Vancouverites Sweep Up!

On Tim and Sid: Uncut this afternoon, Tim spoke with ex-Vancouver Canuck, Cliff Ronning. During the interview, Ronning mentioned that he spoke with several of his friends in the city and they pointed out the fact that many citizens of Vancouver were downtown this morning and this afternoon helping clean up the mess that was left from the riots the night before.

While we sometimes only focus on the negative side of a story, it’s important to remember to give shout-outs to people involved with the positive side. So, to all the fellow Tim and Sidizens in Vancouver and B.C. “doin’ work” and helping clean up the streets, Full Horns to you!

* The full Tim and Sid: Uncut review and detailed interview with Cliff Ronning will be posted tomorrow afternoon. 


Gilbert Brule & Studio Sharts

“The Canucks show their teeth, Jay Triano bites the dust, plus, are the MAVS now toothless against Miami? I couldn’t think of many good tooth references; like Burrows bites the guy, I got to have fuckin’ teeth somewhere in the opening. I think Alex Burrows is quite frankly, being selfish in doing something like that. Like, I got to write openings that have some semblance. Ah well.”

Big day today folks, lots of news to discuss – Canucks take game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals and game 2 of the NBA Championship take place this evening. As usual, Bronsteter and Noon are working behind the glass and topics for today include: Overnight Ratings, Brett Lawrie, GSP, Shaq, The Streets Have No Name, Ryan Kesler, Biting, Steve Spurrier, and the best story we’ve heard in awhile.

The Best Story Ever = Weinergate
Before the guys could discuss any hockey, it was important for them to discuss the news in U.S. Politics that has been transpiring over the last week. Apparently, a rising New York Congressman, Anthony Weiner, tweeted a female that wasn’t his wife a photo of his crotch. Not his penis, just a pair of underwear with a package. A Republican blogger got a hold of this and obviously sent it out for all to see. Questions are obviously being asked about who was he was sending it to and if it’s really his bird? Apparently the young woman involved is Nicole Gennette (See photo below).

She’s a humanitarian in the making! HA! Tony’s been working the media and doing everything in his power to deny the accusations. The best video and clip the guys played today involved the interview with Wolf Blitzer. The guys didn’t talk about the stripper he also DM’d in the past as well.

The most stupid part of the interview? He’s not denying that it’s a photo of him. Sid has a good theory that ol’ Tony here was trying to Direct Message Nicole and he ended up sending it to the whole world instead. You’ve been busted Weiner!

A brief conversation arose with regards to our man Cabbie, who used to work on the Score. It was officially announced yesterday that he was now working for the 3-letter network and his debut was on ___Off the Record aired last night. The boys wanted to give a shout out to their buddy and wish him all the best. According to Tim, he was a big factor in getting the word out on the Tim and Sid: Uncut in the first place – “him and his 30,000 followers on Twitter.” No one should have any ill will toward him, and if you do, Sid figures you should fuck off.

Ouch, Alex, Alex Bit Me!
The guys finally got into some NHL Stanley Cup finals talk. A crazy game to say the least – Raffi Torres scored the game winner (1-0) with 19 seconds left in the game. Talk about a heart breaker. However, Tim felt the referees were the ones who actually took over the game. There was powerplay, after powerplay, after powerplay – what the hell? “It’s like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re fucking gonna get.”, said Sid, in response to the up and down calls. Tim pretty much calls last night’s game a mistake and just hopes it doesn’t go the same way in game 2. A big shout-out to Torres as well for scoring the winner. Both Tim and Sid were surprised that he was even on the ice at the time, but come to think about it, he’s the only player with actual Stanley Cup final experience on the team – Good on him I say.

The boys did discuss a like Colin Campbell, Mike Murphy, and the biting incident from game 1. During a scrum/mosh, Alex Burrows, while getting face-washed, bit the finger of Patrice Bergeron – Jesus, another Mike Tyson incident. Anyways, with Campbell out as disciplinarian, Murphy is taking over the job temporarily until it is filled and his ruling from the biting incident was as follows: “There was no conclusive evidence that he intended to bite the finger of Patrice Bergeron.” Really Mike? There were 9 cameras in the area – everyone knew and saw what had happened. In the end, Burrows wasn’t suspended and will suit up for game 2. This only blows Tim’s head because it again proves his point that the replacement for Colin Campbell doesn’t have to a “Hockey” guy – someone from the boy’s club. Tim uses himself as an example claiming that he’s watched more hockey than Colin Campbell and 99% of the people on this earth and a non-hockey guy could do the job just as good. Yes, Tim, we know you watch a lot of hockey, but guess what – there’s a lot of people in that 1 % with you. I can name a dozen people on the top of my head right now that might have watched more hockey than you maybe. It’s quite the bold statement.

Bono and Brule’s Hot Girlfriend
Still with hockey, the guys began discussion on the news that came out today about U2’s Bono and the Edmonton Oilers’ Gilbert Brule. The other night, prior to a show in Edmonton, Bono and his manager were out for a walk when it started to rain. The ever-cool Bono stuck up his thumb and hoped for a ride. At that time, Brule and his girlfriend who were out taking the dog for a walk, actually picked up Bono and dropped him off at his destination. To say thanks, Bono offered Brule backstage passes and the rest was history. Brule was actually there to watch game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals, but instead, sold the tickets and made his way to Edmonton with his mother and girlfriend (8 out of 10).

The guys also played a video from the following day in which Bono tells the story of what happened the night before (see below). I died laughing at this part because all the guys started ripping on the people in the crowd and the dude actually taking the video. It’s pretty funny (I suggest going to 2:10)

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Update
Before Pizzo can get into any updates, the guys continue to rip on the dude taking the video during Bono’s show. I can’t blame them, it’s one of the better soundbytes in awhile. It will be added to the Nooner and Bronsteter Soundbytes section shortly.
1. There’s a website that breaks down the highest paid athletes for each country. Several mentions include Jason Bay (Canada), Lewis Hamilton (England), A-Rod (U.S), and Dirk Nowitzki (Germany). I’m not 100% sure that this is the actual website, but it provides the same information.
2. Steven Seagal now has his own MMA Action Figure. What the hell? I’m in the same boat as Tim, I collected the Wrestling Superstars in grade 3.
3. Who’s the biggest Washington Redskins fan ever? A man in Washington recently had a crown put on his tooth that had the Redskins logo on it.

Goodnight My Darlings! – Jay Triano
Well, it was finally made official, Jay Triano has been released of his duties as coach of the Toronto Raptors. The guys definitely have the utmost repsect for Jay and believe he’s one classy guy – of course he is, he’s Canadian. This is not a huge shock to everyone, especially Tim and Sid because during their interview with Colangelo last week, he never out-right said he’d hire Triano back as the coach; he kind of danced around the question posed by Sid by just saying that they were going to have some meetings. According to Sid, “He is a good guy, but on the otherside, defensively, he was not a good coach.” But can you blame him, look at what he had to work with. All this hate for him is definitely not warranted in my opinion (people from Twitter land). The team for him was like an ugly chick – no amount of beer is ever going to make her beautiful. There’s some discussion on who may replace Triano and Sid mentions that he likes Lawrence Frank – he’s defensive minded and could help improve the team. Either way, from all the Tim and Sidizens, adios Jay.

Rapid Fire
Huge fight announcement by Bronsteter before the beginning of Rapid Fire. It’s been released that GSP will finally face Nick Diaz sometime next year. I’m looking forward to this fight. Sid belives that Nick is going to get his ass kicked.

During this segment, you could hear someone in the booth (SIDNEY) let one rip. He claims it was the chair, but when you think about it, all that chocolate milk can cause gas and it has to be released from some orifice.

– Using technology such as BBM, Texting, Twitter, etc. to break up with somebody. CUT or UNCUT? I say CUT to this, that’s fucking straight foss.
– Having a secret handshake. CUT or UNCUT? All the guys say CUT and I agree with them. Unless it opens a secret passage or something, there’s no need for it.
– Ordering a product from the T.V. CUT or UNCUT? I think this is UNCUT. What Sid fails to recognize is that some items on the tube are not available at your local Canadian Tire. But in saying that, I’ve never ordered anything from the tube in my life. But I wouldn’t rule it out.
– Sending out wedding invitations via Facebook or Email. CUT or UNCUT? From personal experience this is CUT! I’m doing up wedding invites now, well not really me – M.K is, and there’s no way she’d send them out through social media/email. However, with that being said – the postal strike is not going to help us get them out anytime soon.

* During this show, we learned that Seixeiro masturbates to Best Buy Flyers

WOOOO! Great show, more on the edu-tainment side of things today, but fun none the less. The Weiner and Brule story were great – especially regarding the guy filming the concert. Its also came to my attention that Sid needs to chill out on calling out the listeners or at least give them more credit than he does. I did up a timeline of the show yesterday and while going through the shows, noticed that he was much nicer in the beginning of the show. Not that he’s going to give a fuck anyways – I’m still a fan of his regardless. I’m glad that the guys touched on Jay Triano for a bit – for the time that he’s given them in the past, it was appropriate to give him a proper shout-out. Great job by Bronsteter with the Rapid Fire and where’s Noon? We don’t hear him engaging as much – but when he does, he delivers a homerun. Great show – fuck it, 9.8/10

Manicured Vagines & EPO

TIm: “The Sharks have their back against the wall, the Bulls have their back against the wall.
Sid: And Tim’s back, yeah? Yeahhhhhh, I’m so happy….
Tim: (mutters) Where’s Brookside?
Sid: Yeahhhhhhhh. Remember the commercial we did?
Tim: Yeah, Does anyone else?
Sid: What’s that?
Tim: Does anyone else remember it?
Sid: I don’t give a shit.
Tim: Okay, fair enough.
Sid: Oh, we got to start the…..”

Tim’s back in the booth Tim and Sidizens. His 2 week vacation is over and Sid has his only friend back. Noon is behind the glass, alongside a cleanly shaven, Aaron Bronsteter. The Tim and Sid: Uncut team are back with their starting 5. Topics for today’s show include: Stuff that Tim missed, Dirk Nowitzki, Thoughts from Tim, Jose Bautista, Tim’s Vacation, The Atlanta Thrashers, Tim’s Stories, Tim Thomas, Tim’s Opinions, and a potpourri of ideas. I will throw out a disclaimer that the guys talked about half of these topics, so don’t expect to read this review and listen to the show thinking you’re going to hear chatter about Bautista, for example. It’s the uncut show – they do what they like. Before any discussion on sports would occur, Tim congratulated Sid on holding down the fort and “steering the Captain’s Wheel” while he was away for the last 2 weeks. Sid pretty much loved running the place by himself because there was no one to call him out on his own shit (if they did, they received a fuck off!). But in saying that, Tim said he also wanted to “punch the computer sometimes.” especially when Sid was going on one of his maniacal rants. Either way, the dynamic duo are back together, time to rekindle the bromance.

Uncle Timmy’s Personal Rapid Fire of Rants
Being away from work for two weeks can cause an individual to bottle up his/her emotions or thoughts on sports. You can imagine that Tim had so many things running through his head and he wanted to talk about everything under the sun today – you could sense it in his voice; the excitement was clearly overwhelming. In order to appease him, the guys basically gave Tim the mic and let him rant and roar about the topics he missed out on while away.

