The World of Tim and Sid: Uncut: Check Out Aaron Bronsteter on Spinal Tap Out!

While Tim and Sid: Uncut is currently taking a short hiatus, I figured this would be a good time to make all the TimandSid-izens out there aware, that our very own Aaron Bronsteter has begun writing on one of theScore‘s popular blogs, Spinal Tap Out – an informative blog that allows readers to get all their up-to-date news from the world of MMA.

If you’ve listened to any shows of Tim and Sid: Uncut where the topic of MMA is brought up, you know that Bronsteter is quite knowledgeable in this area and always adds some great insight/points to the conversation. And this past Friday, Aaron added his very first posting on Spinal Tap Out in anticipation for yesterday’s UFC 134.

So for true fans of MMA or new fans of the UFC, I’d advise keeping an eye out for Bronsteter’s postings from time to time. This weekend alone, Aaron treated us to to his pre-fight picks (Beat The Odds: UFC 134), live results and chats, and post-fight analysis. Follow him on twitter @aarbron


@GregSansone’s Twitter Stats To The Nth Degree “Give This Man A Twitter Badge!”

If you’ve listened to any Tim and Sid: Uncut over the last couple of weeks, you’ll notice that there’s usually a segment called Sansone’s Tweet Of The Day. Since getting twitter on his Blackberry, the V.P. of theScore’s Television Network is twitter gold and his ability to produce humour in only 140 characters is up there with the best. On Friday’s episode, Sansone was again mentioned but this time it had to do with a particular statistic produced by our boy Aaron Bronsteter.

This got me thinking…what else can extract from Greg Sansone’s twitter usage? MK, the better-half is at conference today so I had some time on my hands to do some research. So, for all the TimandSid-izens out there, I present you with #JustTheFacts #CalmDown

Sansone’s Tweet Timeline

This one ties in with Bronsteter’s stat above and it just gives the TimandSid-izens a visual.
Interesting Notes:
1. Sansone had 89 tweets in the month of July and already has 54 tweets in the first week of August.
2. Right now Greg is averaging 2.7 tweets per day.

Sansone’s Tweet Density

Interesting Notes:
1. Greg likes to tweet after lunch.
2. It appears that Monday mornings are the slowest. There’s a good chance Greg is in meetings, etc.

Sansone’s Daily Tweets and Hourly Tweets

Interesting Notes:
1. Most of Greg’s tweets have come on Sundays (63 Tweets) and Fridays (56 Tweets) 
2. Sansone likes to tweet between 9PM – 10PM (53 Tweets) 

Sansone’s Device Choices, Replies, and Retweets

Interesting Notes:
1. Greg likes to tweet theScore‘s Mauro Ranallo and Tim and Sid: Uncut. I would consider him a TimandSid-izen at this point.
2. Most of Sansone’s “140 characters of gold” usually takes place on his Blackberry device.
3. The V.P. of theScore‘s Television Network likes to retweet items from the upcoming DRAFTED 3 series, theScore, and Jimmy Korderas.

Other Notable Statistics and Facts
1. Top five words used by Greg Sansone? RT, Game, Thanks, People, NFL
2. Top five hashtags used by Sansone? #Wrestling, #Scoreonthenfl, #shkeef, #twittervirus, #vaffanculo 

So TimandSid-izens, I’d suggest you follow Greg Sansone because he’s a barrel of laughs and can create funnies with only 140 characters. You can follow our boy at @GregSansone.

And don’t worry, Friday’s review is in progress and should be up later today. From Tim and Sid: Uncut, we hope you’re all having an awesome Saturday.

A Special Word For Mike Gentile & A Big Thank You From The TimandSid-izen Nation

As most TimandSidi-izens found out today, as of September 1st, theScore Radio will be no longer. SiIRIUS Satellite Radio decided to pull the plug on the station due to the recent merger with XM Radio Canada. While Tim and Sid: Uncut will remain, there will unfortunately be some re-shuffling in the organization and some great people will no longer be with theScore. For me personally, I wanted to give a shout-out to Program Director, and one of the key figures behind Tim and Sid: Uncut, Mike Gentile. While I never directly worked with Mike, he was the first person to contact me regarding the Tim and Sid review blog.

In late April, Bronsteter contacted me and said that the program director wanted to speak with me about the website. My initial thought was that I was going to be told to shut it down or that I was going to get an ear full. But the complete opposite happened; Mike gave me big kudos for the site and encouraged me to keep it up – the warm reaction to the review blog was huge for my confidence. Over the next couple of months, Mike kept in touch and continued to push me to keep up the “good work” with the site, and again, was another person at theScore that helped turned this blog into the “animal” it has become.

If you follow some of the guys from Tim and Sid: Uncut on twitter, you’ll see that Pizzo, Noon, and Bronsteter all gave big shout-outs to Mike this evening as he was responsible for getting their careers started at theScore – he helped put the right dudes around Tim and Sid to make it the number one podcast in the nation and the radio show we’ve all come to love.

From myself, thanks for all your kind words and encouragement Mike over the last few months – you’ll be missed. And from all the TimandSid-izens, we wish you nothing but the best for the future!


