#CUTorUNCUT. Getting Thrown Out Of Rogers Centre For Throwing Back A Home Run?

I was in the process of checking the status for Tim and Sid: Uncut‘s Facebook page and a big shout-out to the TimandSid-izens who’ve been “Liking” the page recently. We’re still 150 short of the 1000 fan goal, but it’s been climbing one day at a time. So again, big-ups for those who’ve joined! If you haven’t, check it out here. But the reason for this evening’s entry comes from a posting on the Tim and Sid: Uncut Facebook page (Jun/2011) from a longtime listener of the show and TimandSid-izen, Stevie Moose:

“On Sunday at the Jays vs Red Sox game I caught David Ortiz’s homerun ball in the 5th inning…barehanded!!! (see photo above). As a massive jays/baseball fan I did the thing any true fan would do, I ‘threw it back’. An inning later a security guard came to talk to me and explained to me that I needed to leave immediately because I threw something on the field. I said to him “yeah, but it was the opposing team homerun ball…this happens everyday in baseball around the league” Security then told me that this is the same offense as someone running on the field (which is not true…fans who run on the field get throw in jail for a night, fined and banned from the dome for life!!!) I was then escored outta the dome by a secuirty guard & 2 cops while my entire section boo’d them and chanted “let him stay!!”. My ban was for that day and that day only. And if i were to try to come back inside the dome i woulda been charged for tresspassing. Getting thrown outta the game for throwing the opposing team’s homerun ball back.”


Wow. Shitty situation. I understand throwing back a home-run ball by the opposing team is a big Chicago Cubs tradition and it happens at many other ball fields, but to be removed from a game for doing it at a Toronto Blue Jays game? Is this how things go down at a Jays game? If this story went down as it did, I think it sounds pretty CUT to me.


Greg Sansone’s Challenge, Booster Juice, and “Mary, Mary, Why You Buggin?”

We land Joey Bats.
The Pats land Haynesworth.
And there’s officially more Bush in Miami.
(Why did I say that with an accent?) (Cause I started it with Joey Bats!)
There’s more Bush in Miami. It’s the truth; don’t give me that look.
Did they sign Michael Bush too?
Uh, there’s still time. 
Famous, Run that bitch!”

Happy Thursday TimandSid-izens. We are one day closer to Friday meaning patio beers are just around the corner. For me personally, it’s the beginning of a five day holiday. Bring it. On today’s show, Bronsteter and Noon are working behind the glass, Pizzo is getting ready to deliver the best opening segment for Pizzo’s Updates ever, and Tim and Sid are rockin’ the booth. Topics that may or may not be addressed today include: Reggie Bush, AskMen.com, Sidney Rice, Mary Brown’s Chicken, Jerry Meals, Albert Haynesworth, Nnamdi, Jose Bautista, Kevin Kolb, and Booster Juice.

Booster Juice and Shitty Wheatgrass
Before the guys get into any sport talk, the first thing on the agenda is Booster Juice. Sid officially had his first smoothie from Booster Juice today and boy was he impressed. Tim’s been drinking them for awhile now, but when Sid had to head down to the York St. location to cover Jose Bautista (Blue Jay just signed a Canadian deal with the chain), he was given a $25 gift card. When he got back to theScore, Sid promptly gave the gift card to Micallef and then asked him to head out get him one, “it was raining fuck.” When the boys came back, Sid had his first smoothie (Ripped Berry) and said he was pretty impressed. The guys also gave Sid a wheatgrass shot which he turned down immediately. Noon goes on to suggest that they need to have a “Brow Booster” to which Sid responds, “Not needed by the way Noon…my brows have to clear customs when at the airport. He goes on to say, “This (wheatgrass) smelled like what I think Eric Cohen’s apartment would smell like. It was unbelievably bad.”

Mary Brown’s Fried Chicken & The FUCK Challenge
If you’ve listened to any Tim and Sid: Uncut in your life, you know that Sid absolutely loves Mary Brown’s and as much as he’d like to eat it, it’s not available in the East York area. In reality, it’s more of an East Coast fast food chain and from personal experience, I’ve only ever seen the dirty bird back home in Newfoundland. Anyways, during the course of a day Sid will check his twitter from time to time to see who was following him. And to Sid’s surprise, Big Mary herself began to follow him on twitter. “Sid got on twitter and he’s was practically ejaculating. He’s doing it right now in the studio.”, said Tim. Sid agrees with Tim’s sentiments, “I had to masturbate…with all do respect Popeye’s Chicken, fuck off. It’s not that good.” Sid loves Mary Brown’s TimandSid-izens.

Just before the boys wrap up the Mary Brown’s Fried Chicken conversation, Tim notices a tweet from theScore’s VP of Television, Greg Sansone. Sansone, known as the man responsible for Ryder Fuck, seems to get tired of Sid constantly dropping the F-Bomb because this was the second day in a row that Sansone tweeted about the foul language.

Sid in typical fashion replies, “If Greg was here, I’d tell Greg to his face that he’s wrong.” BOOM, Sansone shows up in studio. I wrote a synopsis about this segment but ended up scrapping it because you really need to hear it first hand. So TimandSid-izens, I beg you to listen to the following clip.

“Mary, Mary, Why you buggin’?”

