Huge Thanks To TimandSid-izens From Mad Timmy, Tina Turner, & Master Blaster

Wow, the TimandSid-izen Nation were huge this week according to the Tim and Sid: Uncut twitter account this morning:

Nothing like some history lessons from Professor James Sharman to tie us over until the boys return on September 6th, 2011. Bronsteter is right, the show definitely has the best listeners, fans, and TimandSid-izens – “Simply the Best”


Tim and Sidizens: Team Live Deliver Some Video Classics

In true form, you can always count on Tim and Sidizens around the nation to help out with the Tim and Sid: Uncut review blog. I’ve been meaning to post these videos here for awhile, but I honestly kept forgetting to do it until this afternoon during lunch. And since the show is currently on a hiatus, there’s no better time than now. Again, we celebrate everything that is the Tim and Sid: Uncut radio show/podcast so here’s some more great videos from Team Live.

The first video tweeted my way was from Tim and Sidzen, Ross aka @thenxtbabyjesus. He sent me this great clip I’ll call “Hainser Destroys Burger”.

Our second clip was brought to you by our boy Ross once again. It’s an old clip from December 2008 which shows Seixeiro murdering Will Strickland in a little debate during theScore’s The Shot Clock.

Hainser’s Corner: Epis. 10 “Hainser Tries To Steal A Bagel”

Hainser’s Corner #10

Is Hainser stealing bagels at Tim Hortons?

