The Score’s NFL Fantasy Draft: Team Sid60 vs. Team Can’t Wait

Them are fightin’ words! Let the battle begin!

What Seixeiro is trying to say: DJ Bennett sucks at this NFL Fantasy Draft process. DJ has a habit of selecting players from the Dallas Cowboys only to see watch them fail during the season.

What Bennett is trying to say: After the first two rounds in today’s fantasy football draft, Sid just proved why he sucks at this pool. I’m going to destroy him.

What Bennett is trying to say: Week 1 is a lock. After Sid’s inability to select a solid team, Team Can’t Wait is going to crush him. Anybody can be beat…Can’t Wait!

Who Do You Think Has the Better Crew?


TimSidizen’s Flashback: UFC 103 & DJ Bennett’s “Sweet Science”

While Tim and Sidizens and myself wait for Tim and Sid: Uncut to return to live form, I bring you a little something to help entertain and remember the early days of the show.

The following discussion is from September 21st, 2009 and it involved the rilvary between boxing and MMA, DJ Bennett, and asinine comments.

On Saturday September 19th, 2009, both UFC 103 and the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Juan Manuel Marquez fight took place. The MMA event took place in Dallas, Texas and the Marquez/Mayweather fight happened in Las Vegas. There was huge discussion between Tim and Sid on whether or not having two cards take place on the same night should of happened, but the focus of the conversation surrounded DJ Bennett an his twitter page.

According to Sid, “DJ Bennett, Score personality and good guy, on his twitter page after Saturday night writes something to the effect of “MMA cannot touch the sweet science.”

Seixeiro went on to say, “Now first, I threw up in my mouth a little bit. Then I retweeted or replied…I don’t know anything…I sent something to show him up – I tried to shut him up, I did an “Oh Snap” on twitter and I said that the most boring part of MMA is more exciting than the most exciting part of boxing. There’s no question, there’s no debate.”

Tim seems to disagree with Sid on his comments, especially after he witnessed the Anderson Silva fight in Montreal, but Seixeiro isn’t budging. He stands firm with his “Oh Snap”. They discuss some more about the possible issues with both sports and one seems to stem from the fact there’s no clear champion in boxing. In the UFC however, there’s one title for each division. “That’s the problem with boxing, there’s no clear “The Best”, replied Tim.

Sid goes on to say that he’s not jumping on people that like boxing and it’s fine if they do, “but to say that MMA can’t touch the sweet science is boarderline asinine. I take great issue with that statement. So DJ, if you’re listening to the show, I have two words for you. SUCK IT!

Happy Birthday PIMP DJ Bennett

As noted on today’s Tim and Sid: Uncut, it was Donnovan “DJ” Bennett’s birthday recently and the Western Alum turned the big 28. As most of you know, or should know, DJ was a big part of the Tim and Sid: Uncut radio show/podcast in the past and was the man behind CUT or UNCUT, Tracy Morgan impersonations, horrible singing, and everything that is FOSS in this world of ours.

Happy Birthday DJ from all the Tim and Sidizens….May your PIMP shaft reign!