Tim and Sidizens: Team Live Deliver Some Video Classics

In true form, you can always count on Tim and Sidizens around the nation to help out with the Tim and Sid: Uncut review blog. I’ve been meaning to post these videos here for awhile, but I honestly kept forgetting to do it until this afternoon during lunch. And since the show is currently on a hiatus, there’s no better time than now. Again, we celebrate everything that is the Tim and Sid: Uncut radio show/podcast so here’s some more great videos from Team Live.

The first video tweeted my way was from Tim and Sidzen, Ross aka @thenxtbabyjesus. He sent me this great clip I’ll call “Hainser Destroys Burger”.

Our second clip was brought to you by our boy Ross once again. It’s an old clip from December 2008 which shows Seixeiro murdering Will Strickland in a little debate during theScore’s The Shot Clock.


Jonas Valanciunas’ Training Camp Update: Off To The Second Round

According to Sportas.delfi.It (lithuanian sports site), it’s been reported that Jonas Valanciunas has made it to the next round of the men’s national basketball team try-outs for the upcoming EuroBasket 2011. The first training camp took place in the city of Druskininkai and players Mindaugas Lukauskis and Arthuras Jomantas were sent home Saturday night.

The remaining 17 potentials, including Jonas, will now pack up and head to Palanga for the second stage of camp that begins Monday. Good luck to Valaciunas from all the Tim and Sidizens.


EuroBasket 2011: Run Jonas, Run!

Uncle Timmy’s favourite new Raptor…wait, he was only presenting facts and shit. But Toronto’s No. 5 pick in this year’s NBA draft, Jonas Valanciunas, has officially begun try-outs with the men’s Lithuanian national team. After his dominating performance at the FIBA U-19 World Championships, it will be interesting to see how Big V. plays against players his own size and who are more skilled than the opponents he faced at the U-19s.

The Lithuanian basketball team physical fitness trainer for the last 37 years, Evaldas Kandratavicius, said he had no complaints so far with the nineteen candidates. Thanks to Google Translate, I was able to break down a little bit of what the trainer had to say so far about training camp (courtesy of Alfa.It sports site):

“The first type of training was lead, and today we tried to simulate runs very similar to those that take place during the basketball game. Therefore, it is normal, if the players said today that they were hotter than the first day.”

Apparently Evaldas likes to run outdoors in the heat and humidty…I’m pretty impressed seeing as most North American teams are prepped inside an air conditioned gymnasium.

“Life does not stop team, each team dvyliktuką mail indicator to others – not. In any case, all received the workload will be useful – everyone will raise their level of physical fitness. So men are willing and no one there is no doubt about what we gathered here. Last year, have received much praise for the almost perfect physical preparation of players.”

Run Jonas, Run! Good luck with the try-outs and from all the Tim and Sidizens, Raptor Nation, and theScore..we wish you all the best. Kick some motherf**kin’ ass.

Tim Sidizen’s Update: Hang Your Head High Hoya Destroya

Several news agencies reported Thursday evening that the Detroit Pistons have named Lawrence Frank as their new head coach and a deal will be made sometime over the weekend. Congratulations Lawrence and all the best with your new venture.

But a big shout-out to NBA Legend Patrick Ewing – assistant coach for the Orlando Magic since 2007 – for finally getting an interview regarding a head coaching position. From what he told the New York Daily News in June, Ewing sounded like a man who was dying for the chance to be a head coach:

“It’s disappointing that I haven’t moved to the next step to getting a head coaching job, but all I can do is keep working hard and keep on preparing myself for whenever that opportunity arises. “I’m not just a big man’s coach. I’m a coach.”

Ewing goes on to say that he feels somewhat pigeonholed as a “big man’s” coach after having success working with Yao Ming in Houston and now Dwight Howard in Orlando – something he believes to be unfair.

But hang in there Ewing – something’s bound to come your way eventually. And don’t settle for just anything…I know David Kahn is looking for someone but it might be best to stay away from that circus.

