The Worlds of Foss Direct, Roy Foss Motors, Twitter, and John Noon Collide!

It looks like over a year of plugging the word “FOSS” and the car dealership Roy Fosshas finally paid off for one of our very own, producer extraordinaire of Tim and Sid: Uncut, John Noon.

After being re-tweeted by a few solid TimandSid-izens, the dealership actually responded!

And the rest was history. A week later, it appears that Noon found what he was looking for thanks to Lucky, James, and the boys at Foss Direct.

Enjoy the ride Noon! And if you’re looking for a new vehicle yourself, check them out!

“Foss like!”


A Special Word For Mike Gentile & A Big Thank You From The TimandSid-izen Nation

As most TimandSidi-izens found out today, as of September 1st, theScore Radio will be no longer. SiIRIUS Satellite Radio decided to pull the plug on the station due to the recent merger with XM Radio Canada. While Tim and Sid: Uncut will remain, there will unfortunately be some re-shuffling in the organization and some great people will no longer be with theScore. For me personally, I wanted to give a shout-out to Program Director, and one of the key figures behind Tim and Sid: Uncut, Mike Gentile. While I never directly worked with Mike, he was the first person to contact me regarding the Tim and Sid review blog.

In late April, Bronsteter contacted me and said that the program director wanted to speak with me about the website. My initial thought was that I was going to be told to shut it down or that I was going to get an ear full. But the complete opposite happened; Mike gave me big kudos for the site and encouraged me to keep it up – the warm reaction to the review blog was huge for my confidence. Over the next couple of months, Mike kept in touch and continued to push me to keep up the “good work” with the site, and again, was another person at theScore that helped turned this blog into the “animal” it has become.

If you follow some of the guys from Tim and Sid: Uncut on twitter, you’ll see that Pizzo, Noon, and Bronsteter all gave big shout-outs to Mike this evening as he was responsible for getting their careers started at theScore – he helped put the right dudes around Tim and Sid to make it the number one podcast in the nation and the radio show we’ve all come to love.

From myself, thanks for all your kind words and encouragement Mike over the last few months – you’ll be missed. And from all the TimandSid-izens, we wish you nothing but the best for the future!


If you want to send Mike some kind words follow his handle @MikeGentile78

Bronsteter and Hainser Have A Dance-Off & Tim and Sid: Uncut Invade theScore Summer Party

Good afternoon Tim and Sidizens….welcome to another entry of randomness. Remember, Tim and Sid: Uncut is on a two-week hiatus and won’t be airing any live shows until July 25th. During those two weeks though, listeners will be treated to a BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut series that you surely won’t want to miss. So at the request of Tim and Sidizens, I’ll be filling days here discussing Tim and Sidizen’s Updates, a short photo review of the BEST OF episodes, and anything else that is Tim and Sid: Uncut.

If you follow any of the boys on twitter, you’re sure to know that theScore had it’s annual Summer Party last night. Another event for the employees to create long lasting bonds, share stories, get shit-faced, jump into pools, and dance like Michael Flatley.

From the get go, twitter was a buzz with the upcoming Score Summer Party….from what I could see, Hainser threw out the first challenge. Nothing like a little Hi-Jinx?

As the night was just getting started, a few of the boys from Tim and Sid: Uncut enjoyed the patio while sippin’ on some brews (Noon, Pizzo, Seixeiro)…

…Our boy Bronsteter however, preferred a little bit of the white wine. Why not some Ice Tea coolers?

Of course there were a few young lookin’ people at the party who had to be ID’d to make sure they could drink the good shit…

…but it goes to show that just because you’re of legal age, doesn’t mean you can handle your liquor. (Camera Operator, Ryan Stratton)

Speaking of handling your liquor…a little too much wine? A dance-off between Bronsteter and Hainser ensued as the night progressed. Who gets down better? (The video of this has yet to surface…I’ll keep my eye out Tim and Sidizens)

Jungle BoogieKool and the Gang

(Proof that a video does indeed exist)

Also revealed last night, but I have a feeling it was the wine… “Capri” Pizzola tweeted the following…

…but that rumour was shot down by Hainser Nation himself. It looks like the mystery tweeter is still unknown.