Bascially Sansone throws out a challenge to Sid to see if he can not say FUCK for a period of time. Every time he fails, Bronsteter has to play the NBA on NBC John Tesh theme song. Best part of this conversation though, hearing Sansone say “masturbation” numerous times. EPIC.

The End of the NFL Lockout Brings More Surprises
The boys finally get into some sport chat and the first item up for discussion today is the NFL free agency frenzy that is currently going on due to the lockout officially ending yesterday. The big news from today include:

Kevin Kolb
The Eagles have finally dealt the fifth-year quarterback to the Cardinals for cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a second-round draft pick in 2012. The Cardinals also signed Kolb to a five-year, $63 million contract extension, including a $20-million guarantee. “I like Kevin Kolb, but I don’t $60 million like Kevin Kolb.”, said Sid. Both Tim and Sid agree that the Cardinals were lucky not to have to put up a first round pick but the amount of money they signed him too? That’s a lot of dough to give a guy who hasn’t really played in awhile. The question for the Eagles now will be who will back up Michael Vick? While there were rumours that Favre could be coming back, there’s a good chance that Vince Young could be heading to Philadelphia now.

Kyle Orton
The next quarterback up for discussion was Kyle Orton. Orton showed up today at the Denver Broncos’ practice even though he knows and the Broncos know that he’s going to be traded. Very strange indeed, but the Orton is still under contract with the team so I appreciate the fact that was there, ready to work out with the guys. Both Tim and Sid go on to say that they like Orton, but Tim believes that he needs to be on a good team to win, “Kyle Orton can’t get it done on a bad team…he’s 32 – 30 as a starter.”

Tim Tebow
And with Kyle Orton on his way out, it looks like Tim Tebow is taking over the Denver Broncos. Seixeiro sounds like he likes Tebow and thinks the kid will surprise people, “They could win 7 games and show Elway that they can play.” After Sid throws out that Tebow could get 7 wins, the boys then go into a debate as to whether wins or losses to a quarterback really matters. Tim and Sid figure that there should be something implemented that states “you need to have minimum amount of snaps to be considered for a win or a loss.” Makes sense to me boys…book it.

Albert Haynesworth
The New England Patriots landed the troubled and disgruntled Albert Haynesworth from the Washington Redskins. The Redskins traded him to the Patriots for a 2013 fifth-round draft pick after a disappointing two seasons and a coaching change that did not go over to well for Haynesworth. After receiving a $41 million guarantee from the Redskins last year, it’s hard to believe he’s on the move already; big changes for the Redskins this year. Tim and Sid discuss whether or not Haynesworth will get away with some of the shit he pulled over in Washington. While Tim thinks Coach Bellichick could help Albert’s career, Sid’s not to sure. According to Sid, Haynesworth is a different animal and doesn’t give a shit about anything: rules, regulations, nothing. “He’s worse than Randy Moss.”, cried Sid.

Reggie Bush

Another big name to move today included the New Orleans Saints’ Reggie Bush. The Miami Dolphins reportedly acquired Bush from New Orleans; details not yet disclosed. Tim only has one thing to say regarding the move by the Dolphins, “They blow and there’s no reason to believe that they won’t still blow.” I guess he doesn’t think the deal will help Miami at all.

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Updates
Pizzo’s Update started with a bang, it was amazing. To follow up Sid’s mishap when he promised to not swear, and then proceeded to say fuck, Pizzo quickly found this clip for the segment’s intro. and it was, “Gold, Sid, Gold.”

1. Sir Paul McCartney will kick off the London 2012 Olympics as Britain’s answer to the spectaculars of Beijing’s opening ceremony. Wow, good luck with that Mr. Beatle. The shitty part of this update? The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin turned down the offer. #fail
2. Spanish bank Bankia put up soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as Real Madrid teammate Kaka, as collateral as they try to secure loans from the European Central Bank. Bankia helped finance Real Madrid’s acquisition of Ronaldo and Kaka by loaning the club 76.5 million euros, which went towards the 100 million euros paid to Manchester United for Ronaldo, and the 60 million euros given to Milan AC for Kaka.

3. Rory McIIroy threw some serious twitter blows towards commentator and former European Tour player Jay Townsend. Townsend was quoted as saying that Rory’s play at the British Open “was some of the worst he’s ever seen”. McIlroy took his frustrations out on twitter.

Right after Pizzo is finished with his updates, Sid quickly brings up Tim and Sid: Uncut alum, DJ Bennett. It seems that since the lockout was lifted in the NFL, DJ is anxious to get the fantasy draft going at work. “I’ve never seen anyone so obsessed about a fantasy game for sports.”, said Sid.

Jose Bautista and Booster Juice

As discussed in the first segment, Seixeiro was at Booster Juice this morning covering the Jose Bautista / Booster Juice partnership. The Blue Jays slugger just signed his first Canadian endorsement deal with the smoothie chain and Sid was down there to chat with Joey Bats himself. Sid starts off the discussion by asking Bautista what fans yell at him more. Jose Bautista or Joey Bats? According to Bautista, the nickname is quickly becoming popular and when fans see him on the street, they usually call him Joey Bats. He’s not getting tired of the nickname either; it’s all in good fun says Jose. Sid goes on to ask Bautista about twitter and the effect it has had on him since he first joined the social media platform. Jose believes that it’s important to stay in touch with the fans. When he uses twitter, fans get the “real me”. Seixeiro follows up his previous question and asks whether or not Jose has any rules when tweeting himself. “Everyone has some sort of set rules…I keep it light and simple…no politics, no religious comments.”, replied Bautista. In saying that though, Bautista hopes that the MLB never puts parameters on what baseball players can or cannot tweet. As long as players tweet responsibly, it should be okay.

In regards to Colby Rasmus, Sid asks Jose if he’s excited to have the kid on the team? Bautista goes on to say, “Definitely. He’s only 24 years old and has already had two good seasons.” Jose believes he a good player and will be a great addition to the Blue Jays organization. Jose goes on to compare it to his first time coming to Toronto and seeing it as a fresh start. In saying that, Sid follows Jose’s answer with a great question, “What was the turning point for you?” (regarding the play of Bautista over the last two seasons) According to Jose, it was when he showed up in Toronto. He found the way he was received by the fans, the team, and the employees was all positive. “I felt like I was coming to a place where I was wanted. It was a breath of fresh air.” From here, Sid finishes off the interview by asking Jose, “How many homeruns will you have by the end of the season?” “I hate making predictions.”, said Bautista. “I love making predictions.”, replied Sid. Gold Jerry, Gold! “The over/under is 50. Are you going over or under?” Bautista is still not making a prediction and gives the weak answer of saying he “wants to help the team win”, “wants to stay healthy and be productive”. Just tell me you’re going for 60 Joey Bats! Great interview by Sid though and Jose Bautista seems like a great guy – I’m happy to have him in the Blue Jays organization. He’s really the only guy I’d play to watch right now #HA (for Noon).

#_________Lasts Longer Than Sid Seixeiro Goes Without Swearing
The first match game since the break! To tie in with the Greg Sansone challenge, Micallef threw out the above match game. Some suggestions from the boys and twitter world included:
– Amy Winehouse’s Sobriety (Noon)
– Hainser Reading a Novel (Sid)
– Brett Favre’s Retirement 
– Eric Lindro’s Quebec City Career
– Steve Francis with the Grizzlies
– Hugh Hefner
– NBC’s The Event
– Hainser’s Saunter for Free Beer 

Rapid Fire
On today’s edition of Rapid Fire, Bronsteter had a great game of Cut or Uncut and got suggestions from TimandSid-izens today.
– Making a phone call on the toilet. CUT or UNCUT? Am I pissin’ or taking a dump? There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a stall next to the dude who’s bitching with his wife on the phone while he’s taking a shit.
Calling a female by her last name in a non-sports setting. CUT or UNCUT? UNCUT. There’s a few girls I know that go by the last name.
– Guys who have girls as their best friend. CUT or UNCUT? It’s all about the vagine…before I got engaged, I wanted lots of girls as friends.
– Buying a jersey of a player before he plays a game. CUT or UNCUT? UNCUT. Respect to those that do it.
– Doing yoga to meet chicks. CUT or UNCUT? UNCUT. Again, you got to do whatever you can to get some lady action.
– Banging a girl on your buddy’s couch while your house-sitting for him. CUT or UNCUT? CUT. If I found out a buddy of mine was having sex on my couch, it’s out the window. I sleep, read, have my own sex, and watch t.v. on that thing.
– Typing out smiley faces on twitter or email. CUT or UNCUT? After yesterday’s tutorial, it’s now officially CUT.

Great show by the boys today, it really was jam-packed with everything. The Greg Sansone bit was hilarious and it was cool to hear the V.P. of Television talking about “masturbation material”. Again, a solid discussion on the NFL and all the free agents currently being signed. Great focus on Tebow and Orton, and in particular, I liked Tim and Sid’s idea of “minimum snaps”. This was an interesting suggestion. Pizzo’s Updates was really the best thing out of this whole podcast today. The Dumb and Dumber clip was phenomenal, it tied in with what the show was about, it wasn’t too long, and it truly showed why Pizzo is the greatest hockey analyst, broadcaster, and anchorman? in the world. Great interview with Jose Bautista, Seixeiro. My favourite part of the discussion was when you asked Jose how many homers he was going to hit. The guy was not budging – he’s too nice. With regards to Rapid Fire, I like this idea a lot Bronsteter. If you can’t do it everyday, maybe it could be every Thursday. Just do CUT or UNCUT from the TimandSid-izens; it could work. Awesome show all around and because the boys mentioned Newfoundland and Labrador, 10/10. 

Joe Carter, George Bell, Devon White, Dave Stewart: Real Blue Jays Who Loved Toronto & “Gordie Howe’s Visiting Some Chicks”

“For first time ever,
Tim and Sid are on location.
Joe Carter, Dr. J, Charles Barkley, and Drew Doughty, and more are in the rotation.
And all in support of the Children’s Aid Foundation.
Famous run that…..uh, I can’t say that here….”