Sid: “Why are you openinig the computer? Close the computer. You don’t need it. You don’t need the computer.”
Tim: “You always turn on the computer.”
Sid: “Yes, You always turn on the computer.”
Hainser: “I always feel more comfortable if it’s on and it’s open.”
Tim: “Okay.”
Sid: “Hainser is in studio. Hainser by the way, hasn’t been with us the past few weeks. He was Juror #7 in the Casey Anthony Trial.”
Hainser: “Boy, ever fuck that shit up hey? How’d they let her go man?”
Sid: “They didn’t have enough evidence fuck.”
Tim: “Did you get some tail at least?”
Hainser: “You look up infanticide on google and, ah, i guess…”
Sid: “You didn’t hear a thing in that trial. You stared at her tits the entire time. Just admit it.”
Hainser: “I did not. No…No. How’d you like her Pirate shirt when she went for the, uh..that day when…uh.”
Sid: “Do you know what? Shut the fuck up for a second.”
Tim: “The verdict? Is that what you’re trying to get at?”
Hainser: (laughing) “Yeah, Yeah.”
Tim: (laughing) “I gotcha.”
Sid: “What’d he try to say?”
Tim:  “He tried to say verdict.”
Sid: “But what did he say?”
Hainser: “Pirate shirt she was wearing.”
Tim: “Well, he just…”
Sid:(interrupting) “Oh, you said Pirate shirt and all of a sudden it was verdict day?”
Tim: “He was searching for the word as if he was Eric Lindros…”
Hainser: “Oh shut up!”
Tim: “…that just got hit by Scott Stevens.”
Sid: “Did you listen to the front of the show Hainser?”
Hainser: “No.”
Sid: “Somebody sent Tim and I on twitter this today. Hainser tried to steal my bagel at the Timmies on King.”
Tim: “Respond to this.”
Hainser: (laughing) “Really?”
Sid: “We got this today.”
Hainser: “That’s quite possible.”
Tim: (laughing hysterically)
Hainser: “It could be quite possible. Sure I got my friggin’ English muffin stolen yesterday morning man.”
Sid: (mockingly) “I hate when my shit gets stoden too.”
Hainser: “I hate that. You got to watch your fuckin’ orders.”
Sid: “Hold on, whoa, whoa, whoa. What happened today with the fuckin’ bagel at Timmies?”
Hainser: “Well, I didn’t steal anyone’s bagel today.”
Tim: “Are you sure about this?”
Hainser: “I didn’t have a bagel today.”
Sid: “According to this tweet from Ryan…”
Tim: “Were you at the Timmies on King today?”
Hainser: “Yes. That’s erroneous” (regarding stealing the bagel).
Sid: “What time were you there? Did he just say erroneous?”
Hainser: “Yes.”
Sid: “What time were you at Timmies?”
Hainser: “Ah…10 past 11.”
Sid: “Did you order a bagel?”
Tim: “That’s four hours ago via web.”
Hainser: “No.”
Sid: “Did anyone around you order a bagel?”
Hainser: “Yeah, I think the person right ahead of me had a bagel.”
Sid: “Did you accidently reach for “said” bagel?”
Hainser: “I did reach for “said” bagel.”
Both Tim and Sid: (screaming) “Then you tried to…..Woooooooo!”
Hainser: (screaming) “No, I didn’t know that was…I thought that was order #21 and my English muffin coming up.”
Sid: (mockingly making Hainser voice) “Stealing. Let me tell you something.”
Hainser: “How’d this guy know who i was?”
Sid: “What is this? An Orlando Court room? We got you red-fuckin’ handed dude.”
Tim: “You tried to steal Ryan Mickey C Barron’s bagel.”
Hainser: “In my hast to grab my English muffin, I thought it…that was mine. Mine was #21…came up immediately after that and I guess I might have reached for his bagel. But knowing it wasn’t mine, I stepped back and uh, let him enjoy his food. That’s the kind of guy I am.”
Sid: “That’s terrible dude.”
Tim: (laugihing) “What is the kind of guy that you are?”
Sid: “Trying to steal people’s food and shit? what is wrong with you? That’s a bagel.”
Hainser: “I wasn’t trying to steal the food.”
Sid: “You’re only saying you didn’t try because you didn’t accomplish your goal.”
Tim: “You mistakenly…the English muffin?”
Hainser: “I go with the English muffin toasted with butter each morning.”
Tim: (sounding surprised) “Oh.”
Sid: “Okay.”
Hainser: “I used to go for donuts but shit, that didn’t work.”
Sid: “I know. It went straight to your tits.”
Hainser: “Exactly.”
Tim: (whispering) “It’s the pot that knows it’s kettle.”
Sid: “Whatever. Listen, Ryan sent us the tweet.”
Hainser: “How should…”
Sid: (interrupting) “#OnToTheNextOne.”
Hainser: “Can I ask you guys something?”
Tim: “You can say it. Don’t worry.”
Sid: “Go ahead Hainser. Ask your question.”
Hainser: “How do I make good in this now?”
Sid: “Well the first thing you do is…”
Hainser: (interrupting) “How do I reach out to him?”
Sid: “Okay, can you shut up for 3 seconds? The first thing you do is apologize to this kid. His name is Ryan, so could you apologize to Ryan?”
Hainser: “Can I see…”
Sid: (interrupting) “I just told you his name. You don’t need to see shit. Just say I’m sorry.”
Hainser: “Ryan, I am very sorry..uh…”
Sid: “That I tried to steal your shit.”
Hainser: “I’m very sorry that i mistakenly grabbed your bagel or went to grab for your bagel.”
Sid: “You tried to take his shit. Not cool. Keep your hands off people’s food.”
Hainser: “Yes.”
Sid: “It’s very rude. Don’t do it again.”
Hainser: “I’m an asshole.”
Tim: “Plug his…here…plug his blog.”
Sid: “Who’s blog?”
Tim: “His blog.”
Sid: “Oh Ryan? Ryan’s got a blog?”
Hainser: (sarcastically) “Oh, you mean the Mickey C’s Sports and Business blog? It’s a winner.”
Tim: (laughing)
Sid: (still confused) “Wait. Who’s blog? Is this Hainser’s blog?”
Hainser: “The site is Mickey C’s Sport and Business blog by Ryan Barron.”
Tim: “And what does it say up here?”
Sid: “The site where people can go to see it is kinda what i was getting at.”
Hainser: (faintly)
Sid: “Can you do it on mic so people can hear you?”
Tim: “I think we made good on it.”
Sid: “Yeah, I think we’re cool.”
Hainser: “One last thing. @Rynohainser on twitter. Add me.”