Another BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut will air this afternoon at 4PM ET. Tune in live at theScore Radio or on SIRIUS Radio Channel 158. Have a good weekend Tim and Sidizens!

NBA Lockout: Then (1998-’99) & Now (2011-’12) #LatrellSprewell

Prior to Tim and Sid: Uncut going on a 2-week hiatus, there was frequent discussion on the impending NBA lockout coming up this season. A lot has changed since the NBA last experienced a lockout and it looks like there’s no stopping another one. In the year 1998, the Denver Broncos won the Superbowl, McGwire and Sosa chased Roger Maris’ homerun record, NHL players participated for the first time in the Olympics, Bruce Willis saved planet Earth (Armagedon), Matchbox Twenty was relevant, and the NBA experienced it’s third ever lockout.

It’s been over 10 years (1998 – ’99) since that lockout took place and with another one on the horizon, I thought it would be fun to play a little NBA: Then and Now.

It seems that Patrick Ewing is sweating a little bit. Not sure it was because he was worried about the upcoming lockout, or the fact that “he’s getting too old for this shit.”

Funny how David Stern looks like he’s hardly aged in over 10 years.

Both Michael Olowokandi and Kyrie Irving were selected at the No. 1 spot in their respective drafts and lockout years. Again, Stern looks like he hasn’t aged…deal with the Devil?

Then: In 1998-’99, Chris Webber was traded from the Washington Wizards to the Sacramento Kings for Mitch Richmond and Otis Thorpe; where he joined newly acquired Peja Stojakovic, Jason Williams, and Vlade Divac. In the shortened lockout season, Webber led the league with 13.0 reb. and helped the Kings make the postseason. Apparently, he was also known to dunk in his better days. According to news sources, Webber was also nailed several times that year for possession of marijuana.

Now: C-Webb is now a TV Analyst for NBA’s TV Gametime Live and serves occassionally as a guest for TNT ‘s Inside the NBA when either Chuck or Kenny are absent.

Then: In the shortened NBA season, Karl Malone continued to play like a beast and was named the season’s MVP. The “Mailman” averaged just over 23 pts. and 9 reb. and helped the Utah Jazz make it to the 2nd round of the playoffs before being outsed by the Portland Trailblazers.

Now: In 2007, Malone joined the basketbal program at Louisiana Tech and recent rumours were that the Mailman and his wife were going to take part in the upcoming season of The Amazing Race (it has since been found that those rumours were false).

Then: In his first season with the Toronto Raptors, Vince Carter was a human highlight reel. After finishing the ’97-’98 season with a record of 16 – 66, Carter, along with several other pieces such as Tracy McGrady, Alvin Williams, and Charles Oakley seemed to give Raptor fans something to cheer for finally. Vince went on to win Rookie of the Year honours by averaging just over 18 pts. and 6 reb. and helped the franchise finish 6th in the Central Division.

Now: In his 14th year in the league, Carter has been plauged by injuries, karma, and prima donna attitude. Now with his fourth team, Carter averaged 13.5 pts. in 51 games this past season for the Phoenix Suns. The highlight reels are less, the vertical has decreased, and old age is creeping up on the forward.

Then: In Tim Duncan’s second year in the league, the centre played an important part of the San Antonio Spurs 1999 NBA Championship. Along with David Robinson, the Twin Towers were a force to be reckoned with and cruised through the playoffs before finishing off the New York Knicks in 5 games. Duncan followed up his rookie season by averaging over 21 pts. and 11 reb. and winning the Finals MVP Award.

Now: Tim Duncan is now in his 14th year in the league with the San Antonio Spurs and has since won 3 more titles since ’99. Again, age and injuries have slowed down the star and he had one of his worst seasons statistically this past season after averaging 13.4 pts. and 8.9 rebs.

