You Don’t Mess With This Starting Five! Tim and Sid: Uncut Ft. Nas & “Hip Hop Is Dead” Will Return Next Week

Lux Aeterna

It’s coming…They’re coming…

There’s been a few questions directed as to when Tim and Sid: Uncut will return with brand new shows. While Micallef has said on air that the show won’t be going anywhere, there’s still a few TimandSid-izens out there who are unaware of what’s happening, especially since theScore Radio no longer exists. So don’t worry TimandSid-izens. Tim, Sid, Bronsteter, Noon, and Pizzo will all return on Tuesday September 6th for a brand new episode of Tim and Sid: Uncut.

There are still some ideas being thrown around on how we’ll consume our daily dose of edu-tainment, but from what I can gather, it will still be available at and will still be available for download on itunes. You don’t become the #1 sports show in the nation for nothing. So until then, enjoy the history lesson episodes provided by Professor Sharman and make to sure to keep an eye out for new shows starting next week.

True Hip Hop ain’t dying this morning and neither is Tim and Sid: Uncut.