It appears a fun night was had by all and I’m sure there’s a lot more stories that will be revealed in the coming days or stories that will remain a secret for good. But that’s what a staff social is…Good Times! If debauchery doesn’t happen, what a shitty place to work. Happy Summer Score peeps and everyone in Score-ville!

* Remember to stay tuned for Tim and Sidizen’s Updates and the BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut review

Hockey For Haiti, Carleton University Forgets theScore, and John Noon Trims His Bush

“The Jays say no way.
Jeter’s only four hits away.
And we say hello, to P.K….
(Sid: For those of you who might be confused)
(Tim: Pernell Karl)

It’s hump day Tim and Sidizens and welcome to Tim and Sid: Uncut. Where your sports and edu-tainment consumption is just around the corner. Tim’s takin’ names, Sid is ready to rant, Bronsteter is picking out intro. songs on his own, Dave Coulson is filling in, and John Noon is on vacation tweeting. Topics up for today that may or may not be discussed include: Tom Brady, Roger Clemens, Pyeongchang, Jonas Vala….Jona Valanciunas, Derek Jeter, Keith Yandle, Field of Dreams, Albert Pujols, Carl Lewis, and Pernell Karl Subban.

Jonas Valanciunas & Strippers
Up for discussion today in the first segment of the show is the recent play by Jonas Valanciunas in the FIBA U-19 World Championships and the reactions from Raptor Nation on Tim Micallef’s tweets. Periodically, Tim will tweet Jonas’ stats after each game and being the high profile sportscaster he is, will receive a flurry of shit tweets from people who believe that Valanciunas is a complete joke or because they believe Tim is hyping the guy up. Even when he adds the hastags: #calmdown, #justthefacts, or #takeitforwhatitis, people will still shit on him for stating the facts and producing numbers. Sid’s avoiding the situation altogether and felt it was more entertaining to watch Tim and Raptor Nation go back and forth on the topic of Valanciunas. While Sid’s not taking sides (this has to be a first), he can see both sides of the debate. 1, he agrees with Tim because Valanciunas is playing like a beast right now. But 2, he can see why the patience of Raptor Nation is worn thin. Here’s how Sid likes to breakdown the feelings of Raptor fans/nation:

“Raptor Fans are the parents and the Toronto Raptors are the son. The Raptors, a long time ago, met a hot young stripper named Rafael Araujo who seemed pretty intriguing at the time. Let’s just say it didn’t work out. Two years later, they (Raptors) bring home another really, really hot girlfriend named Andrea Bargnani, also an Italian stripper. And Raptor fans are like…okay, we love our boy…last time didn’t go so good but maybe this time different (Italian accent). So far, so good. For the third time, the Raptors brought a stripper to meet their folks (Raptor Nation) and i think the folks are a little tired of that train of thought. They (Raptors) did it for a third time in a very high profile way and you can understand the parents being asked to go down this road again, for the third time, can be a little hesitant.”

WTF? That’s the most crazy, weird, but perfect example of the reaction and feelings by fans of the Toronto Raptors draft pick, Jonas Valanciunas. It’s all agreed upon though that everyone needs to just wait and see how this guy plays in the NBA before we start ripping him. As of right now, he might have a better skill set than all the other strippers. Sid does go on to say though that he’s a little worried about Tim’s investment in Valanciunas, “You’re married to this guy…You’re going to be carrying this guy around like an Albatross.” Tim flat out denies this and says that he’s only trying to give people facts and make them aware that we can’t shit on a dude without actually seeing him play in the bigs – it’s illogical to do so. According to Sid though, Tim needs to jump on this though because “You’re A.C Slater if this works out.”

Canada Basketball
And speaking of FIBA Basketball, the Canadian team in the tournament was officially knocked out after a loss to Serbia and the team can no longer finish higher than 9th place. It’s understandable though as a few guys, like Mike Kabongo, were absent from the tourney. It does bring up the question by Sid on whether or not some of the Canadian talent that was absent will ever don a Canadian jersey. Most of the guys did promise theScore’s Jason Thom that they’d play, but “Talk is cheap until it happens. Fuck Sherman Hamilton, where have you gone.”, said Sid. But in saying that, it’s hard. There’s no support behind Canada basketball, and it’s the same with soccer. Sure Steve Nash had to find his own sponsor to step up for his insurance when he played for Canada at the Sydney Olympics. Come on Canada, start funding these guys.