Then: After numerous incidents (Carlesimo choking, fight with Jerome Kersey, charged with reckless driving, etc.), Latrell Sprewell was traded to the New York Knicks for John Starks, Chris Mills, and Terry Cummings in early February 1999. In an attempt to shed his bad boy image, Sprewell helped the Knicks make the playoffs and then shock the world by becoming the first 8th seed to make it to the NBA Finals.

Now: Broke, broke, and broke some more. In the mid-2000’s, Sprewell apparently turned down a $32 million / 4-year deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves because he claimed “How am I supposed to feed my family on that?”. He might have been joking but after having to foreclose his house and sell his yacht over the last couple of years, that contract sounds pretty good right now.

Then: Companies such as Nike and Sprite did their best to make light of the NBA lockout and players like Duncan and Hill looked for work through advertisements.

Besides heading overseas to play ball, athletes are using twitter to find work and let employers know they’re available.

Let’s hope for a speedy resolution! It’s going to be a sad time come October when gym lights remain turned off.

Remember Tim and Sidizens, I believe we are on a 6 weekday countdown before Tim and Sid: Uncut return! Hang in there.

Jonas Valanciunas Gets Some Sugar From President Dalia Grybauskaite

As promised Tim and Sidizens, I’m going to be grabbing news from everywhere until Tim, Sid, Noon, Bronsteter, and Pizzo return. Until then, you’re left with me rambling about whatever is available in the sports world. Tonight, I bring you more news about the newest Toronto Raptor, Jonas Valanciunas. If Tim can’t tweet it in fear of backlash, then I’ll post it.

Since Big V helped Lithuania win the FIBA U-19 World Championships, the country has been in party mode. This past Monday, in front of thousands of fans, Valanciunas and his teammates were honoured by Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite in the main square of Vilnius’ Old Town.

During an interview after the celebration, Jonas had some thoughts regarding the Men’s Lithuanian National Team.

* The following excerpt below was taken from a Lithuanian paper and I did my best to translate it. Therefore, the grammar below is out of whack and to prevent trying to alter Jonas’ comments, I decided to leave it as is. You can still make out what he’s saying and it’s clear that he respects the men’s team and understands that making the team will not be a walk in the park. The kid seems to be mature…it’s a good sign.

“Gold medal at the World Basketball Championship in 19-year olds who won the Lithuanian national team leader John Valanciunas going to do everything said to enter the Lithuanian men’s basketball team. He thus acknowledged that access to it will be difficult, because there playing basketball is a lot older and have more experience than the young. 

“Men’s basketball teams begin camp on Sunday. In the evening we will begin all have a choice. Discouraged or not, is present in the team, I do not know. Will try to do everything that patekčiau. If excluded, it will only be greater incentive to engage in more of what I am doing more work. If you are, it will be very happy, I will endeavor to fight and possibly to transport one more victory to Lithuania “, – the President said Mr awards Valanciunas 

Lithuanian youth team captain acknowledged that access to the men’s team will be very difficult. 

“There was a whole different level. It is difficult to compare our and their team, as the men’s team of candidates and our age and experience are very different. Men are a higher caliber than we, the children “, – assured Mr Valanciunas.

Predict the experience of Lithuanian men’s team championship of the country’s young basketball dared to hope. “I think it is very difficult to predict, because the sport is a sport. But all of a burning desire to play and win something, so it can help us, “- said one of the candidates to play in the national Lithuanian men’s basketball team.

Later that evening, the team had a more formal meeting with the President and again showered with medals and accolades.

And for those willing to sit through a video of the above ceremony, feel free to check out below. But if you’re like me, just fast forward to 8:20 of the video.

Congratulations Jonas. If meeting the President isn’t cool enough, you even got some sugar from her. Good luck with the upcoming Lithuanian Men’s National Team – I’ll be pulling for you.

Tristan Thompson, Yao Ming Retires, The “Big E” Invades Update, and Family Ties’ “Uncle Ned”

“Yao Ming picks today to retire.
Toronto’s Bullpen picks a bad time to implode.
And we speak to the 4th overall pick of this year’s NBA Draft.”