Ryan did follow up during the show and gave the following response.

Hainser’s Corner: Epis. 9

Hainser’s Corner #9
Happy Canada Tim and Sidizens! What a country we are – we have Molson Canadian, Beaver Tails, The Tragically Hip, and now, Hainser’s Corner. This was a very special Canadian Hainser’s Corner episode for me personally because I was sitting in the booth watching the the myth himself, Ryan Hains. I’ll provide more information about him later, but for now, here’s how the segment went down.

(Hainser bursts through the door)
Tim: “What are you typing into the computer?”
Sid: “You’re going to be here for 4 minutes.”
Hainser: “My username so I can look something up. I, uh, pleasure to all Tim and Sidizens. Ryno Hainser here, what’s going on Sid? Check me on twitter @rynohainser; What’s up?”
Sid: “Okay, you know how this works; yet you act surprised everytime you come in here. We’re going to ask you some Rapid Fire questions and let’s end with those lines. Don’t tell people where your after party is going to be. I don’t give a shit. Just answer the questions.”
Hainser: “Okay.”
Sid: “The first thing that pops in your head.”
Hainser: “You got your pennies in a knot today, eh?”
Sid: “Shut the fu…”.
Tim: “Pennies in a knot?”
Sid: “He said pennies in a knot.”
Hainser: “Panties!”
Sid: “Hmm, I heard pennies.”

1. Kate Middleton? “Uh hot, but your sister’s hotter.” (Sid: I like when you personally talk to the people.) (Tim: He doesn’t have a sister.) (Sid: No, like Kate Middleton’s sister.) (Tim: Oh, her sister. I thought you said he’s sister.) “I’ve seen his brother. I don’t know how the gene pool…” (Sid: Oh, you better shut the fuck up.)
2. Jonas Valanciunas? “Uh, the guy looks like a beast. His stat line yesterday in that FIBA game was, uh, was a thing for Raptor fans to…” (Sid: Too many words.)
3. Count Chocula? “Gary Bettman.”
4. Ed Jovanovski? “4.25 million? Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me? Whoa. Whoa.”
5. Transformers 3? “Megan Fox is in it?” (Sid: She got fired. Ironically enough.)
6. Kris Versteeg gets passed around more than__________? “Hmm, come back to me. I pass.” (Tim: you can’t pass.) (Sid: Didn’t you hear what noise he just made?) (Tim: That wasn’t his mouth.)
7. Recording two interviews at a Joe Carter Golfing Tournament and losing them completely? “Whoa. Was I on the board?” (Sid: You weren’t.) (Tim: I thought it was going to be “Been there, done that.”)
8. The Buffalo Sabres? “Congratulations to Terry Pegula and the Buffalo Sabres. They are the winners on today’s Free Agent frenzy – Fucking amazing moves.”
9. Small Titties? “Oh beastings eh? Well, if the girl’s good lookin’, we’re all good.” (Sid: Did you say beastings or bee stings?) “Bee Stings!”

Hainser’s Corner: Epis. 8

The guys received an email today from a Tim and Sidizen asking whether eating on the shitter was CUT or UNCUT? There was huge debate and they felt it would be good to have an impromptu Hainser’s Corner to get Ryan Hains’ take on the whole thing.

During the opening theme, Tim and Sid were both pretty funny while ensuring Hainser knew his place.

Sid: “This is gonna be the shortest Hainser’s Corner ever.”
Tim: “Play the beat, play the theme. Don’t open the computer, you’re not staying long.”
Sid: “Don’t open the computer! Don’t take off your jacket.”
Tim: “I’m against this.”