Welcome Tim and Sidizens to the very first live remote broadcast of Tim and Sid: Uncut. As mentioned yesterday, the show has packed up and are airing live from the 2nd Annual Joe Carter Classic Golf Tournament at Eagles Nest Golf Club. Luckily for Bronsteter, Nadine, and Neil Patel, they got to join the guys at today’s event….however, Noon and Pizzo were stuck back at the Score assisting the show from the sidelines. There were no topics today Tim and Sidizens, just dudes (I should point out that Tim forgot gals because Trish Stratus was present). “The dudes walking around now in the clubhouse are”: Gordie Howe, Bo Jackson, George Bell, Jerome Bettis, Drew Doughty, Kenny Lofton, P.K Subban, Big Jonathan Ogden, Ozzie Smith, Trish Stratus, Devon White, and Tim and Sid.

The set up is a little different than what listeners have been used to. Tim and Sid are sitting in the clubhouse just waiting for the athletes to finish their round of golf and hopefully, 1 or 2 of them will decide to sit down and chat before dinner. “Right now, dudes are on the course. We’re in a holding pattern. Especially you with that blue shirt.”, said Micallef. “I feel like I should be serving drinks.”, replied Seixeiro. The voice of God, I mean, Noon chimes in (he’s working a mic back at base), “I’ve never hated you guys more in my life.” Who could blame him, the boys are about to be surrounded by some of the past top athletes in their respective sports. The guys try to console Noon somewhat by letting him know that the clubhouse is dead right now anyways; there’s nothing going on. (You can check out the photos in the blog entry below to see the Tim and Sid: Uncut set up)

Tim Micallef goes on and throws out a disclaimer that they may be a little self-indulgent today. “The memories of our youth are walking around this clubhouse today.” I don’t blame them though; I’m not even there and I’m excited for them. Not only is there golf going on outside, there’s also a dinner, silent auction, bidding, etc. The whole point of the event is to raise money for the Children’s Aid Foundation and everyone is pumped for the evening. Some of the items up for auction include: Signed photos of every Toronto Maple Leaf’s Captain, Jerry Rice items, an “autographed copy of Slap Shot 4” (actually #3), and the list goes on. “It’s mind numbing some of the stuff here.”, said Sid. (see early blog entry for photos)

The guys then get into a lot of random, fun discussion about the event and other athletes. Some of the highlights include:
– Greg Sansone is thinking about bringing back the Score 64. There are about 5 candidates there at the golf course, Bo Jackson being one of them.

– Sid wants to meet Bo Jackson so he can say, “Bo knows Sid.”
– Sid wants Dave Stewart to stare him down for 10 seconds. “You might poop your pants.”, said Micallef. Sid’s reply? “I might get a little Maple Lodge down there.”
– Dean Blundell is in the house – the dude followed me on twitter today.
– Sid is the MC for tonight’s event and he wants to use the line, “Dean will only be eating salad this evening.” But if he does that, Blundell will probably go after Seixeiro’s eyebrows.
– Jerome Bettis may or may not be a big bowler.
– After I sent a twitter message to Tim jokingly saying he would judge the athletes today based on their All-Star appearances, he responds that “after yesterday’s show, I may have turned on Gilmour.” He’s still backing his belief that All-Star selections mean something, but he can see how Gilmour should be in there based on heart and soul.

BREAKING NEWS! Bronsteter comes running into the clubhouse to let the guys know that, “We just got turned down by Gordie Howe for an interview because he hasn’t done one for a couple of years. But he said to speak on his behalf that he will be visiting some chicks…some children in the hospital later on.” Fucking Gold…..LMAO. I can’t believe Bronsteter just said that. “Very different than the first part that you said.”, replied Sid. “Did that just happen? Did that just fucking happen here. Go out there and apologize to Gordie Howe.”, Sid. I can’t blame Aaron though. He’s working hard trying to get guests, but I’m telling you, that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard on radio in ages.

* During this part, Tim and Sid seem to talk with some girls near the radio set up. Sid seems to throw on his “sexy” voice and attempts to charm the ladies. 

No More Wimbledon For Roger Federer
Wow, this is breaking news today. “Is this the beginning of the end?”, questioned Micallef. Early today, Federer, up 2 sets to 0 and looking to cruise into the semi-finals coughed up a big one and lost in 5 sets to 12th-seeded Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Prior to this, Roger was 178-0 when leading by 2 sets, now, he’s 178-1. You got to give the kid credit though, “The ability for anyone to come back like that on Centre Court? You got to give it to him.”, said Seixeiro. The discussion then focused on the story of Andy Murray and the fact that it’s the same story every year – he’s so close to winning Wimbledon. Sid’s just tired of hearing this crap, “He’s a good player but not in the class of Nadal or Federer. There’s no way he beats Nadal in the Semi-final.”