Carleton Ravens and Respect for theScore

Other big news that came out today was the announcement that the Carleton Ravens Football team will be returning to the OUA and CIS Sports. In 1998, the program was axed due to financial shortfalls, which came after a poorly played season. However, thanks to entrepreneur and former Carleton Ravens defenceman John Ruddy, who gave the proposed team a $2.5 million boost, matching other fundraising for a total of $5-million in start-up capital to get the team back on the field in 2013. The problem though didn’t lie with the university getting their team back; it was the fact that no one in the athletic program contacted theScore or any of it’s employees to make them aware of the announcement. Seixeiro is pretty pissed that no one gave them a head’s up; and he has a right to be mad. For years now theScore has had a great relationship with the OUA and are really the only media outlet that gives them the time of day. “We’re not asking for the moon here. This is bullshit.”, screamed Sid. “No one talks about the OUA as much as theScore does.” Micallef especailly has put his blood, sweat, and tears into the league and according to Sid, “He (Tim) bust his fucking ass on the OUa and he needed to read one of the biggest stories in the CIS this year on the internet.” If you want to get Tim’s side of the story and his feelings towards what transpired, check out the blog entry below.

To lighten the mood though, Tim does share a little story about a time when he hosted the OUA Awards at Carleton University, where he once dropped out. Tim mentions that during the show, one of the old soccer coaches was retiring and as he walked up to the microphone, he said to Tim, “I do believe that the C for Carelton stands for committment. Something you wouldn’t know anything about.” The coach knew that Tim dropped out years ago and the Scottish/Irish old man was taking a jab at Micallef. Tim jokingly said, “Then I punched him in the face.”

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Update
Pizzo chimes in and tells the boys he thought their Irish/Scottish accents were hilarious. He then brings up a story about how his old always messes up cliches. One of the better ones included, “Pizzo, the wheel that squeaks, you gotta get da WD 40.” Pretty funny shit if you ask me – sounds like my old man at times.
1. Fortune Magazine just released their list of “100 Things That Make Amercia Great”. Two athletes that are on the list include Tom Brady (50) and LeBron James (33). Check out the full article here.
2. FIFA has announced the possibility of having three 30 minute periods to combat the heat that will be felt by players at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Fucking ridiculous.
3. After clinching his first ever French Open success on Sunday, Thomas Levet launched himself barefoot into a pond protecting the 18th green at Le Golf National but hurt himself on the rocks at the bottom. Now he’s out of the British Open. What an idiot.

P.K “PrimeTime” Subban and Hockey For Haiti

In the next segment, Tim and Sid had a surprise for Tim and Sidizens and were joined by the Montreal Canadiens’ P.K. Subban. Subban and former Canadien Georges Laraque are in Haiti this week to raise awareness of the ongoing problems created by the earthquake that devastated the country in January 2010 through a program called Hockey For Haiti. The guys had Subban come on the show to discuss the trip and what he’s encountered so far while he’s down there. Hockey For Haiti, a joint project of the National Hockey League and the NHL Players’ Association, has raised more than $1.3 million, but there is an ongoing need for funds. Sid’s up with the first question and asks Subban how he got involved with the trip. According to P.K., he got a call from George 4-5 weeks ago and was asked to head on down there with him. Subban said he didn’t hesitate and immediately said yes, “Just tell me where I need to be and he’d be ready to go.” Tim then asked Subban what it was like down there and what it was like the first time he got off the plane. The first thing to pop in Subban’s mouth was that “it was extremely hot down there” and when he “stepped off the plane, if was absolutely beautiful.” However, according to Subban, once he made it into the city, he was able to see a lot of devastation left by the earthquake and it seemed like utter chaos as locals were trying to sell him items or help him with his luggage. Subban goes on to say that he spent most of his time at the Grace Hospital meeting with kids and families. He mentions that while people are getting treated, there’s still many people (3 million in the city) that are not getting the needed care. He also believes that this is what he really cares about; helping people, listening to their stories, and being in the position to actually help, rather than sitting behind a phone and just raising money. And in order to keep awarmenss on Haiti during their time of crisis, trips like these will continue the cause. The boys then go on to ask Subban if they met any hockey fans down there and P.K does mention that he met a young boy who had some pretty good skills with a hockey stick. Before he left Canada, Subban collected a bunch of items and brought some Habs swag (hats, t-shirts) and played some street hockey with the kids. He was especially touched by the boy who asked to exchange emails with him so he could keep up-to-date on how the Canadiens’ defenseman was doing during the season on the ice.

