orville; there’s no way a DAL/CHI, or CHI/OKC finals bring in better numbers if the Heat are bumped from the playoffs. I’ll be keeping an eye on these numbers. I’m still waiting for the boys to man up and make a bet with one another.

And what’s a Tim and Sid: Uncut radio show without the guys randomly going off topic. Around this point of the show, Sid mentioned that he watched the film Anchorman over the weekend twice – I managed to only watch it the one time. I don’t have that much time on my hands to watch television Sid…ah, the life of a P-list celebrity. Who can forget Afternoon Delight?

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Update
1. After sex, Pizzo gets hungry and thristy. He pulls out and the lady of the house says, “What’s your name and where ya going?”

2. In 1999, the Mets wanted to drop Bobby Bonilla from its roster. Unfortunately for them, he still had one year left on his contract. So the Mets and Bonilla agreed upon a contract which would allow them to release Bonilla. Bonilla deferred nearly $6 million with the team and they added an 8% interest rate that would start in 2011. Come July, the Mets will have to pay Bonilla $1.2 million for the next 25 years. That original $5.9 million is now nearly $30 million. Wow, Bobby be shoppin’!
3. Florida Gators Ja’Juan Story has a pre-game ritual. He takes a “doo-doo” before every game and then listens to Katy Perry.
4. In Saturday’s BOS/TBL game 1, the announcer asked for a moment of silence for Derek Boogaard who recently passed away. The moment of silence last 5.4 seconds; so much for being sincere. Where’s the respect?

Mind the GAP!
Guest Time! As mentioned earlier, it was a crazy week in sports and the football world was no different. Today’s guest was Mr. Ray Hudson, a retired professional football player and former coach who currently works as an English-language football commentator on Gol TV. As we all know, Sid will periodically get into random football rants with little acknowledgment from the guys. So I’m sure he was pumped up to get some views on the football world from Hudson and actually have a conversation with someone about the sport. Sid’s first question was in regards to which was a bigger headline in England recently. Manchester United’s 19th title, or Manchester City ending their 35 year trophy list drought? Ray believes that the accomplishment by City to remove their “trophy ticker” was a huge feat. 35 years is a long time for any team to go without a trophy, “It was great to see them hoist the cup.” He was pleased to see ManU win once again, but it’s always been ManU since he was a little kid, so “it’s good to see the dog have it’s day.” Conversation then flowed into the topic of the English Premiership and the Spanish League. According to Hudson, “The selling of the English Premiership is a wonderful thing and the fans are fantastic.” But it kills him when he sees players like Rooney spitting in the camera, especially after England’s showing in South Africa. It’s time for some of these guys to get off their high horse. While it is on the rise, Hudson believes that, “The Spanish League and Spanish Football is still light years ahead.”

Before Sid let Hudson go, he did want to ask him what he thought Sir Alex Ferguson’s game plan might be when going up against Barcelona? Hudson pretty much spelt out who he thought would win the Champions League on May 28th at Wembley Stadium.“Barcelona are incontainable, their incredible passing, they’re magic. So what can you do? ManU has tremendous pace and their players can hurt you. But they’ve got to capitalize on their chances if they want a chance. Barcelona will hurt you and put it in the net.” Both Sid and Ray did chat briefly about Cristiano Ronaldo and the fact that he just equaled the single season goal scoring record in Spainish League with 38 goals. With such a feat, both men are shocked that he will not win the FIFA Player of the Year. Great interview with Hudson! I’m one of those that originally recognized the voice, but had no idea who the guy was. I have to admit, for the amount of soccer I watch (close to nil), Sid’s little soccer rants/interviews with guys like Sharman and now Hudson, is beginning to make the sport a little more interesting.

Rapid Fire
Nice Rapid Fire by Bronsteter! The last couple of days on the show  have been so full of edu-tainment, he hasn’t been able to get a whole lot in or just has run out of time. But it’s okay, what he does deliver to Tim and Sidizens is usually gold.
– KJ Choi won the Player’s Championship yesterday. If Tiger Woods was out of golf, who would you like to see as the face of the sport? I would like to Rory McIlroy as the spokesperson…..he’s a young kid and dresses in same attire I might when I hit the course.
– Ashton Kutcher was named Charlie Sheen’s replacement on 2 1/2 men. Will the show be better or worse? I don’t think it will be worse, but it won’t be better. Sheen was hilarious on that show, comedic timing, etc. No replacing him there.
– Former NBA player and current Charlotte Bobcat assistant coach, Charles Oakley, claimed he was beaten up by security guards at a casino in Vegas. How many security guards did it take to beat up Oakley? I’m going to throw out the number 8. Claimed to be one of the toughest guys in the NBA once; he don’t take shit.

Great show by the guys. The Rebecca Black news was up there with some of the Bin Laden quotes. Sid threw out some great points regarding the NHL vs. NBA on television – horrible choice by scheduling officials. I really enjoyed the interview with Ray Hudson. He sounds like a real knowledgeable person and his passion for football came loud and clear through the airways. Great way to start off the week – 9/10.