1. How About My Canucks? Tim wanted to give a little shout-out to the success “His” Canucks are having in the NHL playoffs. Unbeknownst to everyone else in the studio, Tim supposedly picked the Canucks in the beginning of the season to win the cup. Sid found this a little hard to believe but seemed convinced when Tim reminded him of his rant that got them through game 7 against the Blackhawks several weeks ago. “I reversed the curse of the rant.”

2. LBJ and the Miami Heat! Tim’s clearly making up for lost time as he begins to discuss the Heat/Celtics series. He questions whether or not games 4 and 5 of the series will be a defining moment for James? Similar to when Michael Jordan finally defeated the Detroit Pistons. While they’ll have to battle with Chicago, Tim believes the Heat are on their way to a title. And if this happens, the defining moment according to Tim will be those games against Boston.

3. Pat Riley vs. Gar Forman. “How the blood clot did Pat Riley not win the Executive of the Year, hands down?” If you remember, Riley was called co-executive of the year alongside Chicago Bull’s Gar Forman. Tim’s belief is that Riley is the one who went out and successfully signed Wade, Bosh, and James. He got all 3. The man was doing work in the offseason. Chicago on the other hand, tried to at least get one of those names mentioned and failed on all accounts. Sid also agreed and didn’t understand “how does he (Riley) not individually take this award, rub his balls on it, and make everyone smell it?”

4. The Lakers and Vanessa? “Really? The Lakers rift was Vanessa? If Tim and Sidizens don’t remember, one of the rumoured reasons behind the Lakers collapse was the breakup between Pau Gasol and his girlfriend. Sid had a quick remark here, “Really, I thought the woman on the floor, Pau Gasol, was the problem. I’m not saying he’s a woman, I’m just saying he had vaginal tendencies in that series against Dallas.” According to reports, Vanessa Bryant was the one who supposedly egged Gasol’s girlfriend to leave the 7 footer. Girls can be shady, but come on, you’re professional athletes. Get over it! Tim also had issues with the fact that Odom’s reality show was filming during the playoffs. “Really?”

5. Tim’s Twitter Expectations. This rant seemed kind of foss to me. Over vacation, Tim tweeted several times, especially during the NBA or NHL playoffs. During one of Tim’s tweets, Noon tweeted the following:

Anyways, Tim seemed to take this to heart for some reason and thought Noon was attacking him. I could be wrong, but it’s called joking, teasing, taking jabs, etc. We hear these guys everyday throwing shit at one another. Noon summed it up best –  his friends would just know him as “being a smart ass!” There’s nothing in that tweet talking about tweeting after work or tweeting at home. Another example of why we need the sarcasm button.

6. Lance Armstrong and EPO. Great discussion here among the boys regarding more accusations that Lance took EPO. Last night on 60 Minutes, Tyler Hamilton spilled his guts and discussed how he both witnessed and saw Armstrong take drugs. Discussion was on how this would affect Armstrong if it ever came to light to be true. Tim is having trouble with this because if he did cheat, there could be ramifications….the guy raised $325 million for cancer. Sid believes he’ll still be a hero in the charity community, but a fraud in the sporting community. I managed to catch the interview last night online and it was pretty interesting.

Interesting Facts from the PIMP, Mr. Pizzo
Little chatter amongst the guys: Orville looks like he’s 8 since he shaved his facial hair, “Your beard is weird, your stash is trash.” – Pizzo. I can’t believe none of the guys tweeted a photo of our little producer. It was also noted that Noon was North of Coxvale over the May 2-4 weekend. He had a little day of clay shooting – taking shots all day.
1. A dude at a recent Royals/Cards game showed up to the ball park wearing 2 separate jerseys that had been split and sewn together. The 2 players used were Billy Hunter (KC) and Albert Pujols (STL) = BUTJOLS.

2. Cam Newton recently channeled his inner Justin Bieber. I can tell I’m going to find this guy entertaining and a pain the ass all at the same time.

3. Michael Horst did something amazing. The American not only climbed Mount Everst, but he then proceeded to climb the neighboring Mount Lhotse. Two 8,000 meter peaks in 21 hrs; pretty impressive.
During Pizzo’s segment, there was also some discussion on the failure of the Rapture & the Marlins countdown ticker for the event, afternoon NHL games, and Jason Jackson’s visit to Tim and Sid: Uncut. “How the blood clot did you have that guy on the show?”. Is this a new saying of Uncle Timmy’s? He’s used that blood clot line twice so far.

Prior to anymore sport talk, Sid discussed how he spent the weekend mowing his lawn and comparing it to manicured vagines. Sid gives credit to those that do it (work in the business), but he can’t understand or see how women love doing it. “It’s a terrible job. You can’t make money do it.” I know only one thing Sid, while you may not see how anyone can enjoy doing such a job, we have to be completely grateful. That is unless your strictly a “bush” man.

Put That Belt Away Durant!
The guys transitioned smoothly into the topic of what happened the night before in game 4 between the Mavericks and Thunder. With 5 mintues left in the game, the Dallas Mavericks overcame a 15-point deficit to come from behind and beat the Thunder in overtime. A huge statement made by the MAVS to show they’re for real. But the area the guys focused on, Sid in particular, was Scott Brooks and his inability to call timeouts. According to Sid, OKC are a young team and he can’t believe that Brooks didn’t call a timeout somewhere during the MAVS run to calm his guys down and slow down the pace of the Mavericks. It’s as though Brooks was attempting to be like Phil Jackson, letting the team play through it. Tim gives full credit to the MAVS though and he’s happy to see them finally stepping up, especially Dirk. But on the otherside, Durant just looked scared and didn’t take anything to the basket late in the game. He said all the right things to the post-game media, but it’s too late, they lost. Sid summed it up best, “Either way, it was a huge fuck up by Scott Brooks.”