BREAKING NEWS! John Noon tweets while on holiday. I guess vacation is beginning to get boring.

Roy Williams and His Crazy Ass Proposal

Before the guys throw to Rapid Fire, they quickly discuss the outrageous news about Roy Williams that came out today. Apparently, Williams proposed to his girlfriend Brooke Daniels, Miss Texas, by mailing her a $75,000 ring, $5000 for dental and school bills, an audio of the proposal, and a baseball for her brother. “If you get a package like that in the mail, how could you not get moist?”, said Sid. Anyways, she declined the proposal and when Williams asked for her to send the ring back, she said she had lost it. Williams then had to get his insurance agency involved and they found out that Daniels’ father actually had the ring. Williams now has to go the route of suing his ex-girlfriend in an attempt to get the ring back from her. You, Roy Williams, are on the crazy train.

Rapid Fire
A pretty solid Rapid Fire by Bronsteter this afternoon. He had a wide range of topics to discuss and lots of questions to ponder. Let’s break them down.
– Tom Brady was just announced the NFL’s top-100 player. Tom Brady or Peyton Manning in your opinion? Both guys are great quarterbacks but Brady has the rings. You can’t argue with that – the guy is a winner.
– Hot Dog or Hamburgers? I’d eat a hamburger everyday if it was healthly for you. Burgers at the Firkin are pretty amazing with a slice of Apple Smoked Bacon and Cheddar Cheese.
– Crab or Loster? Hmm, too hard to decide. The only part of the lobster I like is the claws. There’s lots of juicy meat and easy to crack. The rest of it can go to hell; too messy, hard to handle and all that green shit. #fail.

Great show today Tim, Sid, Bronsteter, Pizzo, and Dave. It was great to finally hear Sid’s opinion on Jonas Valanciunas. If I remember correctly, Sid was on vacation when the kid got selected and Tim and Sidizens never really got to hear his take on the pick by Colangelo. I also especially enjoyed the OUA and CIS discussion – having focused primarily on amatuer sports in university myself, it was good to hear the Canada Basketball debate and how the OUA markets their organization. And in this case, forgetting to contact your biggest supporter is a complete fail. Who is running shit over there at the athletics program? Also, a solid interview with Subban. I never heard of the Hockey For Haiti until today, so it was really good to hear about the positives being done by the NHL and it’s players down there. Huge thumbs up to Bronsteter for getting him on the show. Soild Rapid Fire; sports mixed with humour? You can’t go wrong. 10/10.

John Noon’s Beer Mug & Other Merchandise

During Pizzo’s Update on Friday’s episode of Tim and Sid: Uncut, it was again discussed how the guys believe there should be some Tim and Sid: Uncut merchandise – mostly of the t -shirt variety. And when the #1 sports podcast in Canada does not have merchandise, it’s a shame because I’m pretty sure theScore‘s merchandise store would do quite well.

Anyways, Bronsteter sent out a tweet asking for Tim and Sidizen’s ideas for possible t-shirts. But why stop at shirts? Beer mugs, hats, thongs, sweaters, jackets, etc…would all be a hit. Check out some of the ideas from listeners and the guys below. To be honest, I may just buy some t-shirt transfers and make my own – it’s pretty easy to do.

1. “I Carpooled With the York Rapist and All I got Was This Lousy T-Shirt”Aaron Bronsteter (currently being designed)
2. “Ranting Teams Out of Championships Since 2011”Josh Doan
3. “Tim and Sid: So Sick, You’ll Need to Call Dr. Lipschitz”Colin Withers
4. Hainser’s Corner with a picture of a circleBrad Spencer
5. “Fuck Tea”Rich Lane
6. “Ketchup Chips and Moosehead, Diet of Champions”Sean Holmes-Smith
7. “Cut or Uncut. Wearing A Shirt to Promote a Sports Radio Show”Eric Zubert

More to come Tim and Sidizens!