Sid: “We’re gonna ask you one question and then I need for you to get the fuck out.”
Hainser: “It’s just…it’s like that?”
Sid: “It’s always been like that.”
Hainser: (Hainser starting screaming) “@RynoHainser on Twitter.”
Sid: “Shut the fuck up! Don’t even, don’t even start. Don’t Babba Booey this. Shut the fuck up! One simple question.”
Hainser: “Yes.”
Sid: “Actually two. Have you ever eaten while on the shitter and two, how recently if the answer is yes, have you done it?”
Hainser: “No. I don’t eat while I’m on the shitter but I love reading my magazines when I’m on the shitter. I do that all the time. Lots of great reading time there.”
Sid: “Ladies and Gentlemen, Hainser’s Corner”

Hainser’s Corner: Epis. 7

Hainser’s Corner Episode #7
There’s no better way to celebrate game 7 of the NHL Stanley Cup finals than to have an edition of Hainser’s Corner for all the Tim and Sidizens. Before Tim got into Hainser’s rapid fire questions, he asked the savant if he had any rituals before watching the big game? According to Hainser, he likes to have everything ready before the game: pops in the fridge, laptop beside him, some good food and he’s ready to go. Tim asks Hainser if “by pops, you mean beer. You’re just trying to be cool.”

We also learn some interesting things during this sections which include:
– Hainser likes to drink imports out of the bottle. He’s a beer snob.
– Tim can’t drink draft because it gives him bad guts and the runs. 
–  Chili is a Christmas Holiday for Team Canada games.
– Hainser hates Bud Light Lime almost as much as Frank D’Angelo.

1. Stanley Cup? “The greatest treasure in all of sports.”
2. Game 7? “It’s all on the line. All the marbles are up for grabs.”
3. Do or Die? “That’s, that’s what game 7’s are. You summed it up right there in three distinct little words.”
4. Vancouver? “God, I hope they win because if they don’t, that, that stadium’s gonna get torn down by a bunch of uh, ah, rowdy peeps. Uh, it’s gonna be interesting regardless.” (Tim: A bunch of …sorry?) “Rowdy people.”
5. Roberto Luongo? “Not a fan. You’re not one of the elite goalies in the league. Um, the team might win in spite of you and uh, worst hair in hockey.” (Tim: How many goals has he let up at home?) “Not too many, but…” (Tim: 3 wins.) “Uh, How many road games has he won since the Nashville series? 2.” (Tim: I would suggest…uh, I told myself I wasn’t going to get caught up in this.) “No, no, please continue.” (Tim: The Sedins have done shit, Kesler’s done shit; the reason why they have three games is Roberto Luongo you Jackass.) “Okay, but he can’t play every game in the Rogers Centre. This isn’t ah…” (Tim: But why would anyone want to play in the Rogers Centre? That’s a dome in Toronto.)
6. Green Men? “The Green Men, solid guys. They’re actually bunkered down today guys in a, and preparing for what they call will be their Tour de Force moments of the past season. Uh, expect something very big from them tonight.”
7. Flashser? “Where are you?”
8. B.C ‘s Best? “What? Weed?”
9. Orland Kurtenbach? “That’s a fantastic name. A great Canuck.”
10. Harold Schneps? “That moustache, are you kiddin’ me? That guy could play some mean D.”
10. Gastown? “Gastown. Gastown is the only thing separating you from the skids in Vancouver.” (I had to guess what he said here.)
11. The Grouse Grind? “I’ve tried the Grouse Grind before. You will never see me weeze so hard brother.” (Tim: What!!! Come on!)
12. Water Taxi? “Uh, that’s such a rip off, that Water Taxi. Jesus, I got caught in that once.”
13. Ferry? The ferry’s not much better. The ferry is the damn Sea Bus they have there.” (Tim: I should have used the word Ferry before the word Water Taxi. Damn it.)
14. Winner? “Winner….I say Charlie Sheen.”
15. Game Winning Goal? “Game winning goal tonight will be scored by Mr. Christopher Higgins.” 
16. Hainser? “That’s me brother.” (Tim: that’s the best finish better.)

Another great bit of information Tim and Sidizens found out on this episode of Hainser’s Corner – Hainser loves his Tuborg and Kebabs (Chicken, Beef, and Lamb).