Chris Bosh Fails in Life Again
After all the ribbing and backlash Bosh gets, the media is at is again. While it’s not quite newsworthy, it is Chris Bosh, we are in Toronto, and this must be talked about. The other night Bosh tried to have his own Hangover-style Bachelor party weekend with 12 of his buddies including Jarrett Jack and Pops Mensah-Bonsu. The crazy party was actually just a party, without the crazy. The events went down like this:

After blowing off steam, the rowdy bunch of characters headed to N9NE Steakhouse, where I’m guessing they consumed more than red meat (sparkling cider probably). On Friday, they continued their journey, heading over to Lavo for dinner and then attending Chris Angel’s magic show, “Believe,” which I’m guessing was meant to motivate Bosh to win a championship next season. Bosh was actually pulled onstage by Angel and then witnessed Angel levitate backstage with the rest of his crew. If that wasn’t enough, Bosh and his band of brothers headed to the Boom Box at the Marquee nightclub in Vegas, probably to converse about such things as politics. On Saturday, they got in a good old-fashioned game of paintball, then partied at Tao nightclub. And, to cap things off, they headed over to Caesar’s for a bit (or a whole night) of gambling, then headed over to Mark Curry’s comedy show. (courtesy of the Bleacher Report)

“They hung with Mr. Cooper?”, replied Micallef. It’s also interesting to note that his “BOYS” Wade and LeBron were both absent. I wonder if they saw what was on the schedule and realized how lame it was going to be.

BREAKING NEWS! “Charles Barkley has entered…no wait. It’s Mike Gentile.” During this part though, the boys seem to have a moment of silence as hockey great, Mr. Gordie Howe approaches them as he’s heading into the bar section of the clubhouse. The boys shook hands with him and told them he would see them inside….I bet Sid won’t wash his hand until next week.

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Update

I feel for Pizzo because I know he’s a huge hockey guy and I’m sure he would have loved to have been at Eagles Nest Golf Club this afternoon. But hey, at least he can still provide the update for all the Tim and Sidizens. He does bring up Bo Jackson again and reminisces about the old Bo Knows commericals. One of his favourites being this gem below:

1. It was just announced this afternoon that Paul Kariya is retiring from the NHL, but not without a couple of jabs directed towards the NHL. See the story here for full details.

2. Tiger Woods has recently signed a new endorsement deal with Japan’s Kowa Co. He’ll lend his face to Kowa’s cream that’s said to provide consumers with  anti-inflammatory and painkilling relief for muscles. According to Tim, it sounds like the Japanese icy cold.
3 Rory McIlroy is really being the anti-Tiger Woods. It looks like he got back together with his high school sweetheart after breaking up. I guess winning the U.S Open made them find love again, or best said by Sid, “Northern Irish Women be shoppin’.”

Dave Stewart and The Death Stare

Mr. Stewart in sitting besides Tim and Sid. Wow! Best known for his stare down at batters while pitching to them, Sid asks the great to stare him down for 5 seconds. “You need a bat…..you really don’t want me to stare you down.”, replied Stewart. Stewart played with the Jays from ’93 – ’94 and was a big part of their second World Series. He also won the ALCS MVP that post-season as well.

The guys ask Stewart how his golf game was; he said he had some good holes and some bad holes, but he could of hit the ball better. “I let those guys (golf team) down. Good thing I had some good stories.” He then goes on to discuss how much he enjoys being back in Toronto and seeing guys like Devon White and Joe Carter again. He gives credit to Carter for putting off the event and believes that it’s great what Carter is doing for the city and for the kids. Tim goes on to ask Stewart if there’s anyone in particular that he’s happy to see and he responds that it was exciting to see Dr. Julius Erving again, “He could probably outplay Bosh right now.”, said Stewart. In regards to the city of Toronto, he visits here 2-3 times a year and loves it here. He does go into some serious talk about how much he loved playing in Toronto but is not sure that today’s Jays feel the same about the city. “Today’s Jays don’t see how great the city of Toronto is…they need to get on board with the city”. The boys finished off the quick conversation by asking Dave what Toronto needs to do to start winning? “They need to blow up Boston and New York….Toronto, I love ya.”, replied Stewart.

Homerun Beast George Bell Has Arrived

Next up to bat, so to speak, is former outfielder and homerun monster, George Bell. My favourite player grow. Up until recently, Bell held the record for most homeruns in a season by a Blue Jay. As George is taking a seat, you can hear the boys admire how fit and healthy he looks – they both believe he could still play. But like any aging athlete, Bell says the knees are holding him back 😉

Much like Stewart, George shared the same sentiments on Toronto and he loves the city. He comes here about 2-3 times a year as well and loves coming to these kind of events. He enjoys being able to give back to the community. Sid goes on to ask Bell what he thinks of the current Blue Jays? According to George, he feels that while the team is off balance at times, he still enjoys the team. He also thinks that it’s still too early to judge them yet as the season hasn’t even hit the All-Star break. Sorry George, I don’t think they’re going to make the post-season. It’s important to note though that Bell is “surprised with the lack of people in the stands…fans are not coming…the city has a beautiful stadium…I’m not sure why people don’t come out for the games.”

Devon “Devo” White, the Best Centre Fielder?
With Kenny Lofton, another centre fielder, at the event, Sid and Tim play around with Devo and ask him who the best outfielder is. “Don’t tell Kenny…but i’m better.”, replied White. Check out one of his most famous plays while with the Blue Jays below.

Again, another ex-Blue Jay who discusses how much he loved playing for the Toronto Blue Jays and the city. “In terms of the market, what do the Jays have to do to get that buzz back in the city?”, asks Seixeiro. White can’t say outright because he’s employed by the White Sox right now and he’s not that familiar with the players. But he does suggest that they need to look at the Minor League Draft System in order to get better. Seixeiro then goes on to ask White about the famous non-triple play as shown above. “Do you ever look back and say, we got that triple play?” White takes the humble route and says that the boys should be asking Kelly Gruber for that answer – he was the man who dove for the tag. He does go on to joke with the guys and says that he did set up the Joe Carter homerun. “I made the out in order for him to hit the homerun. I set up Joe Carter to hit that homer, someone had to do it.”