Ron Swanson vs. Ben Chang

“….Rashard Mendenhall loses a sponsor, and John Noon has Chlamydia.” (the headlines prior to the theme song was cut short when transferred to the podcast – however Noon’s current plight was really the only highlight from the intro.). Another week has come and gone and the weekend is upon us. Some of the topics up for grabs today were: Ron Artest, Jimmy Howard, Horses, Shaquille O’Neal, Dirk Nowitzki, and Manny Pacquiao. Unfortunately, Noon was absent for today’s episode, but Bronsteter was joined by Dave Coulson behind the glass. Apparently, Noon has chlamydia………or that was at least how Seixeiro interpreted it. And since Sid was ripped for his pink-eye incident several week’s ago, he was going to let John have it. Like Tim said, “Vengeance will be Seixeiro’s”. In actuality, Noon was absent for the following reason, excerpt: email to the Score: “keeping with the long standing tradition of athletic failures in radio, I, John Noon, have screwed my neck and shoulder up by crashing into the boards at hockey. I’ll be available via phone and email. Apologies for the short notice. Signed John Noon”. All I can say is, use protection Noon, use protection.”

The OHF: Micallef vs. Pizzo Rd. 1
A huge discussion today on the news that came out Friday morning regarding the Ontario Hockey Federation’s decision to ban body-checking for recreational players between the ages of 6 and 21. Basically, there will be no more hitting allowed in House League and Select teams comprised of the top house league players. With regards to “rep”, A, AA, and AAA, the rule is not in effect. From many of the message boards, Tim could see there was alot of mixed reactions through Ontario and Canada. Many people believe that the rule change is great for hockey – making it a safe environment for children to learn skills while also reducing the possible injuries. Tim voiced the same sentiment and figures “if you’re not good enough to play in the 3rd level of hockey, then there’s no need to learn hitting.” Sid wondered though if banning checking in hockey, could hinder a possible pro career in “rep”? The guys brought Pizzo into the conversation because he’s a huge hockey guy – he’s the #7 Canadian hockey broadcaster based on the Klout System. Pizzo, however, has a completely different take on the recent ruling. He thinks it’s a terrible idea. It has nothing to do with whether a person goes pro or not. It’s just a natural progression where one kid could play house league for a couple of years and then improve their game to a point where they could play in “rep” league. Pizzo believes that because that particular kid “never had the experience of learning the art of hits or how to avoid hits; he’s going to get creamed. An important part of hitting is knowing how to take hits so you don’t get hurt.” In response to this comment, Tim doesn’t know what the big issue is. He believes a child could learn how to hit in less than 2 minutes – that’s how he learned when he was younger. Pizzo is not buying that argument though and an agreement regarding the OHF topic between the two is not happening anytime soon.

Both guys definitely present views from each side of the argument that I agree with to an extent. Tim’s point is valid because it’s important that kids do have a safe environment to play hockey in without the risk of injury. It’s the true meaning of playing the game for “fun with risks”. But at the same time, what’s hockey without hitting? Body-checking has been a part of the game since….well, forever possibly. And I truly believe that a kid who is exposed to hitting at a young age, will be better prepared for hitting as he gets older, especially if he moves up to “rep” league. I understand that injuries are a huge possibility but for the parents who don’t want their kids to get hurt, maybe try another sport? Children play football and rugby at a young age as well, some even as young at 9 & 10 – both are sports where hitting is a huge part of the game. Why only focused on hockey? As my better half, MK, said, “Hockey ain’t ballet. That’s what figure skating is for.”

NHL Playoff Chatter
Once the heated debate finished, conversation shifted to the NHL playoffs. Ryan Kesler has really stepped his game up and helped Vancouver win the last two games against Nashville. Tim believes that he’s actually “put the team on his back in the last two games.” Both Tim and Sid believe the series is a wrap and the Canucks are on their way to the Western Conference Finals. But once there, then what? Can they beat the Sharks? (assuming the Sharks beat the Red Wings). Sid made a good point here with regards to the Canucks “exorcising their demons”. There’s one demon left – Anti Niemi. Can they beat that guy? With regards to the BOS/PHI series, everyone believes the series to be over. Pronger is still injured and there’s no chance for a comeback. The same goes for the Sharks and Red Wings series. It seems that the Red Wings have dug a hole to deep to climb out of. Chat then shifted to whether Modano and Lidstrom will retire should they get knocked out by Detroit? The “Swedish D” and the “Highest Points Scoring American” might consider making it a career. It’s ironic that Modano became the All-time American point leader in a game against the Sharks. It looks like it will also be the team to send him into retirement.

*After last night’s games, the Flyers are officially out and the Red Wings survived for another night – the series is now 3 games to 1.