I just have one thing to say about Durant – It’s the NBA and you’re playing against seasoned veterans. Don’t go making “BELT” gestures until the final buzzer sounds. You made yourself look like a fool. Not that Dallas needed it, but if I was Dirk, watching you pretend to put on a championship belt would make me want dunk you and the ball at the same time. And stop wearing that damn book bag Mommy Kisser!

Tim also mentioned Sid’s rant about Kendrick Perkins. Gives him credit, and agrees that Perkins is a good role player but c’mon man…..$9 million a year? Really? With those shitty stats?

Rapid Fire
It was nice to have Bronsteter back behind the glass with a little Either or?
– Magic or Kareem? Who had a better career? Tim goes with Magic and Sid picks Kareem for reasons unknown. The guy is an ass – I’m taking Magic with this question.
– Smarties or M&M’s? Sid’s taking his chocolate over peanuts, but I suggest trying the new M&M pretzals. Good shit guys.
– Ice Tea or Ice Coffee? Sid said foss for both – to that I say, you’re foss Sid. Ice Tea is a good drink to consume from time to time.
– Can of Pop or Bottle of Pop? Bottle of Pop is always the way to go! Colder, refreshing, and they tend to come in smaller amounts/liters.
– The Wall or Darkside of the Moon? Hands down, the Wall did it for me. But a personal favourite tune had to be “Wish You Were Here” from Floyd’s 9th album.

Great show by the Score’s starting 5!  Nice to have Uncle Timmy back in the booth next to his partner in crime. His rants from past shows was pretty funny – like a fat kid in a candy store, so many topics to discuss and get to. Tim does need to lighten up on Noon, I’m pretty sure he was kidding and if he was looking to get a rise out of Tim, I’d say he was successful. Sid’s take on Scott Brooks was interesting. Big time excited for today’s show with Bryan Colangelo! 9.5/10

More Exorcised Demons…

It looks like Tim’s reverse Canuck rant continues to help the team. After beating the San Jose Sharks in the double OT, the Vancouver Canucks are on their way to their first Stanley Cup Finals since 1993 – 94. Another series to go, but it’s obviously in the right direction.

* The Tim and Sid: Uncut review for Tuesday will be posted in the morning.

Sid’s Statute #2: Pull Out

“Taj Gibson dunks on D-Wade, Kevin Durant dunks on Memphis, and Rebecca Black’s boyfriend dunks on Rebecca Black.” We’re back Tim and Sidizens…..another Monday has arrived and another week of Tim and Sid: Uncut is upon us. Noon, Bronsteter, and Sid are in the studio, while Uncle Timmy continues to soak up the sun in Turks and Caicos. After a huge weekend of news, topics for today include: KJ Choi, Henrik Sedin, Doc Rivers, Jose Bautista, Cristiano Ronaldo, Russell Westbrook, Donald Trump, Jorge Posada, SNL, and Ray Hudson of GolTV. Who the fuck is Ray Hudson you ask? According to Sid, if you’ve watched any soccer on the Score in the last 2 years, you’ll recognize the voice.

Before Sid could get into some serious sport chat, it was important for him to raise some breaking news that was brought to his attention the other night regarding Rebecca Black – “The 8 year old who sang that piece of shit song, Friday. The same girl that made a shit load of money and has over 100 million views on her Friday video.” Anyways, as Sid was flipping through tweet world, he noticed that CNN iReport was reporting that Ms. Black was pregnant. Of course, this kind of news immediately makes Sid’s brain tick and he started coming up with the dirtiest arrangements for her stupid song, Friday. Noon threw out one the funnier suggestions, “Friday, Friday, it’s feels better bareback Friday.” But what the fuck! She’s 14 years old. Sid threw out some great parental advice, “There’s no other way to fuck up the fame you stumbled into, than to get pregnant. Life has given you a gift with this shitty song about Friday. Kids, if you’re listening to this and you got a boyfriend or a girlfriend, and you’re thinking of have sex, do me a favour, PULL OUT!” Noon suggested an interesting theory – maybe Black is being offered a shit load of money to star in the show, 16 and Pregnant? (more like 14 and pregnant). And who could disagree with Noon’s statement about the theory, “I’m going to make money because fuckin’ teenagers are dumb fucks and will watch anything.” It’s true; there’s a lot of shit on T.V. that was never around when I was a teenager. However, by the end of the Rebecca Black talk, Bronsteter had some breaking news that revealed Black’s latest tweet regarding the rumoured pregnancy, “I’m denying the whole thing. I’m absolutely not pregnant.” Sigh of relief from Sid, but he still thinks the song is shit. My only thought is what do you expect for $2000, auto-tune, and shitty “D” level producers.

Western Conference Finals Blueprint
Once Seixeiro taught all the kids about the importance of pulling out, he got into the topic of the WCF matchup between the Sharks and Canucks. If you’re from Canada, you have to know that Vancouver came from behind last night and took game 1 with a score of 3 – 2. And after such an exciting game, Sid believes game 1 was “the blueprint of how this series is going to go. It was tight, there was animosity, and players like Kesler and Thornton were trying to kill each other trying to get position at the face-off circle.” Sid’s convinced that the series is going to look like this from here on out. He was impressed with the Canucks however and their ability to come from behind, have a Sedin twin finally step up, and Lapierre’s ability to continue throwing his weight around. It’s going to 7 games though and Sid feels the Sharks will come right back and even up the series in game 2.