Diaries & Cam Stewart’s Ear Sweat

“The Celtics are out, Lebron moves on, and for the first time in awhile, Tiger stops playing with plenty of holes still left in front of him. Too soon? Not too soon?” I can’t believe another week has pretty much come and gone. And to top it off, we’re already into mid-May – t-shirt/shorts weather. Anyways, another great line-up for today’s show. I’m looking forward to Sid’s interview and chat with CBC Hockey Analyst, Kelly Hrudey. Other topics on Sid’s list include: Tiger Woods, Game 7, Kendrick Perkins,, the Coyotes, Dwayne Wade, Hainser’s Corner, Tim Micallef, and Osama Bin Laden.

Before Sid began the show, he called a quick audible to discuss the current ear phone situation the hosts use for each radio show. Basically, there are 2 pairs in the booth – 1 modern pair (Sid hates these) and an older style pair. Sid put on the usual older ones he likes and they were dripping wet. Apparently Cam Stewart, broadcaster at the Score, had them on prior to Tim and Sid: Uncut and sweat the be-jesus in them. Nervous? Or just beat out from another buffet? Sid, “I love Cam, but the ear sweat has to stop.”

BREAKING NEWS! Osama Bin Laden’s diary has been found announced CNN. According to Sid, when the raid happened at Bin Laden’s compound, they found a diary. The diary was of importance because it contained information such as the dates of when he wanted attacks to take place, where the attacks would take place, and phone numbers.This particular headline immediately got Sid’s brain rolling and he wondered what Bin Laden would write in his diary. The guys introduced the game for twitter users, Dear Diary, ________.
Some great suggestions from Sid, Noon, and Bronsteter were:
“Death to America.” – Bronsteter
“I found this BizNasty2point0 guy on twitter today, he brings it for real man. Death to America. I hate my sister.” – Sid
“I lost my beard comb today. It’s going to be a bad week.” – Noon

Discussion then drifted into the recent news about NHL players who rang up an expensive bill at a club called Tryst in Las Vegas. It would appear that Bobby Ryan, Joffrey Lupul, and Paul Bissonnette rang up a $189,000 bill. The boys obviously had a good time drinking Dom Perignon, Red Bulls, Fiji Waters, Grey Goose, Dom P Luminous, Bud Lights, etc. And a nice bonus for the waitress; she collected approximately $25,000. There were alot of people who were ripping on Bissonnette but the way Sid looks at, if you have the money, have a good time.

Kelly Hrudey and the NHL Playoffs

* Who remembers these cards? I used to curse Hrudey because he was in every pack of cards I bought – to the point where you couldn’t give them away #childhoodmemories

Great to have Kelly Hrudey, retired NHL goaltender, and now CBC hockey broadcaster on the show today. Hrudey has been to the Stanley Cup Finals (1993) and it’s great to have an analyst on the show that can give views from both sides – as a player and broadcaster. Both Sid and Kelly get into the VAN/SJS series. Sid asks Hrudey what would happen if the Sharks were to lose tonight after being up 3 – 0 in the series, does ownership clean house? Kelly knows for a fact that ownership won’t be content if they do lose to the Red Wings, but based on their contracts, moving everyone might not be a possibility. But being a big fan of Patrick Marleau, Hrudey hopes the team manages a win in tonight’s game 7, especially against a dangerous Detroit team. Sid also had some questions for Hrudey regarding the recent comments made by Jeremy Roenick on Patrick Marleau; calling him “gutless”. Hrudey is not happy with the comment obviously – Marleau is a great guy – but understands that’s the business. And someone like J.R. is always going to make shocking comments, etc., he’s emotional and outspoken, he’s paid to do that. Kelly also commented on the decision by the NHL to not have a Saturday night game on CBC. In his experience, while not something ideal for them, they’ll make it work/adlib. But there’s no question that they’d rather have the VAN/SJS or DET game on Saturday night.

The boys did talk a little bit about the upcoming TBL/BOS series. Hrudey is pretty sure it will be a seven game series – the front line is similar, goaltending is pretty evenly matched, and both teams have the best 3rd line in the playoffs right now. According to Hrudey, it’s going to be a great series.

Interesting Facts From Pizzo’s Update
1. If the Chicago Bulls finish out their series with the Hawks tonight, the game will have to be moved from Monday to Sunday because the United Centre is being used for filming one of Oprah Winfrey’s last television shows. She is moving the NBA playoffs people. Women be shoppin’.
2. It looks like professional golfers are using the new Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’12 video game to scout out courses on the PGA tour. Who remembers NES’ Open Tournament Golf?

3. As we are all aware, Micallef is currently on vacation. However, yesterday, he was seen by listeners doing a little tweeting. Sid believes this is fine, but Noon shot off a tweet to Tim asking him to look up the meaning of “Vacation”. When Sid goes on holidays in a couple of weeks, he’s going to see if he can sign off twitter for the duration of his vacation.

LBJ’s Remdemption
Once the boys finished discussion on Tim’s vacation tweeting violations, Sid got straight into discussion of the NBA playoffs and the defeat of the Boston Celtics at the hands of the Miami Heat. He’s main focus was in regards to the way James reacted after the game. A little history – the Boston Celtics defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 2 times in recent playoffs series and celebrated the fact they beat Lebron James. They even went as far as blaring tunes in their locker room post-victory claiming to have “defeated the King.” But last night the tables were turned. Lebron scorched the Celtics and scored the last 10 points – he slayed the dragons. Instead of bragging, he actually gave thanks to Doc Rivers and the Boston Celtics, quoting, “You can never take your foot off the gas against that team.” He showed utmost respect for them. Sid was quite impressed on how Lebron handled himself.

FIFA, Bribery Fuck
Sid quickly touched on the story regarding allegations of corruption with 6 FIFA executives. A member of England’s bidding committee has accused a slew of FIFA executives of asking for bids. Some allegations include:
– Members receiving 1.5 million dollars from Qatar
– Requesting schools to be built in their home country
– Request by a member for a honorary knighthood. WTF?
Let’s hope for England’s sake that these allegations and accusations don’t kick them is the ass.

Rapid Fire
Keeping with Bin Laden’s diary story, Men having a diary. CUT or UNCUT? Cut unless it’s for world domination or you’re a submarine captain (Noon’s idea).
Men who wear tank tops. CUT or UNCUT? Sid thinks it is cut – it’s kind of douchy.
Men getting highlights in their hair. Cut or UNCUT? Sid pretty much thinks it’s CUT. I fully support this CUT. Dudes should not be highlighting their hair.
Watching porn with your wife or girlfriend in the room. CUT or UNCUT? Sid loves his wife so he’ll say cut. Completely cut, I think it’s a definite no-no.
Using a bank teller to withdraw $100 or less. CUT or UNCUT? Uncut. There’s people out there who refuse to use debit or just don’t have it. ex. grandmothers.
Still using a portable CD player today. CUT or UNCUT? Cut! Get an iPod, it’ll change your fucking life.
Lebron crying after the Eastern Conference Semi-finals. CUT or UNCUT? Sid chooses uncut. What the hell? As Bronsteter said in a tweet after that game, “Does Lebron believe this is better than the Olympic Gold medal game?” You can’t be crying at this series. He’s been to the finals before!

Really liked the interview with Kelly Hrudey. He’s a great guy and probably one of the nicest sports broadcasters out there. And of course, Hainser’s Corner knocked it out of the ballpark again. I really can’t see the issue with having this guy come on every couple of days while Tim is away. I wonder if Micallef would be up for continuing this when Sid’s gone. Great show, bring on Friday and the weekend. Think about having Paul Brothers in Sid! 9.5/10

The Whisperings of Nay Nay

“The Sean Avery controversy continues, the FIFA Word Cup bid controversy continues, and the drama off the court involving the Lakers continues…to heat up. HAHA, this is gettin’ juicy.” Hello Tim and Sidizens, another hump day has come and gone. Micallef still absent on vacation, but we have a great starting line-up that includes “Man of the Hour” Sid Seixeiro, Bronsteter, Noon, and the lovely lady behind the glass, Nadine Liverpool. Topics which may or may not be discussed include: the Coyotes, Jimmy Howard, Kevin Durant, Sean Avery, Equations, Twitter, Donovan McNabb, Bribery, Winnipeg, and Hainser’s Corner.

First topic Sid jumped right into was the positive response regarding the very first segment called Hainser’s Corner. For those that aren’t aware, Hainser used to be on the show, but was eventually taken off due to some mental issues. However, the guys bring him back from time to time because he’s hilarious. Sid was completely surprised by the response of listeners; “Tim and Sidizens want Ryan Hains. I think we have a winner.” Unfortunately, Hainser was absent today due to contracting both Gonorrhea and Syphilis. But have no fear, Hainser’s Corner will return. Sid’s not to sure when, but it shall happen. During this bit, Sid also did a shout-out regarding this blog…..thanks for the kind words. I’m just trying to build something here, whether it helps in a future career or not. I have the urge to write and throw shit out to the public. With regards to some photos not being “the most complicated photo shop he’s ever seen.”, it’s what I have to work with – iMAC and a trial version of Comic Lite (I’m too cheap to pay the upgrade package). Again, thanks for the support.

Twitter Is the Devil
If you’ve listened to any sports over the last couple of days, you’re well aware of the controversary regarding the usage of twitter by particular athletes, media analysts, and agents. Earlier this week, Sean Avery did a PSA seeking marriage equality for the gay community. Please see video below if you’re unaware or just haven’t seen the public service announcement yet.

The topic of equality and support for gay marriage is not the issue here. The problem that Sid found was that no one could leave it alone and felt they needed to voice their concerns about the PSA over twitter. Todd Reynolds, an agent with Uptown Sports (small NHL agency), and who Sid, “wouldn’t recognize if he ran him over with his fucking car.”, decides to tweet about it. The tweet in question was “Very sad to read Sean Avery’s misguided support of same gender marriage. Legal or not, it will always be wrong.” That tweet, conducted by Reynolds, spread like wildfire. And just when you thought the story was over, a local Sports broadcaster for a big network added fuel to the fire by tweeting his thoughts and was fired from the station today. His tweet basically backed up the words of Reynolds and said he supported his view. In respect of only doing a review of what goes on in the show and following the conduct of Sid, I won’t mention the individual’s name or provide a link. Any sports fan can easily google the story and find out for themselves. I don’t blame Sid or the other guys for not divulging names, etc., Sid’s known the broadcaster for about 15 years – there’s obviously a mutual respect there. “But for him to lose his job for twittering is scary shit.” And twitter hasn’t been friendly to alot of people lately: Chris Douglas-Roberts, Reggie Bush, Rashard Mendenhall, etc.

Obviously the tone of this segment was quite serious; and so it should be. According to Sid, “If you’re an athlete, a member of the media, or an agent that no one fucking knows about, if you’re not comfortable saying something on the television camera – don’t fucking tweet it. If you’re not comfortable saying it into a mic, don’t fucking tweet it. If you’re not careful, you will lose your job because you feel “comfortable.” Sid is throwing down some #realtalk at this point. Noon and Bronsteter agree with Sid completely and believe people need to take better care when on twitter. The guys are well aware that twitter is like a STD, you carry that shit around like luggage. 

The Sid Statute
Finally on to a lighter topic, Sid dove into the NBA playoffs and equations. After little discussion on the MIA/BOS series, Sid specifically wanted to focus on the OKC/MEM series. As you’re probably aware, both teams are locked at 2 games apiece. The “Always Thinking” Sid wanted to come up with an equation that would lead people to believe that a particular 7 game series would be done. For example, Ralph Lawler, radio voice for the L.A Clippers had devised an equation called Lawler’s Law. Basically Ralph’s law says that the first team to 100 points wins, and 92% of the time that’s correct. With the help of Intern, Nadine Liverpool, Sid wanted to figure out “what is the percentage of teams that win the first 3 games in a best of 7 and actually go on to win the series.” With the the help of Nadine’s research skills, she found out that over a five year period (MLB, NBA, NHL), 170 teams that won the first three games went on to win the series and 15 teams actually ended up losing (92%). After Sid annouced the results, Nadine backed up those stats with a firm, “Yes, that is correct.” With the help of Noon and Bronsteter, they boys agreed on calling the equation, Sid’s Statute.