Interesting Facts From PIMP, Rob Pizzo
1. Little chatter on which show is better? Community or Parks and Recreation. There’s a lot of love for Parks and Rec., but Tim thinks Modern Family is better than both shows. I have to agree with that statement.
2. Klout scores were released recently for NBA players and teams. Players such as James, Durant, Odom, Wade, and Nash lead the league. With regards to teams, the Lakers interact the most with their fans via social media.
3. recently updated their homepage with a photo of the Canucks’ Green men. Strange, seeing as they condemned them for being a nuisance in the area a couple of days prior. In typically NHL fashion – back-peddling at it’s best.
4. At a recent weigh-in for a boxing match between Evander Holyfield and Brian Nielson, Nielson mooned the entire crowd. Another gong show for Holyfield – time for him to hang them up. The guys discussed some past press conferences and everyone agreed that Iron Mike had some of the best soundbites in history.

What We Learned This Week
A little segment run by Bronsteter here. He’s done these before in the past, but they usually are near the end of the show. This was a good little break. The things learned during this week’s shows were that:
– Tim and Sidizens found out who and where Sauce Kid is from.
– Bronsteter should be more precise in his requests. Especially when they are directed at Hainser.
– It’s never to early for ice cream.
– Tim does business around the corner from Roy Foss.
– Osama Bin Laden is taking his talents to hell after being killed during Operation Neptune.
– Jason Jackson’s friends call him “Jacks”.
– Sid paid $4.75 for water.
– Most Tim and Sidizens think MINIs are straight foss.
– Tim’s future car has more seats than the Liberals.

NBA #realtalk
The next segment involved whether or not the Lakers and Celtics see their respective Conference Finals. Both L.A and Boston are down two games to none against the Heat and Mavs. It’s hard to believe considering that everyone in the sports world believed that at least one of these teams would be there. Tim and Sid agree that you can’t count out either one of these teams until we see the result of game 3. Both teams are recent NBA Champions and know what it takes to win – you can’t rule them out. (However, I just finished watching the Lakers/Mavs game 3 and the Lakers collapsed like the Berlin Wall). With regards to the Hawks/Bulls series, there’s nothing to intriguing happening. Other than Rose’s injury, which they believe he’ll overcome, the Bulls should finish off Atlanta. Derrick is a young guy and has the ability to play through pain, and come through for his team.

Some other news of interest that came up near the end of the show involved the announcement of GSP’s payday. It appears that George made $400,000 for last week’s fight against Jake Shields. Puppy shit compared to what UFC 129 actually brought in for putting off the event. Tim can’t believe that UFC fighters haven’t stepped up and challenged Dana White yet with the threat of leaving. Compared to boxing, UFC fighters are making pocket change. Ex. Manny Pacquiao is pulling in $15 million this week for fighting Shane Mosley. Tim is ready to become a UFC agent – time to step up.

Rapid Fire
Nick Diaz is fighting Jeff Lacy soon. Will an MMA fighter be able to excel in boxing? Sid’s not sure and Tim doesn’t think so. I kind of agree with Tim – while Diaz has some boxing skills, there’s no way MMA fighters have the same fist speed or stamina as full-time boxers.
If Nicklas Lidstrom retires after the series against the Sharks, where will he rank amongst all-time defencemen? Everyone agrees he’s in the Top 3. I’d go as far as maybe #1. He has the trophies and Stanley Cups to prove it. He’s durability has been huge.
Rashard Mendenhall lost his endorsement with Champion. Is this a good look for Champion? In the long run, I think so. He made some pretty fucked up statements. From a marketing standpoint, if they continued with him, sales would have most likely decreased.
Hooters has a recent Mother’s Day promotion for moms: They get free chicken wings for showing up. Is this a good idea? CUT all around! No moms allowed.

Today’s show was up there. The OHF’s decision to ban body-checking is a huge topic and I’m glad the guys decided to talk about it. It was obvious that both Micallef and Pizzo are passionate about the sport of hockey, and it came through in their defence for each of their viewpoints. It’ll definitely be something talked about in the hockey world for the next while. For the heated debate and Sid’s ability to not interrupt, this show gets a 10/10 from me.

Pizzo Ain’t No Rookie!

A huge congratulations to Mr. Robert Pizzo! This afternoon, a list of the Top 10 Canadian On-Air Personalities Covering Hockey was released today and our boy was listed as #7. For some of the Tim and Sidizens that are not aware, Pizzo not only works the updates throughout the day and splashes brilliance on Tim and Sid: Uncut, but he also co-hosts the Scores’ Puck Daddy Radio which airs Mon. to Fri. at 1:00Pm ET.

Pizzo and the other broadcasters ranked in the top 10, were ranked and based on the Klout score which was collected on May 3rd, 2011. What is the Klout Score System? The Klout Score is the measurement of your overall online influence. The scores range from 1 to 100 with higher scores representing a wider and stronger sphere of influence. Klout uses over 35 variables on Facebook and Twitter to measure True Reach, Amplification Probability, and Network Score. Pizzo came in with a score of 61 – just 13 points behind the leader Greg Wyshynski.

Congratulations Robert Pizzo! The Tim and Sidizens of the nation are proud of you. Keep up the great work on both Puck Daddy Radio and Tim and Sid: Uncut. I forsee you passing these Hockey 360 guys in the near future. If want to follow Pizzo and hear more of what he has to say about the hockey world, you can find him at @robpizzo.

Also, the daily review from today’s podcast should be up later this evening or early tomorrow morning.