If you want to send Mike some kind words follow his handle @MikeGentile78

BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut This Afternoon “Highlights From BEST OF Interviews”

It’s a Civic Holiday today TimandSid-izens! For most of us in Ontario (no holiday for fellow Newfs back home), that means it’s a long weekend. So remember, Tim and Sid: Uncut will return live with a brand new episode tomorrow, but in the meantime, make sure you tune into today’s BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut. For me personally, I just want to see how Bronsteter delivers the intro.

Check out today’s episode on theScore Radio or on SIRIUS Radio Channel 158 at 4PM ET. Hope you’re all enjoying the long weekend TimandSid-izens.

The Score Summer Party: Part Deux “Hainser, Bronsteter, & “Raise Your Glass”

Last week, with the help of several Score employees, I was able to do a little play-by-play of the Score Summer Party. Besides the white wine, passed out camera operator, and patio weather, the highlight was the apparent dance-off between the producer of Tim and Sid: Uncut, Aaron Bronsteter and everyone’s favourite savant, Ryan “Hainser” Hains. At the time, I only had a couple of photos, but this afternoon, thanks to a Score employee (will remain silent unless they give me the go ahead to release their name), the video was dropped on my lap.

With Pink’s “Raise Your Glass” blaring through the speakers, Bronsteter gets the party started and Hainser joins in with some fierce fist pumps before Red Heat’s Cam Stewart reels him in. In particular, pay close attention to the end of the video when Hainser pulls a little “3-Belly Tap” move…Gold. Obviously, good times was had by all and this has to be reason #132 for why it would be cool to work at theScore. Enjoy Tim and Sidizens!

We are less than a week away from brand new Tim and Sid: Uncut episodes. Hang tight!

BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut “Tim and Sid Talk Food & The Best/Worst of Hainser”

Good Hump Day Tim and Sidizens. Welcome to another solid edition of BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut, where some of the best Tim and Sid: Uncut moments are brought together for your edu-tainment. On today’s episode, Bronsteter collected some of the best Food Talk and Best/Worst Hainser moments that have taken place over the past few months. And in many cases, these two topics tend to blend together from time to time. Enjoy!

1. The 6″ Veggie Sub, Sid’s Diet, and everyone loves Poutine.
2.  Someone steals Seixeiro’s fries from Zupas. The boys call him “Chindon Pinch”. I’m guessing it could be theScore’s own Mr. Court Cuts.
3. The guys celebrate Sid’s 34th Birthday and deliver him a “Vagine” Cake, according to Pizzo.
4. The guys take a little break and listen to Hainser lay down some voice over work.

1. The First Ever Hainser’s Corner.
2. CUT or UNCUT: Eating while sitting on a toilet. Hainser weighs in.
3. Hainser, Pizzola’s Capris, and Sid’s stolen pants.
4. Hainser tries to steal a bagel from a Tim and Sidizen at Tim Hortons.

Remember, the mini-reviews don’t do justice. Download today’s BEST OF show on iTunes or head over to for the online streaming podcast. You don’t want to miss today’s episode.

Bronsteter and Hainser Have A Dance-Off & Tim and Sid: Uncut Invade theScore Summer Party

Good afternoon Tim and Sidizens….welcome to another entry of randomness. Remember, Tim and Sid: Uncut is on a two-week hiatus and won’t be airing any live shows until July 25th. During those two weeks though, listeners will be treated to a BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut series that you surely won’t want to miss. So at the request of Tim and Sidizens, I’ll be filling days here discussing Tim and Sidizen’s Updates, a short photo review of the BEST OF episodes, and anything else that is Tim and Sid: Uncut.

If you follow any of the boys on twitter, you’re sure to know that theScore had it’s annual Summer Party last night. Another event for the employees to create long lasting bonds, share stories, get shit-faced, jump into pools, and dance like Michael Flatley.

From the get go, twitter was a buzz with the upcoming Score Summer Party….from what I could see, Hainser threw out the first challenge. Nothing like a little Hi-Jinx?

As the night was just getting started, a few of the boys from Tim and Sid: Uncut enjoyed the patio while sippin’ on some brews (Noon, Pizzo, Seixeiro)…

…Our boy Bronsteter however, preferred a little bit of the white wine. Why not some Ice Tea coolers?

Of course there were a few young lookin’ people at the party who had to be ID’d to make sure they could drink the good shit…

…but it goes to show that just because you’re of legal age, doesn’t mean you can handle your liquor. (Camera Operator, Ryan Stratton)

Speaking of handling your liquor…a little too much wine? A dance-off between Bronsteter and Hainser ensued as the night progressed. Who gets down better? (The video of this has yet to surface…I’ll keep my eye out Tim and Sidizens)

Jungle BoogieKool and the Gang

(Proof that a video does indeed exist)

Also revealed last night, but I have a feeling it was the wine… “Capri” Pizzola tweeted the following…

…but that rumour was shot down by Hainser Nation himself. It looks like the mystery tweeter is still unknown.

It appears a fun night was had by all and I’m sure there’s a lot more stories that will be revealed in the coming days or stories that will remain a secret for good. But that’s what a staff social is…Good Times! If debauchery doesn’t happen, what a shitty place to work. Happy Summer Score peeps and everyone in Score-ville!

* Remember to stay tuned for Tim and Sidizen’s Updates and the BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut review