Arvydas Sabonis, Maurizio Gherardini, & the City of Toronto Freaks the F**k Out!

“The Flyers future jumps on a knife’s edge.
Wininpeg names the franchise, or so they pledge.
And Raptors Nation needs to come down off the ledge.

It’s Friday Tim and Sidizens and another successful week of Tim and Sid: Uncut has come to an end. I don’t now about you, but I spent my Friday evening hanging out on the balcony with the missus, a couple of friends, and cold beer –  a good way to end the work week. Hopefully, whatever you did, it was just as good. Great line-up on the show today; Pizzo is working the update, Bronsteter is working behind the class, and Dave Coulson is filling in for the absent John Noon. Seixeiro is still out of the office working on an assignment. Topics for your edu-tainment today include: Tristan Thompson, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, A Puck Daddy, a Beer Caddy, absolutely no Alan Thicke, Maurizio, and Jonas Valanciunas.

TheToronto Raptors Select?
With the 5th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, the Toronto Raptors selected, Jonas Valanciunas. After months of speculation and guessing who Colangelo was going to select in this year’s draft, the answer was provided in less than ten seconds when the organization took the 7-footer from Lithuania. While the organization were probably happy with their choice, the outcry from Raptor Nation was something unheard of. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fan base so upset with a pick than Raptor fans last night when David Stern walked up to the podium and said Jonas Valanciunas.”, said Tim. Tim asks Bronsteter is the criticsim by fans was warranted in which Aaron responds that in this case Jonas was a top 5 in all the mock drafts. While he might have not been the pick the fans wanted (most were expecting Walker and Knight), the analysts all expected Jonas to go somewhere in the top of the draft.

Micallef can see the frustration but made a good point when he said, “It is baffling to me that perhaps the most multicultural city in the world would stereo-type a 19-year old because he is what some folks would call another Euro.” And as most people know who follow the Raptors, players like Calderon, Bargnani, and Turkoglu are not the most popular to fans. But in saying that, a European (Dirk) just won the NBA Championship. “What I think people fear here is the unknown. You’re not sure what this kid is going to bring. How can you hate a player you haven’t seen before.” It’s also important to note that Tim believes that Bryan Colangelo had major balls for making such a selection. He’s already on a short leash so you’d think that instant gratification should be an easy decision (picking Knight, etc.), but it’s obvious that he thinks Jonas is better than Knight and Walker. Bronsteter throws out a hilarious statistic that the success rate of centres from Lithuania is 100% – referencing both Arvydas Sabonis and Zydrunas Ilgauskas. And speaking of Sabonis, he’s gone on to endorse the kid by saying “His wrist is magic and the basket draws his shot in.”

Micallef ends off the discussion by explaining the fact that a lot of teams in the past who’ve won championships have always had a huge front court. Maybe this pick isn’t so bad? Remember the Lakers? Who put them over the top? It was Odom, Bynum, and Gasol. Don’t forget the Heat…..Wade didn’t win a championship until Shaq came to town. I’m not going to lie, but the more that Tim talks and the more I read on this Jonas kid, the more optimistic I am about the future. Wait until next year, rumours are that it could be one of the deepest drafts in history. Tim thinks it may have been a good idea for Toronto to get their big man now and next year the team can go out and choose a point guard. One name that comes to Tim’s mind is Myck Kabongo.

Maurizio Gherardini Joins Tim Micallef
* You can check out the interview in the blog entry below. A great conversation between Tim and Mo Money. 

Interesting Facts From Rob Pizzo’s Update
Tim and Pizzo have a little warm-up chat prior to updates and discuss the recent news that the Winnipeg __________’s finally picked a name and ownership will bring back the Jets. On one side, Tim believes that they should be called the Jets and Pizzo thinks the name should be trashed. His belief is that the team is still in Phoenix and True North should just start fresh. Either way, both guys agree to disagree.
1. Both Kanye West and Dwayne Wade showed up recently as the Louis Vuitton Menswear fashion show in Paris. The funny thing was that Kanye showed up with a Dallas Mavericks hat. When both guys posed for a photo, West smartly removed his hat. Damn, the Heat lost again.

2. Shawn Thornton was recently on a radio show and said that the $100,000 bottle of champagne the team shared during their Stanley Cup Championship party will be signed by all the players and given to charity.
3.  Ron Artest, the NBA player who once was suspended for 73 games (plus playoffs) for attacking a fan in the stands in Detroit in 2004, an incident that set off a massive brawl, has petitioned the Los Angeles Superior Court to change his name to Metta World Peace.

Greg Wyshynski, the NHL Draft, & the Winnipeg Jets

After all the basketball chat over the last couple of days regarding the NBA draft, we seemed to forget about tonight’s 2011 NHL draft in Minnesota. To get all the Tim and Sidizens caught up with what was happening, Tim brought in Puck Daddy’s own, Greg Wyshynski. Greg sounds pretty pumped for tonight’s draft – Minnesota is a great hockey city and the there’s a lot of people excited for the events to come. The conversation between Tim and Greg head into the direction of who will be named the No. 1 pick this evening; “Will Ryan Nugent-Hopkins don an Edmonton Oilers jersey?”, asked Tim. Wyshynski believes that Ryan will be the No. 1 pick this evening unless the Oilers trade the pick. Apparently, Florida is making a lot of noise and will be looking to trade up in the draft. Greg does question whether or not the Oilers really need a player like Nugent-Hopkins, but when a draft class like this one happens, you sometimes need to just take the best player. Greg feels the Oilers’ Blueline is the area they should be focusing on rather than their frontline. Tim goes on to compare Nugent-Hopkins to Adam Oates and thinks maybe a player like Ryan could help the Oilers, “A legit centre.”

Tim switches up the discussion by asking Greg whether or not there are any rumours he’s heard about that might take place shortly. According to Wyshynski, twitter has already let people know what they need to know. There doesn’t seem to be any other trade noise other than what we see on the feeds. But that being said, it could be complete chaos and unpredictability tonight because there’s no real huge superstars in this year’s draft. In regards to the recent moves made by the Flyers, Greg can’t believe that Brian Burke and the Toronto Maple Leafs didn’t make any moves for Mike Richards, “Richards is a Burkie guy.”, said Wyshynski. But Greg follows up and makes a great point that even if Burke made a play, there was no way that Philly was going to trade him within the conference. Unlike Pizzo’s reaction about the trade, Wyshynski actually likes what the Flyers are doing right now. He believes the team is not going to take a huge step back and believes without Richards and Carter, the team can still have success with Briere and LeDroux. And now that the team has Bryzgalov between the pipes, they’ve done pretty good for themselves.

To round up the interview, Tim asks Greg to settle the dispute between himself and Pizzo regarding the new Winnipeg Jets. However, Tim didn’t get the answer he wanted because in this case, Greg believes it was wrong of ownership to keep the name. “They shouldn’t have called themselves the Winnipeg Jets. It’s a new franchise; you need to start fresh.” Wyshynski went on back up his belief by saying that all the records are still in Phoenix, on the website, and in the rafters. “At the end of the day, it’s a new team. You had a chance to start fresh.” He’s also starting to believe that people wanted the Jets back more than they wanted the NHL back in Winnipeg and while ownership were partial to Manitoba, it seems that they buckled under pressure and went with the fans on this one.

Rapid Fire
“Do you know what grinds my gears? Apple added Facetime to the iPad 2 because they buckled to the pressure of what the consumer wanted.”, said Bronsteter (taking a jab at the fact True North went with the voice of the people).
– Dirk Nowitzki will throw out the first pitch this weekend at the Texas Rangers game. If you could see anyone in the world throw out the first pitch at a baseball game, who would it be? Jesus, any ball game that I’ve been to, I really didn’t pay attention. I think someone from the WWE would be funny because I’m not sure what their throw would be like between all those ‘roid muscles.
– Lockouts are possibly coming up soon. If you had to pick one, no NBA or NFL season? I hate to say it, but I would say the NFL. I might be able to make it through one season.
– Mike Richards has said that he learned about him being traded by text. What do you think is the worst way to find out that you have been traded? I’m going to go with this. Email or Text – either one is shitty, without a doubt.

Good way to end off the week guys. My theory that if 3 of the guys are still in the studio, it will be a success. Great conversation between Tim and Aaron regarding the Raptors recent selection in the draft and Micallef made so great points. He definitely opened my eyes a bit more and it’s made me accept the choice made by Colangelo. I think I’m more excited right now if anything. A solid update by Pizzo; and the interview with Greg Wyshynski was pretty solid. I would have liked to have heard a little bit more about the draft prospects, but it’s nothing that I can’t find on my own anyways. The Winnipeg Jets discussion was pretty solid as well – I’m still on the fence with this one and haven’t made up my mind on what I would prefer. At this point, I’m just happy Canada has another team. Solid show boys 9.5/10. 


Manitoba Essensas & Tout Telephones

“Cheveldayoff needs to find a new bench boss. The City of Vancouver is still at a loss, and will this new Tout segment, be foss? I’m frightened too. Shout-out John Trottier, now…”

Good Motherf’n Friday Tim and Sidizens. First off, I’m sorry for the strange times of postings last week but I was working on an event during the days and nights and finding time to update the site was pretty hard – but I can handle 18 hr. work days, especially when it involves all of you guys.

Well, as mentioned above, it’s Friday and it’s also Tim’s last show alone before Sid comes back next week. It was great to have Seixeiro call-in on Thursday for a rant, but according to Tim, “He’s back on the couch. Black socks and sandels no doubt.” But have no fear, Bronsteter and Noon were there and ready to help put off a great show. Items for our edu-tainment this afternoon included: Rory McIlroy, Craig McTavish, Timsidizen (I made the topics), Dwayne Casey, The Teardown and Cleanup, Kevin Cheveldayoff, and Youuuuuuuu! (Soldier Boy style)

Still in the introduction segment, Tim begins to discuss how he’s “starting to get depressed.” And who could blame the guy – this week brought the end of the NBA and NHL playoffs. There’s no more hockey, basketball is done for the season (with a possible lockout), and the only big name sport on the go is baseball right now. I know the CFL is just starting, but come on, what we witnessed in both playoffs will be hard to live up to; maybe impossible. To tie it all up in a bow though, Bronsteter plays a sports montage of highlights from the NBA and NHL playoffs with R.E.M’s It’s the End of the World As We Know It playing in the background. This isn’t the montage, but the video for the song. 

15 Seconds of Fame and Telephone Tout
Well, a new possible segment on Tim and Sid: Uncut, Tout Telephones. In honour of Bronsteter’s touting, the boys came up with an idea to allow listeners to call in and sound off in 15 seconds or less on any topic they choose. Tim said he was a little hesitant at first, not knowing to expect, and he’s scared that this segment could be just average. Noon had a good response though to Tim’s “average” comment, “It’s going to be good or bad, because one thing I do know is that our fans are not average.” Since Tim announced the new segment on twitter, I was pretty excited to make my first call into the show and lucky for me, I was batting lead-off.

“Just like my Grandma Marie, LeBron James went to Miami to die.”

I got horns, that’s all that mattered….Apparently, I also earned a door #2 with my first on-air appearance. So should they ever do this again in the future, which I kind of doubt, I’ll call in for sure. Other Tout Telephone callers included:
JRoc23 in Toronto: “I’m just happy that somebody from Vancouver scored on the road.”
Guttz: “LeBron and Luongo choke more than Sasha Grey.”
It appears that the segment is a hit with the listeners because the phones were lit up like a Christmas Tree. But ultimately, I’m not sure how long this will last – it’s fun, but people really need to come with great stuff for it to work properly.

Coaching Talk: NHL and NBA
Tim and the boys take a break from the Touts and start discussing a little bit about the vacant Raptors and Winnipeg head coaching positions that are currently up for grabs. According to Tim, Marc Stein has released some news that Dwayne Casey could be hired as soon as next week for the head coaching job in Toronto. Tim says that he’s happy of the work that Casey did on LeBron in the NBA playoffs, but there’s hesitation as the guy (Casey) was up for the job in 2003 and failed. And it’s hard validating a hiring when you turned that person down already in the past. While it’s not official, rumours show that Casey and Lawrence Frank are the front runners and with the draft coming up shortly, a coach should be named soon.

In regards to the NHL and the Winnipeg _________ (match game coming), it appears that Kirk Muller has been interviewed for the head coaching position. Other candidates include: Craig Ramsay, Craig MacTavish, Claude Noel, and Mike Haviland.

Eventually, Bronsteter takes some more Tout Telephone calls and people start rifiling them off. The funnier one of the lot included the call from Daniel in Port Credit. The boy just rambled and rambled some more – not the rules of the segment Danny. Anyways, in mid-sentence, Bronsteter cut him off. Hey, his 15 seconds were up. At the end of the tout calls, it seemed most people enjoyed it, Bronsteter gave it a 9/10 and hey, I look forward to the next one.

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Updates
Before Pizzo started throwing out some updates, the guys start talking about funny t-shirts, especially ones seen with the quote “Sedin Sisters: 2 Girls, No Cup”. A pretty funny shirt – you can actually buy them here.

1. Rory McIlroy just finished the best U.S. Open round in history. Rather than stay on the course and work on his game, the dude is going to the theatres to watch Hangover 2. Amazing.
2. Lionel Messi recently got busted for attending a “sex and alcohol” party in Argentina. When word got out, his excuse was that he danced and played playstation all night long.
3. Raheem Brock just got arrested Friday morning for Dining and Dashing. The Seahawk’s Defensive End skipped out on a $27 tab. Not only was he caught, but he also resisted arrest. What a dick.

Winnipeg ___________ and Kevin Cheveldayoff
Finally, after being teased all week, the Russian Tim Cheveldae interview on Tim and Sid: Uncut took place. With most of the talk surrounding the return to Winnipeg, it was great of Bronsteter to snag the guy for a quick chat with Tim. “This is like a baptism by fire for you, isn’t it?”, asked Micallef. From the sounds of it, Cheveldayoff is pretty excited for the upcoming season. According to the new GM, there’s lot of work to be done, in a short period of time.The relocation of the franchise is an interesting aspect to becoming a new GM, but everyone knows the fans are there and it’s up to him and the rest of the team to put an A+ product on the ice. Micallef went on to ask more about his feelings and the fact that the team will have new people in the background (i.e. equipment workers, staff, etc.). Cheveldayoff went on to say that while it’s a new city, a new GM, and new staff, it’s going to be all positive for the team. Walking in to a hockey crazed market, with people supporting the team, and having an ownership that is firmly committed to winning can only spell positives for the players. It’s a great culture for them to be in – one that is completely different than what they’ve expereinced in Atlanta.

Discussion then flows into the possible candidates for the head coaching position. The only name Cheveldayoff mentions is Craig Ramsay, but he does go on to say that they are interviewing several people and each one of them has many positives – it’ll be a hard decision. Cheveldayoff goes on to discuss how great the ownership and the City of Winnipeg is. He can’t wait to work in the city, be a caretaker of the sport, and help Winnipeg have a successful franchise. The dude sounds real positive and win or lose next season, you got to respect that. To finish off the interview, Tim does steer the conversation to the possilbe naming of the team. Tim asks if we could maybe have a hint, but Kevin flat out says he can’t do that. All that he would let us know is that there’s lots of discussion on possible names/logos and that hopefully it comes out soon. Tim suggests to Kevin to tell the powers that be that a good option might be the Manitoba/Winnipeg Essenas.

Once the interview is over, the guys get into some more discussion on the possible name of the new franchise. Tim is sold that it begins with Manitoba and some suggestions for Winnipeg _______ include: Moose, Planes, Revenge, Falcons, and Legs. Bronsteter makes a good point here though that “No matter what name is chosen, no one will be satisfied.”

What We Learned This Week!
– Bruins’ fans in the 70’s were allowed to jump on airplane wings.
– Cliff Ronning kicks ass in NHL ‘94.
– Marc Crawford is a big basketball fan.
– Hainser claims he ran the Grouse Grind.
– We learned that Tim’s Rant is once again a jinx.
– Sid’s Statute is not full proof.
– Chris Broussard and LeBron James might not be as close as originally thought.
– Vancouver riots were close to Battle L.A.
– The hardest thing we learned this week is that tomorrow all of our problems will still exist.

Rapid Fire
Bronsteter didn’t have a lot of time for Rapid Fire but our boy was still able to get out a couple of great questions.
– What is your favourite canned beverage? I’m picking 3 and it depends on when I’m having it. Beer, Tonic Water, and Gingerale.
– What’s the longest amount of time you’d watch one event for? Tim says that it depends on how many beers he’ll have. I would have to agree with Tim. I think if the games exciting, I could stay all evening.

A completely random Friday afternoon show by Tim, Noon, and Bronsteter. Besides the interview with Kevin Cheveldayoff, everything seemed up in the air. But hey, it’s Friday, and that’s the best time to do it. First off, I liked the Tout Telephones. I wouldn’t rank it as high as 9/10, but I would give it a solid 8. I will say that Bronsteter puts trust in his listeners. On the phone before he put me on air, I asked if he wanted to hear what I had to say beforehand. He said that he trusted me; good thing I didn’t scream out some crazy shit. Pizzo had a great update session and the interview with Cheveldayoff was solid. I’m glad that Tim tried to get a name for the franchise – A for effort. For some reason, Friday’s episode seemd to fly by; it could have been because it was fucking hilarious! Great show, way to end off the week. 9.5/10.