And for those of you who were wondering where that quiet, mysterious voice came from, it was Nadine Liverpool. A die hard sports fan and someone to defintely look out for in the future. My fiancee at the time was shocked to hear a female voice for a change and voiced that she might tune in periodically if more girls were on the show. If you want more of Nadine, I’d advise you to follow her on twitter or on her very own SportsNaytion. In particular, I liked her 2011 March Madness video.

Interesting Facts from Robert “Scorsese” Pizzo
Prior to Pizzo’s update, Rob gave some thoughts on the twitter situation. He agrees with the guys that twitter can be dangerous and makes a good statement, “Nobody is above getting fired.”
1. Patrick Kane has been in the news recently and not for all the right reasons. #1 He showed up at a CHI/ATL game recently with a blackeye. However, the Canucks series finished sometime ago. Bar fight maybe? #2 After dragging a girl back to his house from a bar, Kane did the deed and then proceeded to sleep. The girl was so happy to have conquered the so-called celebrity, she took photos of him sleeping and then went through his bag and took a picture of his passport. What a bitch!
 All the guys agree that this was way CUT!
3. Highschool baseball player, Jaydin Goldenstein, just had 2 games of a lifetime. Down 1 game in the 3 game series, Jaydin went to pitch a no-hitter in game 2. Then in game 3, he hit four homeruns! The special part of this whole story, Jaydin’s mom passed away two days before. You can click on the above link to get the whole story and video.
4. Uncle Tom hater, Jalen Rose, is selling his customized Dukes of Hazzard’s General Lee on Ebay.

Prior to the next segment, Sid had requested Bronsteter to play the Beastie Boys new tune, Make Some Noise. As usual, Aaron came through. I agree with Sid completely – the new stuff sounds like their old stuff, circa 1992. A personal favorite of mine has always been “So Whatcha Want”.

Sid began the next segment with a little bit of talk about Donnovan “DJ” Bennett. Alot of listeners have been requesting DJ to appear on the show while Tim is away. However, unbeknownst to us, Sid was already ahead of the game. Last week sometime, he attempted to sway the powers to be to let this happen. Unfortunately, his attempt was weak – it doesn’t sound like it’s happening. It’s too bad really, DJ is the man behind CUT or UNCUT – that was his thing. Who else would have taught Sid about straight-jeans and fitted?
Conversation then shifted to the recent ruling to allow the Phoenix Coyotes to stay in the Phoenix for another 12 months. The Mayor of Glendale, along with others, have voted to pay the NHL another $25 million to keep the Coyotes in town. Sid sounds pretty pissed and I don’t blame him. Straight from Seixeiro, “The good people of Winnipeg are being bent the fuck over by a league that does not respect you. They didn’t give a fuck about you then, they don’t give a fuck about you now.” Sid also wanted to discuss the recent news regarding the Lakers and FIFA’s allegations of being corrupt (no shit) but he’ll save them for tomorrow. I did some research and the news is pretty interesting. It should be exciting tomorrow. 

Rapid Fire
Solid Rapid Fire brought forth by Bronsteter. I wonder if he’s taking less choices from listeners? Or maybe he’s just screening them a bit better.
What is the most impressive record in the Guiness Book of World Records? Noon chooses tallest twins and Bronsteter picks  the person with really long fingernails. How about the guy who wore the most T-shirts at one time = 121 in total.
Chad Ochocinco has decided that he’s going to give bull-riding a try. What sport would you like to see Ochocinco try next? I agree with Sid and Noon on their answer, Football. He really hasn’t done much of that lately, especially last season.
Some girl cries at the grand opening of the In-And-Out Burger joint. Is there a restaurant that would drive you to tears? Sid loves the Mary Brown’s, but it’s too far for him. You need  to check out the East Coast then – there’s approximately 39 in Newfoundland alone.

Great show by the guys today. I think Sid is finding his groove without having Tim around for back-up. The show’s first segment definitely had a serious tone, but it was well deserved. Twitter is not a personal diary and people, whether in the media or not, need to stop treating it so lightly. Thumbs up to all the guys for their comments on the situation. Today’s episode is getting a 9.5/10.