Seixeiro’s NHL vs. NBA Rant
“Whoever’s scheduling at the NHL office in New York should be fucking fired.” Like many sport fans, you’re probably aware that the VAN/SJS and MIA/CHI games were on at the same time last night. WTF? It appears that the NHL decided to go head-to-head with the NBA. And with 11.1 million people tuning into the basketball game last night, the VAN/SJS game lost out big time. With those numbers that the MIA/CHI game brought in, the the NBA set a cable viewing record. How can the NHL compete with those numbers? Even Sid watched more basketball than hockey last night. The atmosphere at the United Centre (no, not because of Oprah) was unreal; it seemed like an NBA Final. “Marv Albert’s panties were in a bunch.” said Sid. If you missed the highlights from the game, check out this one in particular.

And to think that the NHL are going head-to-head again Wednesday night. Sid throws down some #realtalk, “Canucks/Sharks head-to-head with the Heat/Bulls in the States? What are you smoking?” Better get your PiP working Tim and Sidizens.

The record set by the NBA for viewers in game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals also brings up an important point Bronsteter made on Friday. He believes that the numbers will be higher for this series than the actual NBA Finals. Seixeiro thinks he’s full of shit and completely wrong. However I have to side with Orville; there’s no way a DAL/CHI, or CHI/OKC finals bring in better numbers if the Heat are bumped from the playoffs. I’ll be keeping an eye on these numbers. I’m still waiting for the boys to man up and make a bet with one another.

And what’s a Tim and Sid: Uncut radio show without the guys randomly going off topic. Around this point of the show, Sid mentioned that he watched the film Anchorman over the weekend twice – I managed to only watch it the one time. I don’t have that much time on my hands to watch television Sid…ah, the life of a P-list celebrity. Who can forget Afternoon Delight?

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Update
1. After sex, Pizzo gets hungry and thristy. He pulls out and the lady of the house says, “What’s your name and where ya going?”

2. In 1999, the Mets wanted to drop Bobby Bonilla from its roster. Unfortunately for them, he still had one year left on his contract. So the Mets and Bonilla agreed upon a contract which would allow them to release Bonilla. Bonilla deferred nearly $6 million with the team and they added an 8% interest rate that would start in 2011. Come July, the Mets will have to pay Bonilla $1.2 million for the next 25 years. That original $5.9 million is now nearly $30 million. Wow, Bobby be shoppin’!
3. Florida Gators Ja’Juan Story has a pre-game ritual. He takes a “doo-doo” before every game and then listens to Katy Perry.
4. In Saturday’s BOS/TBL game 1, the announcer asked for a moment of silence for Derek Boogaard who recently passed away. The moment of silence last 5.4 seconds; so much for being sincere. Where’s the respect?

Mind the GAP!
Guest Time! As mentioned earlier, it was a crazy week in sports and the football world was no different. Today’s guest was Mr. Ray Hudson, a retired professional football player and former coach who currently works as an English-language football commentator on Gol TV. As we all know, Sid will periodically get into random football rants with little acknowledgment from the guys. So I’m sure he was pumped up to get some views on the football world from Hudson and actually have a conversation with someone about the sport. Sid’s first question was in regards to which was a bigger headline in England recently. Manchester United’s 19th title, or Manchester City ending their 35 year trophy list drought? Ray believes that the accomplishment by City to remove their “trophy ticker” was a huge feat. 35 years is a long time for any team to go without a trophy, “It was great to see them hoist the cup.” He was pleased to see ManU win once again, but it’s always been ManU since he was a little kid, so “it’s good to see the dog have it’s day.” Conversation then flowed into the topic of the English Premiership and the Spanish League. According to Hudson, “The selling of the English Premiership is a wonderful thing and the fans are fantastic.” But it kills him when he sees players like Rooney spitting in the camera, especially after England’s showing in South Africa. It’s time for some of these guys to get off their high horse. While it is on the rise, Hudson believes that, “The Spanish League and Spanish Football is still light years ahead.”

Before Sid let Hudson go, he did want to ask him what he thought Sir Alex Ferguson’s game plan might be when going up against Barcelona? Hudson pretty much spelt out who he thought would win the Champions League on May 28th at Wembley Stadium.“Barcelona are incontainable, their incredible passing, they’re magic. So what can you do? ManU has tremendous pace and their players can hurt you. But they’ve got to capitalize on their chances if they want a chance. Barcelona will hurt you and put it in the net.” Both Sid and Ray did chat briefly about Cristiano Ronaldo and the fact that he just equaled the single season goal scoring record in Spainish League with 38 goals. With such a feat, both men are shocked that he will not win the FIFA Player of the Year. Great interview with Hudson! I’m one of those that originally recognized the voice, but had no idea who the guy was. I have to admit, for the amount of soccer I watch (close to nil), Sid’s little soccer rants/interviews with guys like Sharman and now Hudson, is beginning to make the sport a little more interesting.

Rapid Fire
Nice Rapid Fire by Bronsteter! The last couple of days on the show  have been so full of edu-tainment, he hasn’t been able to get a whole lot in or just has run out of time. But it’s okay, what he does deliver to Tim and Sidizens is usually gold.
– KJ Choi won the Player’s Championship yesterday. If Tiger Woods was out of golf, who would you like to see as the face of the sport? I would like to Rory McIlroy as the spokesperson…..he’s a young kid and dresses in same attire I might when I hit the course.
– Ashton Kutcher was named Charlie Sheen’s replacement on 2 1/2 men. Will the show be better or worse? I don’t think it will be worse, but it won’t be better. Sheen was hilarious on that show, comedic timing, etc. No replacing him there.
– Former NBA player and current Charlotte Bobcat assistant coach, Charles Oakley, claimed he was beaten up by security guards at a casino in Vegas. How many security guards did it take to beat up Oakley? I’m going to throw out the number 8. Claimed to be one of the toughest guys in the NBA once; he don’t take shit.