Welcome to another episode review of Tim and Sid: Uncut – where you can get all your news, sports, and edu-tainment in one blog. This will be the last official review for a couple of weeks as the boys are only doing Best Of shows for the next little while. Don’t worry though, on behalf of numerous Tim and Sidizens that asked, I will be provide 3 – 4 daily updates of my own in an attempt to keep you entertained. On today’s show, the usual suspects are here. Tim and Sid are present, Bronsteter and Coulson are working behind the glass, and John Noon, “still on vacation and haven’t seen a tweet lately – must be hammered out of his fuckin’ skull; can’t type” is absent. Topics for your edu-tainment from Friday’s show include: Travis Hafner, Yao Ming, Mike Commodore, Steve Stamkos, Kevin Pritchard, Derek Sanderson Jeter, The Decision: One Year Later, a Two-Week Hiatus, AK 47, and Tristan Thompson.

The highlight of today’s show though is the upcoming interview in the second half of Tim and Sid: Uncut with No. 4 selection in the NBA Draft, Canadian born, Tristan Thompson. Sid sounds pretty stoked to be talking with the kid and has already been thinking of some questions. One is particular is: “Honestly, you declare (for the draft), what’s the best case scenario?” They also briefly discuss Cory Joseph and the fact that he was selected by the San Antonio Spurs in the first round. “Do you think he survives Gregg Popovich?”, asks Sid. Tim believes that Joseph’s basketball IQ is what helped him get drafted and is what will help him get along and produce for Coach Pop. We’ll get to highlights from the Thompson interview later on in the review.


The Yao Ming Song

First off, I’d advise you to listen to this section of the show on podcast. During the above song, Bronsteter had Hainser periodically say “Is Retired!”. It’s a hilarious part of the show that is not to be missed. “Fuck, you’re a regular Phil Jackson back there aren’t ya.”, Seixeiro said to Bronsteter. But back to Yao, it appears that the 31 year old centre has decided to hang up his sneakers, “31 in September, but his feet are 62.”, said Sid. It sounds sad, but it’s true – injuries seemed to push Yao to retirement and many people who follow the NBA can’t be too shocked because the 7 FT 6″ big man has been battling problems with his left foot for several years now. Tim goes on to say that he believes Yao’s “crowning moment” was during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. If you remember correctly, that was the same year he had surgery on his foot, but vowed to still play for his country. He would not be stopped; from an international marketing standpoint, he had lots of pressure from China. Whether Yao will ever admit it or not, many of his decisions were led or determined by his home country and I truly believe at times he felt like he had the weight of China on his shoulders.

At this stage, the guys chat a little about Yao’s wife and how he met her and Tim reads out a section from Yao’s Wikipedia page, “Yao is married to Ye Li, a women’s basketball player for China. He met her when he was 17 years old. Ye was not fond of Yao at first, but finally accepted him after he gave her the team pins he had collected during the 2000 Summer Olympics. She is the only woman he’s ever dated.” The boys have a good chuckle about the pins story and Sid cries out, “Fuck you Miss Texas with your ring in the mail. You don’t know what love is all about.” Other areas discussed on Yao include: He led Forbes list for income and popularity for 6 straight years, China may demand Yao to breed to make more basketball players, he bought his old team – the Shanghai Sharks, the myth that his parents were asked to have intercourse – Yao being the product, and finally, the high fives between his parents, himself, and his agent has to be one of the funniest things ever witnessed on the NBA draft night. Please see blurry photo below and click here for the full video.

250 vs. 300 & 400
Micallef also brought up the fact that today’s show was #251 for the Tim and Sid: Uncut radio show/podcast. I’ve been harping on this fact all week but it seems no one at theScore besides Tim and Sid really cared. Bronsteter didn’t think that it really mattered because it seems that 300 and 400 are more important to him. I kind of disagree though because 250 is half of 500 and many show productions don’t even make it to 200. Either way, congrats Tim and Sid. Tim also brings up the fact that they’ll be on a two week break coming Monday; during that time, they’ll be airing 2 weeks worth of BEST OF shows. Don’t miss it!