Hainser’s Corner: Epis. 6

Hainser’s Corner #6
A surprise Hainser’s Corner! Also of importance, this is Tim’s first time alone with the man; it should be quite interesting. Some of Hainser’s answers ran a bit longer than usual as Tim is a little more on the sympathetic side than Sid. So a head’s up that some of Hainser’s answers are long, but I’m telling you Tim and Sidizens, what he provides is gold.

A little intro. first:
Tim: Hainser!
Hainser: Timothy, How are you sir?
Tim: Thanks for stopping by. I was wondering if I could fill the time today and apparently I had tons of time to fill.
Hainser: Anytime. Call me in from the ballpen any day brother.
Tim: The ballpen or the bullpen?
Hainser: Um, the bullpen. 

1. Winnipeg? “Okay. Winnipeg. I’m so glad they have a NHL franchise back. They deserve it. Gary Bettman is gonna realize this was a backhanded like win for him. Uh, what a fuck up it was for him to take it out in the first place.” (Tim: The dollar was a….no, no, I’m not gonna analyze.)
2. Cheetah Power Surge? “Oh my God! Are you for real? This guy, that guy is on my hit list. Hey really? Frank D’Angelo? Oh dude.” (Tim: I don’t know if you want to put him on your hit list. I got to stop analyzing.) “No, I do. I want him. He’s um, he’s at the very top. Uh, uh, I tweeted him the other day, uh…first of all, he’s now associated with Mike Zigomanis and Luca Caputi. Could this be a worst look for these two Leafs prospects? This is my team, he’s hanging out…” (Tim: Zigomanis is like 29 now.) “I don’t give, he’s like hanging around with this jackass. He ruins everything. Cheetah Power Surge is a fucking embarrassment and his band too. Have you heard them?” (Tim: I’m not speaking badly about him.) “I will.” (Tim: Who else is on your hit list?) “Ah, there’s many, but he’s right on top.”

3. TOUT? “TOUT, ah, the best uh, thing to happened to the uh, social medias world since twitter. Ah, Bronsteter can attest. If you want to see me uh, pile drive some Oranginas in the morning, we’ll put that up.” (Tim: Pile drive some what?) “Oranginas. That’s my go to drink in the morning.” (Tim: What about Orange Julius?) “No, that’s a far and ferior product.”
4. Olympic Torch? “Uh, Olympic Torch is great. They should just get it right. I remember Vancouver that was, was a bit of a sha…” (Tim: Well, they relit it. Did you hear they relit it?) “Yeah.” (Tim: And lost 8 – 1) “Oh.”
5. Celibacy? “Celibacy, uh, it’s not a good look man. I know it all to well.”
6. Sex-ting? “Sex-ting, um, fine. I w-would not be involved in that. You never know what’s gonna happen, hey Weiner? Jesus.”
7. Dick Ebersol? “Oh, very powerful man, NBC. But this guy’s gotta get a new name.”
8. Biting? “Biting, ah, certainly doesn’t belong in any hockey game, I’ll tell you that.” 
9. Weiner? “Weiner, that guy is such a fuckin’ loser, hey? Like, could he have fucked up more?” (Tim: This is amazing.)
10. Horton? “Uh, may you have a fast and speedy recovery. God Speed, uh, that was not a proper hit and uh, I wish him the best.”
11. Rome? “Hey man, that was uh, that would have been a good hockey hit if he had gone for the sternum. That’s my problem with the hit there. That’s uh, he definitely went for the chin, for the head. If he had just decked him right, right there, in the numbers, he would have been perfect. If he had decked him in the big Bruins logo.”

Hainser: Frank D’Angelo, I’m coming out for you buddy!
Noon: Hainser’s coming out for him? Does that mean he’s gay?
Hainser: Cheetah Power Surge sucks!
Tim: Do you want Frank?
Hainser: Are you trying to mix up my words? I want to uh, Frank D’Angelo is a loser. Cheetah Power Surge sucks and his bands an embarrassment.