Great show by the guys. The Rebecca Black news was up there with some of the Bin Laden quotes. Sid threw out some great points regarding the NHL vs. NBA on television – horrible choice by scheduling officials. I really enjoyed the interview with Ray Hudson. He sounds like a real knowledgeable person and his passion for football came loud and clear through the airways. Great way to start off the week – 9/10.

Diaries & Cam Stewart’s Ear Sweat

“The Celtics are out, Lebron moves on, and for the first time in awhile, Tiger stops playing with plenty of holes still left in front of him. Too soon? Not too soon?” I can’t believe another week has pretty much come and gone. And to top it off, we’re already into mid-May – t-shirt/shorts weather. Anyways, another great line-up for today’s show. I’m looking forward to Sid’s interview and chat with CBC Hockey Analyst, Kelly Hrudey. Other topics on Sid’s list include: Tiger Woods, Game 7, Kendrick Perkins,, the Coyotes, Dwayne Wade, Hainser’s Corner, Tim Micallef, and Osama Bin Laden.

Before Sid began the show, he called a quick audible to discuss the current ear phone situation the hosts use for each radio show. Basically, there are 2 pairs in the booth – 1 modern pair (Sid hates these) and an older style pair. Sid put on the usual older ones he likes and they were dripping wet. Apparently Cam Stewart, broadcaster at the Score, had them on prior to Tim and Sid: Uncut and sweat the be-jesus in them. Nervous? Or just beat out from another buffet? Sid, “I love Cam, but the ear sweat has to stop.”

BREAKING NEWS! Osama Bin Laden’s diary has been found announced CNN. According to Sid, when the raid happened at Bin Laden’s compound, they found a diary. The diary was of importance because it contained information such as the dates of when he wanted attacks to take place, where the attacks would take place, and phone numbers.This particular headline immediately got Sid’s brain rolling and he wondered what Bin Laden would write in his diary. The guys introduced the game for twitter users, Dear Diary, ________.
Some great suggestions from Sid, Noon, and Bronsteter were:
“Death to America.” – Bronsteter
“I found this BizNasty2point0 guy on twitter today, he brings it for real man. Death to America. I hate my sister.” – Sid
“I lost my beard comb today. It’s going to be a bad week.” – Noon

Discussion then drifted into the recent news about NHL players who rang up an expensive bill at a club called Tryst in Las Vegas. It would appear that Bobby Ryan, Joffrey Lupul, and Paul Bissonnette rang up a $189,000 bill. The boys obviously had a good time drinking Dom Perignon, Red Bulls, Fiji Waters, Grey Goose, Dom P Luminous, Bud Lights, etc. And a nice bonus for the waitress; she collected approximately $25,000. There were alot of people who were ripping on Bissonnette but the way Sid looks at, if you have the money, have a good time.

Kelly Hrudey and the NHL Playoffs

* Who remembers these cards? I used to curse Hrudey because he was in every pack of cards I bought – to the point where you couldn’t give them away #childhoodmemories

Great to have Kelly Hrudey, retired NHL goaltender, and now CBC hockey broadcaster on the show today. Hrudey has been to the Stanley Cup Finals (1993) and it’s great to have an analyst on the show that can give views from both sides – as a player and broadcaster. Both Sid and Kelly get into the VAN/SJS series. Sid asks Hrudey what would happen if the Sharks were to lose tonight after being up 3 – 0 in the series, does ownership clean house? Kelly knows for a fact that ownership won’t be content if they do lose to the Red Wings, but based on their contracts, moving everyone might not be a possibility. But being a big fan of Patrick Marleau, Hrudey hopes the team manages a win in tonight’s game 7, especially against a dangerous Detroit team. Sid also had some questions for Hrudey regarding the recent comments made by Jeremy Roenick on Patrick Marleau; calling him “gutless”. Hrudey is not happy with the comment obviously – Marleau is a great guy – but understands that’s the business. And someone like J.R. is always going to make shocking comments, etc., he’s emotional and outspoken, he’s paid to do that. Kelly also commented on the decision by the NHL to not have a Saturday night game on CBC. In his experience, while not something ideal for them, they’ll make it work/adlib. But there’s no question that they’d rather have the VAN/SJS or DET game on Saturday night.

The boys did talk a little bit about the upcoming TBL/BOS series. Hrudey is pretty sure it will be a seven game series – the front line is similar, goaltending is pretty evenly matched, and both teams have the best 3rd line in the playoffs right now. According to Hrudey, it’s going to be a great series.

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Update
1. If the Chicago Bulls finish out their series with the Hawks tonight, the game will have to be moved from Monday to Sunday because the United Centre is being used for filming one of Oprah Winfrey’s last television shows. She is moving the NBA playoffs people. Women be shoppin’.
2. It looks like professional golfers are using the new Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’12 video game to scout out courses on the PGA tour. Who remembers NES’ Open Tournament Golf?

3. As we are all aware, Micallef is currently on vacation. However, yesterday, he was seen by listeners doing a little tweeting. Sid believes this is fine, but Noon shot off a tweet to Tim asking him to look up the meaning of “Vacation”. When Sid goes on holidays in a couple of weeks, he’s going to see if he can sign off twitter for the duration of his vacation.