The Man of the Hour, Joe Carter

Who doesn’t know Joe Carter? If you don’t, stop reading this blog 😉 Before he gets into any conversation with the boys, he does respond to White’s previous comments. “First, I want to thank Devon White for giving me the ability to go out there and hit that homerun.” (sarcasm). In regards to the tournment, Carter was the organizer and is really happy with the way things turned out. They had great weather and he was happy to see all the athletes and participants. He does tell a funny story about how Barkley and Erving turned into wimps earlier in the morning because the weather was a little chilly and the retired ball players wore shorts. “Who gives you butterflies?”, asked the guys. It seems that Dr. J was the obvious choice, “Everyone loves Dr. J.” He does mention that one of his favourite dunks involved the one over Michael Cooper.

Carter then goes on to give a big shout-out to Jerome Bettis and thanks him for attending the event. Apparently, The Bus has been travelling a lot and managed to still make it to Toronto last night. To Bettis, it didn’t matter, he promised to be there. The converstion then flows into why Carter started this event and what made him decide to do something like this. While it not only allows him to play golf and give back to the community, it also gives him a chance and reason to come to Toronto. “They were the best 7 years of my baseball life.”, answered Carter. Where is this love with the current players! This seems to be a recurring trend; love for the Blue Jays and the city of Toronto. Carter goes on to say that he hopes this charity fundraiser continues to get bigger (it’s only in it’s second year), and he wants people to keep coming out for it. One of his criterias for the athletes though is that they have to be fan friendly – he wants everyone to have fun. Before he leaves, he does let the boys know that he finished up the round with a 63. His team made a lot of putts and it helped having some TD guys on his team. “Bankers know how to putt.”, said Tim. “Bankers are money!”, Carter.

Kenny Lofton Stops By For a Chat

One more guest Tim and Sidizens, time is running out. But luckily the boys were able to fit in one more. Kenny Lofton stops by and adds his 2 cents worth to the “best outfielder” debate.“Remeber, Devon said it. You know that slogan, Me, Myself, and I?” Lofton goes on to say how much he loves this event and how he likes running into guys like George Bell and Bo Jackson. Kenny was at the bar the other night with both Jackson and Bell and “Boy, do they have stories.” Like any good broadcaster, Tim manages to squeeze in a question and asks Lofton what his thoughts on the Cleveland Indians was. Lofton says that he’s happy to see the team doing good and he feels that because they are young, they have an opportunity to keep up the momentum.

No Rapid Fire today kids, Tim and Sid used the whole time chatting with baseball greats and I’m fine with that. Near the end, we could hear Dean Blundell shouting shit and Tim promised to do an off-air discussion with him and air it tomorrow. Should be lots fo goodies to come out of tonight.

I’m not even going to review this episode. It was amazing, lots of chatter, and special guests. A muthaf**kin’ great show! 10/10.

I do want to give a quick comment on the retired Blue Jays that were interviewed. The same occurring theme and response from all of them was:
1. They all loved the City of Toronto
2. They all loved playing for the Toronto Blue Jays
It got me thinking – where’s the love for the city and the team from it’s players of today? Is the lack of response and buzz from fans a result of how some Blue Jays feel now toward the Blue Jays? If I knew a ball player was not 100& involved with the city or didn’t care to play for the Jays, why would I go see them play? I grew up watching and collecting baseball cards of Bell, White, and Carter – these were some baseball greats, they didn’t play for the money. It baffles me.

Don’t Drink F**kin’ Kool-Aid

“The Yankees pissed off Jorge Posada, I pissed off a Jays’ fan, and Arnold Schwarzenegger really pissed off Maria Shara….Sharapova, was gonna say Sharapova – Maria Shriver. I’m sure somewhere down the line Maria Sharapova was pissed off as well. Alright, let’s hope the rest of the show is better than that.”

Welcome Tim and Sidizens, another day, another Tim and Sid: Uncut. Tim Micallef is still on holidays, but Sid is here and backed by the Sound Byte duo, Noon and Bronsteter. Topics for today’s show include and may not include: Winnipeg, Patrice Bergeron, the Jays, Doc Rivers, NFL Lockout, Bryan Colangelo, Kendrick Perkins, Kevin Durant, Tomas Kaberle, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If you haven’t noticed a recurring theme over the last few weeks, the Tim and Sid: Uncut radio show always ensure that all the Tim and Sidizens are up to date with the latest news that are hot off the presses. First we had Bin Laden, yesterday we had Rebecca Black, and today – Arnold Schwarzenegger. It looks like our favourite action hero was a bad boy. As you’re probably already aware, Arnold and Maria split up just last week and it was only a matter of time before the public find out why. Apparently, and this has been confirmed, Arnold had a kid with a member of his staff 10 years ago and according to the report, Maria just found out about it. First off, and quoted by Sid, “Rumour is that Arnold’s been pounding various vagines for years.”, and secondly, Sid doesn’t buy the fact that Maria didn’t know that Arnold had a love child; “I think you were like Bud Selig during the steroid era and looked the other way.” I’m sure a lot of more of this story will break over the next week or so. I should also point out how awesome Bronsteter was during this section. Throughout Sid’s rants, Aaron was dropping Arnie Sound Bytes like no one’s business. You really have to listen to the podcast because words will not do it justice. But in the meantime, you should check out the 160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes below.

