Jonas Valanciunas Has A Hip-Hop Song…And Now Zydrunas Ilgauskas? Keep It Up O’Grime

Hold your horses! Just when I thought that little hip-hop tune about Jonas Valanciunas couldn’t be topped, I did some more research on the band and found out that O’Grime (featuring Nikolais Javan and L.Rey) also wrote a rap song about the Miami Heat’s Zydrunas Ilgauskas earlier in the Summer. They even throw a shout-out to our Canadian boy Joel Anthony!

This reminds me of Hainser’s tribute to Nate Dogg. Just when you thought the first soundbite provided by Bronsteter was the only one, he then pulls another hidden gem out of his pocket.

O’Grime are becoming my new favourite hip-hop groups to rap about NBA players – well the only group I know to rap about NBA players. But who cares, I can’t wait to hear what’s next…Tristan Thompson? Valanciunas’ Lithuanian teammate Rimas Kaukenas (via Tim Micallef)?



Rimas Kaukenas Who? Jonas Valanciunas Has A Hip-Hop Song Written About Him!

Charlee Redz who? Rimas Kaukenas who?

Just when I was getting ready to post a quick write-up on how Jonas Valanciunas did in today’s opening game against Great Britain at the European championships today, I find this piece of gold.

Who cares if the kid only recorded 0 pts., 2 reb., 0 ast. in today’s game. He’s got a f**kin’ hip-hop song written about him. It looks like a hip-hop duo out of Miami, Florida named O’Grime and L.Rey have taken a liking to the Lithuanian beast, Big V.

Whether you hate it or not, I really don’t care. I actually think it’s kind of catchy and will be singing this tune for the next couple of days. Hello new ringtone….

“…gold medals like Jonas Valanciunas…oh my God, so much potential.”

Brothers In Arms & The Score Radio Bids A Final Farewell

“When you need a friend, you can always count on your teammates.” 
Jim Brown

Unfortunately, tomorrow marks the final day that theScore Radio will air on Sirius Satellite Radio Canada. After years of providing Canadians and fans around the world with their sports highlights and news, theScore on Sirius channel 158 will cease to exist. While some personalities will be staying with the company, we lost many a men who we’ve laughed with, listened to daily, and grown to respect. While I feel disheartened that I won’t hear some of these fallen soldiers for awhile, I’m confident they’ll thrive and have nothing but success in the next chapter of their lives. For someone who spent weekdays stuck in a cubicle, glued to a computer screen, I’m thankful to all the guys involved with the station to get me through the many days of boredom and monotony. So while it’s a shame that theScore Radio will no longer exist, it’s the people behind the shows that I’ll miss. All the best guys and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for you.

Toby (Tim Sidizen)

Be sure to tune in tomorrow to theScore Radio for it’s last day of scheduled programs.

Rick Fox Who? Metta World Peace Is Said To Be Joining ABC’s Dancing With The Stars

Another athlete is possibly throwing his feet into the world of reality television. Word on the street is that Ron Art….I mean Metta World Peace will be on this upcoming season of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. This will be the second small forward to participate in the reality series as Rick Fox came in 6th place last year.

Fox was paired with Cheryl Burke in that season and it will be interesting to see who Ron Ron is paired with as chemistry plays a big part in this competition. Hopefully twinkle toes can play nice.

The World of Tim and Sid: Uncut: Check Out Aaron Bronsteter on Spinal Tap Out!

While Tim and Sid: Uncut is currently taking a short hiatus, I figured this would be a good time to make all the TimandSid-izens out there aware, that our very own Aaron Bronsteter has begun writing on one of theScore‘s popular blogs, Spinal Tap Out – an informative blog that allows readers to get all their up-to-date news from the world of MMA.

If you’ve listened to any shows of Tim and Sid: Uncut where the topic of MMA is brought up, you know that Bronsteter is quite knowledgeable in this area and always adds some great insight/points to the conversation. And this past Friday, Aaron added his very first posting on Spinal Tap Out in anticipation for yesterday’s UFC 134.

So for true fans of MMA or new fans of the UFC, I’d advise keeping an eye out for Bronsteter’s postings from time to time. This weekend alone, Aaron treated us to to his pre-fight picks (Beat The Odds: UFC 134), live results and chats, and post-fight analysis. Follow him on twitter @aarbron

Huge Thanks To TimandSid-izens From Mad Timmy, Tina Turner, & Master Blaster

Wow, the TimandSid-izen Nation were huge this week according to the Tim and Sid: Uncut twitter account this morning:

Nothing like some history lessons from Professor James Sharman to tie us over until the boys return on September 6th, 2011. Bronsteter is right, the show definitely has the best listeners, fans, and TimandSid-izens – “Simply the Best”

Remembering Hainser’s Corner: Follow The Man, The Myth, & The Legend On Twitter @RynoHainser

Hainser’s Corner Theme Song

Dear TimandSid-izens,

On Friday August 19th, 2011, TimandSid-izens sadly experienced their very last episode of Hainser’s Corner on Tim and Sid: Uncut; starring our favourite “man of mystery”, Ryan Hains. The first ever Hainser’s Corner aired on May 10th, 2011 and quickly rose to be one of the TimandSid-izens favourite segments during the show – spinning 11 episodes. The formula was simple: put Hainser in the room and have him answer rapid fire/CNN-esque types of questions and see how he would respond under pressure. Sometimes his answers were whack, but most of the time he delivered pure gold. While we kid around him most of the time, it’s important to let him know that we’ll miss you. He was a stellar dude who came to work everyday and brought nothing but his A game. This is not a good-bye, but a see you later as I’m confident great things are in his future. All the best Hains! Keep it real brother!