1980’s T.V Show Themes
Before Rapid Fire, the boys take a little trip down memory lane. I tweeted to them that Alan Thicke only had 166 episodes with Growing Pains and they should be proud because they’ve destroyed him in totals. Sid starts singing the Growing Pains theme song and both guys believe that all those television themes from the 80’s were terribly cheesy. From here, they go into the Family Ties theme and Tim pretty much sings the entire track.

Other tidbits from the t.v. show remembrance include: You should hide buffets from Tina Yothers, Mallory from Family Ties could get it, Tom Hanks played Uncle Ned and was creepy as fuck, and “Tits MaGee” Brewster, from Punky Brewster is hot, “Do you know how much 13 year old semen was spilt over Punky Brewster?”, cried Sid. “Hold on, hold on! When she grew up!”, replied Tim.

Interesting Facts From THE BIG E, Eric Cohen
Rob Pizzo is currently in Montreal for his brother’s Bachelor Party. Dead or Alive? We don’t know. However, the guys brought in broadcaster for theScore, Eric Cohen. Cohen did a solid job with update but he had his own little twist; asking the guys questions, it kind of sounded like Rapid Fire.
1. Jason Goodwin has filed a claim against the PGA Tour for infringing upon his civil rights. He attended a PGA event wearing a full-sized tiger costume to support his favorite player, but after Tiger Woods’ playing partner Angel Cabrera complained to rules officials, Goodwin was promptly ejected. Now he’s taking the PGA to court and looking to get paid. I hope this is a big fail on his part – the courts would be foolish to let this douche get any money.
2. It looks like Roy Williams will get his ring back from Miss Texas, Brooke Daniels, after she turned down his engagement proposal and still kept the ring. It was found at her father’s house after insurance agents got involved.
3. For personal reasons, the BIG E is not happy that employees of theScore have to pay $200 a month to park at work. However, after finding out that the Four Seasons in Yorkville are offering parking spots at a pricetag of $100,000 per year, he’s kind of okay with it now. What the hell!

Tristan Thompson Joins Tim and Sid: Uncut

The ANTHEMKardinal Offishall

Today’s guest in during the second half of the show is Brampton, Ontario native Tristan Thompson. Thompson was selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers at the No. 4 spot in this year’s NBA draft. Before the boys get into the meat of the interview, they ask Tristan about the update that Cohen presented earlier regarding parking that costs $100,000. Tristan starts laughing and says that it’s not in his budget; he hasn’t even found a place to live yet. As of right now, he’s going to wait until the lockout is over. God knows when that will happen. Tim starts the interview by bringing up the story about Tristan’s mother and her vision. Apparently, she had a vision that Tristan would one day play for Cleveland – she said she saw him in a Cavaliers jersey. “So when your mom said you’re going fourth, you said you’re crazy?”, asked Tim jokingly. Tristan said that he didn’t call her crazy but realized that if her vision was true, he better get to work, especially if he wants to battle for a starting spot on the roster. Sid chimes in then and asks Tristan, “When you declared (NBA Draft), what would have made you happy at that moment?” If anything, Tristan said he believed that he could go anywhere in the Top 8 or Top 10.  But when the deadline for taking your name out of the draft passed, he started getting word that he could be picked anywhere in the Top 5. It was then that he believed he could go high in the draft. Discussion then flows into the night of the draft and Tim asks Tristan what it was like going up to meet David Stern when his name was called. “First off, my mom is a keeper.” (she did predict right) and second, he was happy that all the work had paid off. After 20 years of putting in time and trying to achieve his goal, his dream finally came true. Tristan also discussed the upcoming lockout and called it a “double-edged sword”. While he’s excited and eager to officially start his NBA career, this lockout gives him the opportunity to go back to school and continue working on his degree. When he’s not in school, he’s practicing with fellow Canadian Cory Joseph, John Lucas, and several NBA players. And speaking of Joseph, Tristan chimes in that he’s very happy that his Texas teammate was selected in the first round. He believes that Cory and Gregg Popovich will get along because Cory is mentally strong and can succeed under the guidance of a Player’s Coach. Sid goes on to ask Tristan if he has any particular goals right now? According to Tristan, the goals for him right now are to keep getting better, help the team get W’s when the season starts, and prove people that didn’t agree with him going at No. 4 spot wrong. He also is working hard on his free-throw; Thompson doesn’t have the greatest percentage from the charity stripe but understands that in his position – banging the boards, etc – he’ll be at the line often and he understands the importance of him hitting those freebies.