BREAKING NEWS! Brought to you by Aaron Bronsteter. The boys released the news that the Raptors and Bryan Colangelo have agreed upon a two year contract, obviously gearing up for the 2011 NBA Draft Lottery tonight. Sid thinks the Raptors have a good chance at top pick, but as we’ve seen in the past, having one of the worst records doesn’t guarantee a top 1 or 2 pick (and what do you know, they fell to the #5 pick in the draft – shit).

Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid Jays Fans
During this segment, I could sense that Sid had a beef that he wanted to get off his chest. Just after yesterday’s show, Sid made his way back to his desk. In the time that it takes for him to leave the booth and make it to his computer, a listener had already sent in a lengthy email regarding the show. Like every show, Sid or Tim will run down the topics that would be up for discussion during the 55 minutes on air. Some days the boys will discuss all the topics, and somedays (well, most days) there isn’t enough time. Apparently, one of the topics that was up for discussion and not addressed due to time constraints was Jose Bautista. Some listener sent in an email complaining that Bautista wasn’t talked about, “Let me get straight to the point and not waste much of your time as I”m not trying to rile you guys up or piss Sid off or anything. LOL. I’m just extremely disappointed with not having a portion regarding Jose Bautista’s performance on Monday’s show. And yet, a soccer piece closed the entire show.” …… ……. ……. Are you kidding me? The format of this show has been like this since day 1 almost. If you were that disappointed in not hearing about Bautista, I suggest you start reading the sports section in the paper or listening to other sport shows on the SIRIUS 158. If the boys run out of time, or have an important guest, they’re not going to cut him short so they can talk about Jose Bautista – they have respect for their guests. And 9 times out of 10, if Tim and Sid miss out on discussing a particular topic, they’ll make sure they talk about it the following day.

However, Sid is much kinder than I and agreed to spend some time on the Jays and Jose Bautisita. “This is the show of the people.”, said Seixeiro, “and after what he did on Sunday, Jose Bautisita is a fucking beast!”. In all honesty, Sid never imagined that Bautisita would be swinging the bat like this; he thought maybe last year was a special and this year Joey would follow up with 3o homers. But do you know what, “he might have 30 homers by the end of the month.” When Sid watched the first homerun on Sunday, it made him think that he’d actually pay to see this guy play. Sid, “I’m a cheap fuck. But I would pay for Jose Bautista to perform in front of me with a stick.” If you ask me personally, that’s a compliment, and Sid decided to voice this sentiment to the world of twitter. NOOOOO! All he did was a simple tweet that said, “If it weren’t for Jose Bautista, there would be no reason to watch this Jays’ season.” – simple, plain, and straight to the point. But the backlash from that one tweet was enormous, it struck a nerve. People started talking shit left, right, and centre and what pissed Sid off the most were the people who started giving him reasons to watch the Jays this season, as though they were putting Sid in his place. Tweeters were throwing out names like Brendan Morrow, Ricky Romero, John McDonald, and Kyle Drabek. C’mon man!!!!!!! Those are the names you’re suggesting are a draw? Sid threw down here, “Guys, this is fucking weak, this is bullshit! Back up from the World of Warcraft Online for 3 seconds and think about what you’re writing me. This is garbage. Don’t get pissy at me for not drinking the Kool-aid. Jose Bautista is that team right now. Some of you need to look up the fucking meaning of ‘draw’.” Both Noon and Bronsteter agree with Sid, and so do I. The names listed above are not going to get people like my finacee to the ballpark or any other person who doesn’t watch baseball. But a dude who’s hitting the ball like the Hulk? That will make people pay to see a Jays’ game.

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Update
1. Camera phones are an awesome invention. After Game 1 between the Bulls and Heat, Dennis Rodman was so excited, he decided to get up, stand up, and sing live at Stanley’s Pub in Chicago late into the night. He did a little rendition of George Clinton’s “We want the Funk!”

2. Mike Tyson is taking his talents to Argentina. The former heavyweight champ is set to appear on Argentina’s “Dancing with the Stars”. But did you guys know that he’s already gone this route before? He also starred in Italy’s version of “Dancing with the Stars” in 2010. I don’t think he floats like a butterfly.

3. During a West Ham player/fan gala, a fight broke out when a soccer player reportedly refused to sign an autograph because he was “too tired.”  The player in question, Demba Ba, said it was sparked due to racist remarks. It doesn’t matter who was responsible, they’re all a bunch of hooligans. 