LBJ’s Remdemption
Once the boys finished discussion on Tim’s vacation tweeting violations, Sid got straight into discussion of the NBA playoffs and the defeat of the Boston Celtics at the hands of the Miami Heat. He’s main focus was in regards to the way James reacted after the game. A little history – the Boston Celtics defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 2 times in recent playoffs series and celebrated the fact they beat Lebron James. They even went as far as blaring tunes in their locker room post-victory claiming to have “defeated the King.” But last night the tables were turned. Lebron scorched the Celtics and scored the last 10 points – he slayed the dragons. Instead of bragging, he actually gave thanks to Doc Rivers and the Boston Celtics, quoting, “You can never take your foot off the gas against that team.” He showed utmost respect for them. Sid was quite impressed on how Lebron handled himself.

FIFA, Bribery Fuck
Sid quickly touched on the story regarding allegations of corruption with 6 FIFA executives. A member of England’s bidding committee has accused a slew of FIFA executives of asking for bids. Some allegations include:
– Members receiving 1.5 million dollars from Qatar
– Requesting schools to be built in their home country
– Request by a member for a honorary knighthood. WTF?
Let’s hope for England’s sake that these allegations and accusations don’t kick them is the ass.

Rapid Fire
Keeping with Bin Laden’s diary story, Men having a diary. CUT or UNCUT? Cut unless it’s for world domination or you’re a submarine captain (Noon’s idea).
Men who wear tank tops. CUT or UNCUT? Sid thinks it is cut – it’s kind of douchy.
Men getting highlights in their hair. Cut or UNCUT? Sid pretty much thinks it’s CUT. I fully support this CUT. Dudes should not be highlighting their hair.
Watching porn with your wife or girlfriend in the room. CUT or UNCUT? Sid loves his wife so he’ll say cut. Completely cut, I think it’s a definite no-no.
Using a bank teller to withdraw $100 or less. CUT or UNCUT? Uncut. There’s people out there who refuse to use debit or just don’t have it. ex. grandmothers.
Still using a portable CD player today. CUT or UNCUT? Cut! Get an iPod, it’ll change your fucking life.
Lebron crying after the Eastern Conference Semi-finals. CUT or UNCUT? Sid chooses uncut. What the hell? As Bronsteter said in a tweet after that game, “Does Lebron believe this is better than the Olympic Gold medal game?” You can’t be crying at this series. He’s been to the finals before!

Really liked the interview with Kelly Hrudey. He’s a great guy and probably one of the nicest sports broadcasters out there. And of course, Hainser’s Corner knocked it out of the ballpark again. I really can’t see the issue with having this guy come on every couple of days while Tim is away. I wonder if Micallef would be up for continuing this when Sid’s gone. Great show, bring on Friday and the weekend. Think about having Paul Brothers in Sid! 9.5/10

The Whisperings of Nay Nay

“The Sean Avery controversy continues, the FIFA Word Cup bid controversy continues, and the drama off the court involving the Lakers continues…to heat up. HAHA, this is gettin’ juicy.” Hello Tim and Sidizens, another hump day has come and gone. Micallef still absent on vacation, but we have a great starting line-up that includes “Man of the Hour” Sid Seixeiro, Bronsteter, Noon, and the lovely lady behind the glass, Nadine Liverpool. Topics which may or may not be discussed include: the Coyotes, Jimmy Howard, Kevin Durant, Sean Avery, Equations, Twitter, Donovan McNabb, Bribery, Winnipeg, and Hainser’s Corner.

First topic Sid jumped right into was the positive response regarding the very first segment called Hainser’s Corner. For those that aren’t aware, Hainser used to be on the show, but was eventually taken off due to some mental issues. However, the guys bring him back from time to time because he’s hilarious. Sid was completely surprised by the response of listeners; “Tim and Sidizens want Ryan Hains. I think we have a winner.” Unfortunately, Hainser was absent today due to contracting both Gonorrhea and Syphilis. But have no fear, Hainser’s Corner will return. Sid’s not to sure when, but it shall happen. During this bit, Sid also did a shout-out regarding this blog…..thanks for the kind words. I’m just trying to build something here, whether it helps in a future career or not. I have the urge to write and throw shit out to the public. With regards to some photos not being “the most complicated photo shop he’s ever seen.”, it’s what I have to work with – iMAC and a trial version of Comic Lite (I’m too cheap to pay the upgrade package). Again, thanks for the support.

Twitter Is the Devil
If you’ve listened to any sports over the last couple of days, you’re well aware of the controversary regarding the usage of twitter by particular athletes, media analysts, and agents. Earlier this week, Sean Avery did a PSA seeking marriage equality for the gay community. Please see video below if you’re unaware or just haven’t seen the public service announcement yet.

The topic of equality and support for gay marriage is not the issue here. The problem that Sid found was that no one could leave it alone and felt they needed to voice their concerns about the PSA over twitter. Todd Reynolds, an agent with Uptown Sports (small NHL agency), and who Sid, “wouldn’t recognize if he ran him over with his fucking car.”, decides to tweet about it. The tweet in question was “Very sad to read Sean Avery’s misguided support of same gender marriage. Legal or not, it will always be wrong.” That tweet, conducted by Reynolds, spread like wildfire. And just when you thought the story was over, a local Sports broadcaster for a big network added fuel to the fire by tweeting his thoughts and was fired from the station today. His tweet basically backed up the words of Reynolds and said he supported his view. In respect of only doing a review of what goes on in the show and following the conduct of Sid, I won’t mention the individual’s name or provide a link. Any sports fan can easily google the story and find out for themselves. I don’t blame Sid or the other guys for not divulging names, etc., Sid’s known the broadcaster for about 15 years – there’s obviously a mutual respect there. “But for him to lose his job for twittering is scary shit.” And twitter hasn’t been friendly to alot of people lately: Chris Douglas-Roberts, Reggie Bush, Rashard Mendenhall, etc.

