White Trash & Air Jordans

* I miss these babies….my first pair of sneakers in Gr. 5 – simply amazing.

“Lebron’s back in the finals, Pippen doesn’t back MJ, plus, could Manny Malhotra be back soon for the Canucks? Seriously.”

It’s Friday Tim and Sidizens! Sch-wing! Micallef is absent today and Seixeiro is flying solo, but joined with the sometimes dependable, John Noon and Aaron Bronsteter 😉 Topics for Friday’s afternoon show include: Scottie Pippen, Dwayne Roloson, FIFA, Kevin McHale, Tiki Barber, MJ, Manny Malhotra, Champions League Final, Jamaica, and Shout-outs.

Before the guys got anything going, they had to give a huge shout-out to Mr. Chris Town from Windsor, Ontario. Chris, a big Tim and Sid: Uncut fan, sent an email today requesting a shout-out because his wife was going into labour, approx. in 60 minutes. Sid was both flattered and surprised because here’s a guy whose wife is in the hospital and he’s emailing the show, “You know what, my wife is crowning. I think I need to email Tim and Sid.” Congratulations Chris from all the Tim and Sidizens.

Another Sid rant was also on the horizon during the first part of this show. This morning, Sid went to Tim Hortons for his usual coffee. As he was pulling into the parking lot, there was another car leaving at the same time and Sid noticed that a woman in the passenger side of the vehicle had her barefeet on the dashboard – exposed for Sid to see. Well, holy shit – Sid, you sounded like a princess in this segment. Feet are gross, but you whined like a little bitch. “Feet can go fuck themselves. It’s alright maybe with a little skirt or in stilettos, but you know how to be white trash? Expose your feet.” From the sounds of it, he doesn’t like sandals or girls on the beach who are barefoot. Pansy.

Miami Heat Shock the World
Another important area of focus today was on the Miami Heat’s win over the Chicago Bulls. Sid’s pretty much shocked at what happened – he thought it was going to be a close, physical series, but it wasn’t close at all. The Heat completely shut down the Bulls. Not a lot of people were discussing this team’s defensive abilities last Summer; everything focused around their offense. Sid, regarding the series, “Massive shots by Lebron last night. But it’s the defensive end that is winning these games.” It’s rough week for Chicago – first they lose Oprah and now the Bulls get bounced. There was some focus on who will guard Dirk once the Heat and Mavs meet in the finals. Sid believes that Dirk has been unguardable these playoffs and it’s going to take a team effort to shut him down, Lebron included. Bronsteter threw out a great stat here regarding James’ defense on Rose during the five game series. When guarded by James, Rose shot a horrible 6.3% from the field for the whole series. That’s unheard of – amazing. I’m not a Lebron fan but I’ll give credit where credits due. Thumbs up to Lebron James.

Scottie Pippen Speaks Again
The NBA world was also abuzz with Scottie Pippen’s comments today on Mike & Mike in the Morning. I’ve included a separate blog for this section (see below) to get a further idea of what was said and why I disagree 100%. To sum up Sid’s thoughts, he just thinks that Pippen was completely wrong. “The comments just reek of a guy that got way too excited last night. MJ was an assassin, he worked hard.” And I agree, I don’t think anyone worked harder than Michael Jordan. It could simply be the ramblings of an old athlete who played second fiddle for too long. The guys also chatted briefly about Jordan’s empire and legacy. One area of interest were his Air Jordans. Hands down the coolest BBall shoes out there. My first pair were from the IV series that I got in grade 5…the best ever. Followed by my other favs., my Penny Hardaways.

And finally, loved the shoes but I could have killed that Lil’ Penny fad.

The Man, the Myth, the Legend, Robert Pizzo’s Update
Pizzo agrees with the guys that Pippen’s comments were completely uncalled for and can’t believe Jordan’s ex-right hand man would even make those statements. It would like Sid ripping on Micallef – you just don’t do that.
1. When Lebron James fled the Cavs, there were a lot of people who were critical with his decision – Charles Barkley being one of them. Anyways, during James’ departure, Barkley had a lot of negative things to say. Not long after, Nike called him and were angry about his comments toward Lebron James, their golden boy. If I were Barkley, and not under contract with Nike, I would have told them to go fuck themselves.
2. A Las Vegas douchebag named Jonathan Weaver was recently sentenced to 2 – 6 years in jail for tying up his children (ages 1 and 2) and gagging them so he could go to a bar with friends to watch a televised basketball game.
3. Brian Kingrey recently was awarded $1 million from 2K Sports. Why did he deserve such an award? The guy pitched a perfect game on MLB@K11 Live for the XBOX. Holy Shit!

Fans Suggestions and Comments
To take up some time, Sid dove into some listener emails and tweets. One tweet in particular was from long time listener, James Gleason. He asked if the boys could play a little #__________blowsmorethanthejaysbullpen. Some ideas from the boys included:
– Noon: Lebron’s mom, Pippa
– Sid: Every Kardashian, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Maid
Some other twitter discussion involved the upcoming UFC 130 and possible predictions. Sid threw out some news that there’s a possibility that TUF next year could star Nick Diaz and GSP; that should be a huge show. In regards to UC 130, Sid’s likes Rampage and Frank Mir, while Bronsteter is going with Rampage and Roy Nelson. Noon had some information regarding Rampage from earlier in the day and apparently, Rampage is pretty pissed and is going to come out and fuck some shit up – it’s going to be a war.

Other news from the sports world today involved Manny Malhotra and FIFA. First, it appears that Manny could be back sometime for the Vancouver Canucks during the NHL Stanley Cup Finals. After his eye injury earlier in the year, he was cleared by doctors and given the okay to play. And secondly, FIFA continues to be fucked up. Mohamed bin Hammam, along with other members are being brought before the ethics committee due to accusations of corruption and bribery. The funny tagline, a day later, a nomination will be held to see which one of these guys become president – fuckin’ ridiculous.

Rapid Fire
First up, What We Learned This Week:
– Jamie Foxx owned Doug Williams
– Hainser’s a Lover not a Fighter
– Jay Triano’s job may be in jeopardy
– Bryan Colangelo speaks Kitchen Italian
– Tweeting while on vacation is uncut
– Sid thinks that Tea is foss
– I (Bronsteter) thinks Southern Sweet Tea is boss
– Sid thought My Left Foot was about a guy kicking people’s asses with his left foot

Followed by a little Either OR:
– Lindsey Lohan is currently serving 24 hour house arrest. What would you rather, one week in jail or 1 year under 24 hr. house arrest? I’d have to do the 1 year house arrest – Jail is screwed up…Sid agrees.
– Former WNBA Margo Dydek unfortunately passed away this week. Who was the tallest person you ever met? Sid’s believes it was Yao Ming.

Good Friday show today. It’s unfortunate that Tim was unable to make the show – something came up. I really liked the Q’s and A’s conducted by Sid  from Tim and Sidizens. They are really a fan oriented show – especially in the case of Chris Town – good to see and hear compared to all the other shows out there. In particular, I liked the Jordan chat – huge fan of his and I do believe he was the greatest ever to play in the NBA. Time to get off the sauce Pippen. Great show, another week in the bag 9/10.