Ian O’Connor and the New York Yankees
With all that has gone on in the Yankees’ clubhouse this past weekend, it was great timing by Bronsteter to have Ian O’Connor, a sports columnist for ESPNNewYork.com and author of ‘The Captain: The Journey of Derek Jeter‘, on the show as Sid’s next guest. Here’s a little backstory if you’re not familiar with the what happened. Over the weekend, Posada was moved to ninth in the batting order due to his poor play as of late. Rather than play and accept responsibility, Posada felt disrespected by the club and removed himself from the lineup altogether. To make matters worse, Jeter then back he’s friend’s decision the following day. So the first question that was on Sid’s mind was what the hell is has been going on in Yankee Nation over the last 72 hours? O’Connor said it reminded him of the old Bronx Zoo, a complete mess. Judging by the reaction of fans since Posada was relagated to the 9th spot, O’Connor figures it will be an apoctolyptic moment when Jeter gets bumped down the lineup in the future. The interview between Sid and Ian then shifted to the topic of Brian Cashman and his relationship with Jeter. Sid was surprised how openly public Cashman has been on the events that transpired over the weekend – he’s talking to media, FOX news; he’s not covering this up at all. Sid asked O’Connor if this surprised him at all? According to O’Connor, this is really not a surprise. It’s Cashman’s style and he tends to take challenges head on. He compares it to the contract negotiations that happend awhile back between Jeter and the Yankees. During that period, both parties had opposite agendas ($) and Cashman had no problem talking to the media about it. This obviously pissed Jeter off because because according to O’Connor, “it was the first time he’d ever seen Jeter vent his frustrations and show anger.” Now with this recent soap opera, bumping Posada, Jeter’s good friend, the relationship between Cashman and Jeter is definitely strained.

With everything that we’ve seen publicly, the contract dispute and now with the Posada situation, Sid asks O’Connor if it’s a stretch to say that this is the last contract Jeter signs with the New York Yankees? O’Connor doesn’t pull any punches, “Oh no, not a stretch at all. He’s been hitting a lot of grounders. He says he wants to play well into his 40’s, but if you can’t hit the ball past the infield, he can’t expect to play much longer.”

Finally, Sid asked some questions about O’Connor book; the reason behind it and what have been some of the reactions by the Yankee organization? According to O’Connor, it was all about humanizing him. The fans and the City of New York love Jeter, he’s an icon. O’Connor wanted to write a book discussing why Jeter is who he is and where he came from. He’s looking at Jeter as a whole, not just from the angle of him being an athlete. “He’s the most dignified Yankee since Lou Gehrig. Derek showed up to work everyday and was a winner.” With regards to how the organization likes the book, there doesn’t seem to be anyone who has a problem with it. Jeter did see some excerpts in a New York paper that he didn’t like, but in saying that, Jeter didn’t read the book either. Quotes can easily be taken out of context. 

Sid’s Ego Grows 10 Feet
This part of the show was hilarious. Like Sid said, “If this part of the show seems self-indulgent, it is. And I don’t give a fuck.” Basically, back on February 24th, at the NBA trade deadline, Kendrick Perkins was traded to the Thunder. It was the definitely the surprise of the day and the beginning of the end for the Boston Celtics’ chances of winning this year’s title. As we all know, Boston did eventually get booted from the playoffs by Miami, and people still believe that Danny Ainge had to make that particular move. However, Sid hated the idea from the beginning and felt he was on “bit of an island” regarding the trade. “Contenders don’t shed salaries for next season. If you’re fighthing for titles, you keep what you have. Worry about today. It’s about today!” And the fact the fact that Doc Rivers went on a local radio station to voice the same sentiments as Sid, only made Seixeiro’s head grow bigger. In Doc’s words,“I would have waited until after the year was over. Making that trade at the time we made that trade, made it very tough for us. And not only that, we added other pieces as well and we tried to fit them in; so it was just a lot of moving parts to a team that had the advantage that we had with continuity. And everyone else knew it. Chicago was a new team meshing, the Heat were a new team that were meshing, they could not fall back on what we had with our starting five. And once we made the Perkins trade, we took that away.”

Wait for it, wait  for it……Let me tell you something. It is fucking exhausting being as right as I am most of the fucking time. It’s exhausting.” – Sid Seixeiro, May 17th, 2011.

Sid, I clearly hear where you’re coming from. But man, I heard the same sentiment from a lot of people – me included. I heard plenty of people say they didn’t like the Perkins trade. You need to stop talking with Rick Campanelli, Peter Mansbridge, and Lloyd Robertson about sports. They probably don’t know much about the basketball world like you do.

Rapid Fire
A nice little game of “Either Or” from Bronsteter.
Hot Dogs or Hamburgers? Sid gives the thumbs up to Hot Dogs. I have to agree – a nice hot dog is always good at the ballpark.
Jose Bautista or Mother Teresa? It all depends whose going to help me get to heaven.
Favourite canned pasta? Chef Boyardee’s Ravioli or Zoodles? Both are equally disgusting but I’d have to choose Ravioli – the giant size.
Ceasar or Ranch Dressing? I’m a Ceasar guy.
Orange Pekoe or Earl Grey? I’m not a tea guy at all. Even coffee is hard to do at times – it’s all about the Cafe Mocha. It was discovered that Noon is a connoisseur of tea.

Great Tuesday show for the boys. Sid had 2 huge rants today – always a bonus. The Bautista and Celtics rank up there in the rant world. Bronsteter was gold with all the sound bytes (I’d definitely listen to this podcast) and came through with a solid Rapid Fire. The interview with Ian O’Connor was pretty good and it was interesting to hear his take on Yankee Nation. Good show 9/10.