Obviously the tone of this segment was quite serious; and so it should be. According to Sid, “If you’re an athlete, a member of the media, or an agent that no one fucking knows about, if you’re not comfortable saying something on the television camera – don’t fucking tweet it. If you’re not comfortable saying it into a mic, don’t fucking tweet it. If you’re not careful, you will lose your job because you feel “comfortable.” Sid is throwing down some #realtalk at this point. Noon and Bronsteter agree with Sid completely and believe people need to take better care when on twitter. The guys are well aware that twitter is like a STD, you carry that shit around like luggage. 

The Sid Statute
Finally on to a lighter topic, Sid dove into the NBA playoffs and equations. After little discussion on the MIA/BOS series, Sid specifically wanted to focus on the OKC/MEM series. As you’re probably aware, both teams are locked at 2 games apiece. The “Always Thinking” Sid wanted to come up with an equation that would lead people to believe that a particular 7 game series would be done. For example, Ralph Lawler, radio voice for the L.A Clippers had devised an equation called Lawler’s Law. Basically Ralph’s law says that the first team to 100 points wins, and 92% of the time that’s correct. With the help of Intern, Nadine Liverpool, Sid wanted to figure out “what is the percentage of teams that win the first 3 games in a best of 7 and actually go on to win the series.” With the the help of Nadine’s research skills, she found out that over a five year period (MLB, NBA, NHL), 170 teams that won the first three games went on to win the series and 15 teams actually ended up losing (92%). After Sid annouced the results, Nadine backed up those stats with a firm, “Yes, that is correct.” With the help of Noon and Bronsteter, they boys agreed on calling the equation, Sid’s Statute.

And for those of you who were wondering where that quiet, mysterious voice came from, it was Nadine Liverpool. A die hard sports fan and someone to defintely look out for in the future. My fiancee at the time was shocked to hear a female voice for a change and voiced that she might tune in periodically if more girls were on the show. If you want more of Nadine, I’d advise you to follow her on twitter or on her very own SportsNaytion. In particular, I liked her 2011 March Madness video.

Interesting Facts from Robert “Scorsese” Pizzo
Prior to Pizzo’s update, Rob gave some thoughts on the twitter situation. He agrees with the guys that twitter can be dangerous and makes a good statement, “Nobody is above getting fired.”
1. Patrick Kane has been in the news recently and not for all the right reasons. #1 He showed up at a CHI/ATL game recently with a blackeye. However, the Canucks series finished sometime ago. Bar fight maybe? #2 After dragging a girl back to his house from a bar, Kane did the deed and then proceeded to sleep. The girl was so happy to have conquered the so-called celebrity, she took photos of him sleeping and then went through his bag and took a picture of his passport. What a bitch!
 All the guys agree that this was way CUT!
3. Highschool baseball player, Jaydin Goldenstein, just had 2 games of a lifetime. Down 1 game in the 3 game series, Jaydin went to pitch a no-hitter in game 2. Then in game 3, he hit four homeruns! The special part of this whole story, Jaydin’s mom passed away two days before. You can click on the above link to get the whole story and video.
4. Uncle Tom hater, Jalen Rose, is selling his customized Dukes of Hazzard’s General Lee on Ebay.

Prior to the next segment, Sid had requested Bronsteter to play the Beastie Boys new tune, Make Some Noise. As usual, Aaron came through. I agree with Sid completely – the new stuff sounds like their old stuff, circa 1992. A personal favorite of mine has always been “So Whatcha Want”.

Sid began the next segment with a little bit of talk about Donnovan “DJ” Bennett. Alot of listeners have been requesting DJ to appear on the show while Tim is away. However, unbeknownst to us, Sid was already ahead of the game. Last week sometime, he attempted to sway the powers to be to let this happen. Unfortunately, his attempt was weak – it doesn’t sound like it’s happening. It’s too bad really, DJ is the man behind CUT or UNCUT – that was his thing. Who else would have taught Sid about straight-jeans and fitted?
Conversation then shifted to the recent ruling to allow the Phoenix Coyotes to stay in the Phoenix for another 12 months. The Mayor of Glendale, along with others, have voted to pay the NHL another $25 million to keep the Coyotes in town. Sid sounds pretty pissed and I don’t blame him. Straight from Seixeiro, “The good people of Winnipeg are being bent the fuck over by a league that does not respect you. They didn’t give a fuck about you then, they don’t give a fuck about you now.” Sid also wanted to discuss the recent news regarding the Lakers and FIFA’s allegations of being corrupt (no shit) but he’ll save them for tomorrow. I did some research and the news is pretty interesting. It should be exciting tomorrow. 

Rapid Fire
Solid Rapid Fire brought forth by Bronsteter. I wonder if he’s taking less choices from listeners? Or maybe he’s just screening them a bit better.
What is the most impressive record in the Guiness Book of World Records? Noon chooses tallest twins and Bronsteter picks  the person with really long fingernails. How about the guy who wore the most T-shirts at one time = 121 in total.
Chad Ochocinco has decided that he’s going to give bull-riding a try. What sport would you like to see Ochocinco try next? I agree with Sid and Noon on their answer, Football. He really hasn’t done much of that lately, especially last season.
Some girl cries at the grand opening of the In-And-Out Burger joint. Is there a restaurant that would drive you to tears? Sid loves the Mary Brown’s, but it’s too far for him. You need  to check out the East Coast then – there’s approximately 39 in Newfoundland alone.

Great show by the guys today. I think Sid is finding his groove without having Tim around for back-up. The show’s first segment definitely had a serious tone, but it was well deserved. Twitter is not a personal diary and people, whether in the media or not, need to stop treating it so lightly. Thumbs up to all the guys for their comments on the situation. Today’s episode is getting a 9.5/10.