Tim and Sid then get into the part of the interview that I was looking forward to listening too. Sid asks Tristan whether or not he still feels like he wants to play for and represent Canada, now that’s he’s been selected by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Tristan says that he’s completely willing to represent our country and looking forward to wearing the Red and White for Coach Tree Rollins. Tristan goes on to say that’s he’s committed to the program and feels he could be the leader of Team Canada, sort of how Steve Nash was once the poster boy for the program. From the sounds of it, Tristan believes that Team Canada could have international success in the future. Great interview guys – glad to hear him talk about the NBA and his commitment to Canada Basketball.

Things We Learned This Week
1. I (Bronsteter) have no future when it comes to being an on-air personality.
2. Our listenters recognize Hainser in public.
3. 12 Grain Bagels and Double Chocolate Donuts are similar health-wise.
4. Poison, This Is How We Do It, and Return Of The Mack are big chunes.
5. Carleton could afford to be better communicators.
6. George Laraque is a terrible goalie.
7. Tim and Sid: Uncut is not the type of show that stereotypes people.

Rapid Fire
Unfortunately, Bronsteter didn’t have a whole lot of time for Rapid Fire, but he did manage to squeeze out a couple of great CUT or UNCUT questions before time ran out.
– First one was submitted by a Tim and Sidizen, @BOKNOWSPORTS. Wearing a tie on your head when drunk at a wedding. CUT or UNCUT? I think this is CUT unless you’re a douche or like being the centre of attention. I think it’s a fad that has passed.
– Live tweeting from a concert. CUT or UNCUT? I’m going to say UNCUT. Twitter is news nowadays and for example, I was at the Soundgarden concert last week and I sent my friend updates periodically from the show.
– Synthetic Bacon Bits. CUT or UNCUT? You want me to answer this? It’s completely CUT.
Renting Golf Clubs. CUT or UNCUT? UNCUT. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I was in Florida one time and randomly decided to go golfing. What else was I going to use?
– Wearing a long sleeve shirt with shorts. CUT or UNCUT? This is UNCUT. You might need a long sleeve during those colder, breezy days.
– Wearing knock-off Designer Shoes. CUT or UNCUT? I don’t think I really care so I’ll say UNCUT. If they want to wear them, go ahead. If a guy complains about that, he’s got an issue because he’s got a vagine.

Most random show in a while. There was a little bit of everything….Basketball, 80’s TV shows, Yao Ming, Chinese Birthing Laws, Uncle Ned, and the list goes on – lots of sports and edu-tainment. I was glad the boys discussed Yao Ming and his upcoming retirement. I liked watching the guy play and they gave him a proper, but funny, adios. Eric Cohen came through with a solid Update. He brought forth some interesting stories and I would have no problem with him stepping in from time to time when Pizzo is absent. Highlight of today’s show was the interview with Tristan Thompson. Great to hear the kid talk and I look forward to watching him play in the future. I was especially happy to hear about his commitment to the Canada Basketball program and if anything, I think he could be the one to lead Canada back to the Olympics. Solid show today boys  – seeing as it’s your last one for two weeks 10/10.