Tim Sidizen

In the meantime, let’s look back, reflect, and remember everything about our boy Ryan Hains. Follow him on twitter: @RynoHainser

Hainser T-Shirt Design
Hainser became so popular with the TimandSid-izens, a clothing line was started in his honour. Unfortunately, details on production and distribution are still unknown.

#Hainser’s Dictionary
A favourite of many TimandSid-izens was Hainser’s use of the English language. Words such as Hi-Jinx, Scrilla, and Brother were made popular by the man himself. Check out below for some of Hainser’s most used terms.

Ballpen: should of been bullpen; area where relief pitchers warmup.
Boa Constructor: should of been boa constrictor; an accessory possibly worn by Hains’ last girlfriend.
Brother: term used to describe friend, companion; made popular by WWF star Hulk Hogan.
Beastings: should of been bee stings; small breasts.
Cheetah Power Surge: a caffeine-free source of energy.
Infanticide: the homicide of an infant.
Erroneous: Wrong; incorrect.
Frank D’Angelo: Canadian personality; Ryan Hains’ nemisis.
Flowing: should have been floating; Hains’ used the expression “Lots of stories flowing around about me.”
Gastronomical: relating to gastronomy; art of good eating.
Golden Tee: most successful coin-operated golfing video game.
Holy Shiznit: slang term to replace Holy Shit.
Hi-Jinx: a joke, comical act, or practical joke.
Libertarian: Hains’ political views; a philosophy that upholds individual liberty.
Oranginas: a Ryan Hains approved morning drink.
Pennies in a knot: should of been panties; upset, bothered.
Procure: to obtain (something), esp. with care or effort.
Saunter: walk in a slow, relaxed manner, without hurry or effort.
Sidney: endearing name used for Sid Seixeiro.
Scrilla: money, paper,fetti,chedda, phrase coined by E-40.
Svelte: adj. (of a person) slender and elegant.
Tuborg: light amber coloured premium lager with an unexpectedly soft, slightly sweet taste.
Yo: slang term for hello, hi.

Hainser’s Corner Episode Guide
What was once thought to be a one time thing turned into 11 episodes of Hainser’s Corner. TimandSid-izens demanded that Hainser show up and he always came through.

Hainser’s Corner Epis. 11: “Hainser Saunters Over For a Beer”
Hainser’s Corner Epis. 10: “Hainser Tries To Steal A Bagel”
Hainser’s Corner Epis. 9: “Hainser’s Canada Day Special”
Hainser’s Corner Epis. 8: “CUT or UNCUT”
Hainser’s Corner Epis. 7: “Hainser’s Stanley Cup Finals”
Hainser’s Corner Epis. 6: “Hainser vs. Frank D’Angelo”
Hainser’s Corner Epis. 5: “Hainser Steals Sid’s Pants”
Hainser’s Corner Epis. 4: “Hainser Loves Khloe Kardashian”
Hainser’s Corner Epis. 3: “Hainser & Nice Girls”
Hainser’s Corner Epis. 2: “Hainser’s Disgust For Star Jones”
Hainser’s Corner Epis. 1: “The First Ever Hainser’s Corner”

Hainser’s Judges An Asian Beauty Contes
During one of his MC events, a little introduction of all the Beauties of Asia from Hainser.

You can check out Hainser here near the end sizing up the competition. Did you get a number brother?

Hainser Soundbites
Hainser was definitely one of the best at delivering some strange and hilarious soundbites. Whether he was singing a tune, screaming his twitter handle, or giving his insight into pop culture, he always provided laughs.

Hainser’s Tribute To Nate Dogg

Two Minute Tribute To Hainser

Hainser Destroys A Burger: Courtesy Of A Loyal TimandSid-izen
The following clip was sent in by a TimandSid-izen and it speaks for itself.

Hainser and Bronsteter Dance-Off At theScore Summer Party
What’s a little Summer Party without some dancing?

Ryan Hains On TOUT
Hainser was also popular in the world of Tout. Thanks to Aaron Bronsteter, Hains delivered some good times.

1. Hainser Watching Golden Tee Videos

2. Hainser Challenges the World To a game Golden Tee

3. Hainser Enjoys a Sandwich

4. Hainser Loves the Padres

5. Hainser is introduced to TOUT

Other than that, there’s really nothing left to say. I met Ryan during one of my visits at theScore and the guy is exactly who we hear on the radio. He’s a barrel of laughs, has a heart of gold, and will be there if needed. Here’s to you Hainser – you shall be missed. A long-time listener and devoted TimandSid-izen summed it up best on Friday’s show: