The Final TimSidizen Cut or Uncut Blog Entry: “On To The Next One”

Alright, so I’ve been holding this off. Maybe it was just me being lazy or just the fact that I didn’t want to accept the fact that Tim and Sid: Uncut were no longer on the air. But it’s true, Tim Micallef, Sid Seixeiro, Rob Pizzo, John Noon, & Aaron Bronsteter, our favourite dudes to hang with everyday at 4PM, are no longer on the air or working the podcast. I’ve been getting a lot of mail of late requesting answers, delivering hate, or just plain out being a bitch for either selfish reasons or just because they love being a troll in their mom’s basement. I can get into a big ol’ entry about why I think this happened or demand they come back on air, but as with anything, it’s important to always look on the bright side. Change is good, change is positive, change always brought me a new girlfriend. Jay-Z says it best, “I’m on to the next one, on to the next.

In all seriousness though, it was a fun ride and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the show, working on the blog, and interacting with the guys. All of them, Tim, Sid, Rob, John, & Aaron were well receptive of the reviews and without their constant encouragement, I may have not stuck it out for so long. Each of them in their own right are solid dudes and gave me nothing but respect – and in the world of television and radio, that’s hard to come by at times.

Another big thank you also goes out to all the TimandSid-izens who would check in on the site on a regular basis. Starting with only approx. 10 views a day, it eventually rose to 400 views a day and way beyond anything I ever expected and the comments/feedback I received from you guys was unbelievable. It was meant to be a place for fans of the show to come and experience Tim and Sid: Uncut outside of the 4-5PM slot and all signs point to the fact that it did just that. But again, without you guys, the TimandSid-izens, this site was nothing.

Whether some of the “starting five” stay with theScore or move on, I wish all five of them nothing but success for the future with whatever they choose to do and I look forward to seeing them pop up wherever it may be. Good things happen to those who put in work, and Aaron, Rob, John, Sid, & Tim all put in hard work every day in order to keep us edu-tained in the world of sports & pop culture. You don’t become the #1 sports podcast in the nation for nothing. Until next time…shkeef ya later bitches!

Big thanks to the boys & all the listeners,
Toby (TimSidizen)

Final Laugh:

As most of the TimandSid-izens know, from time to time, I’ll throw up the photo of Micallef’s audition tape to show how long he’s been working with theScore. Unfortunately, I never had a photo of Sid from the early days of his career. Well, it’s only fitting that a secret listener who asked to remain nameless sent me this over the weekend. A final laugh to go out on with the last post for Cut or Uncut blog. A pre-Gabby’s photo.


Remembering Hainser’s Corner: Follow The Man, The Myth, & The Legend On Twitter @RynoHainser

Hainser’s Corner Theme Song

Dear TimandSid-izens,

On Friday August 19th, 2011, TimandSid-izens sadly experienced their very last episode of Hainser’s Corner on Tim and Sid: Uncut; starring our favourite “man of mystery”, Ryan Hains. The first ever Hainser’s Corner aired on May 10th, 2011 and quickly rose to be one of the TimandSid-izens favourite segments during the show – spinning 11 episodes. The formula was simple: put Hainser in the room and have him answer rapid fire/CNN-esque types of questions and see how he would respond under pressure. Sometimes his answers were whack, but most of the time he delivered pure gold. While we kid around him most of the time, it’s important to let him know that we’ll miss you. He was a stellar dude who came to work everyday and brought nothing but his A game. This is not a good-bye, but a see you later as I’m confident great things are in his future. All the best Hains! Keep it real brother!

Tim Sidizen

In the meantime, let’s look back, reflect, and remember everything about our boy Ryan Hains. Follow him on twitter: @RynoHainser

Hainser T-Shirt Design
Hainser became so popular with the TimandSid-izens, a clothing line was started in his honour. Unfortunately, details on production and distribution are still unknown.

#Hainser’s Dictionary
A favourite of many TimandSid-izens was Hainser’s use of the English language. Words such as Hi-Jinx, Scrilla, and Brother were made popular by the man himself. Check out below for some of Hainser’s most used terms.

Ballpen: should of been bullpen; area where relief pitchers warmup.
Boa Constructor: should of been boa constrictor; an accessory possibly worn by Hains’ last girlfriend.
Brother: term used to describe friend, companion; made popular by WWF star Hulk Hogan.
Beastings: should of been bee stings; small breasts.
Cheetah Power Surge: a caffeine-free source of energy.
Infanticide: the homicide of an infant.
Erroneous: Wrong; incorrect.
Frank D’Angelo: Canadian personality; Ryan Hains’ nemisis.
Flowing: should have been floating; Hains’ used the expression “Lots of stories flowing around about me.”
Gastronomical: relating to gastronomy; art of good eating.
Golden Tee: most successful coin-operated golfing video game.
Holy Shiznit: slang term to replace Holy Shit.
Hi-Jinx: a joke, comical act, or practical joke.
Libertarian: Hains’ political views; a philosophy that upholds individual liberty.
Oranginas: a Ryan Hains approved morning drink.
Pennies in a knot: should of been panties; upset, bothered.
Procure: to obtain (something), esp. with care or effort.
Saunter: walk in a slow, relaxed manner, without hurry or effort.
Sidney: endearing name used for Sid Seixeiro.
Scrilla: money, paper,fetti,chedda, phrase coined by E-40.
Svelte: adj. (of a person) slender and elegant.
Tuborg: light amber coloured premium lager with an unexpectedly soft, slightly sweet taste.
Yo: slang term for hello, hi.

Hainser’s Corner Episode Guide
What was once thought to be a one time thing turned into 11 episodes of Hainser’s Corner. TimandSid-izens demanded that Hainser show up and he always came through.

Hainser’s Corner Epis. 11: “Hainser Saunters Over For a Beer”
Hainser’s Corner Epis. 10: “Hainser Tries To Steal A Bagel”
Hainser’s Corner Epis. 9: “Hainser’s Canada Day Special”
Hainser’s Corner Epis. 8: “CUT or UNCUT”
Hainser’s Corner Epis. 7: “Hainser’s Stanley Cup Finals”
Hainser’s Corner Epis. 6: “Hainser vs. Frank D’Angelo”
Hainser’s Corner Epis. 5: “Hainser Steals Sid’s Pants”
Hainser’s Corner Epis. 4: “Hainser Loves Khloe Kardashian”
Hainser’s Corner Epis. 3: “Hainser & Nice Girls”
Hainser’s Corner Epis. 2: “Hainser’s Disgust For Star Jones”
Hainser’s Corner Epis. 1: “The First Ever Hainser’s Corner”

Hainser’s Judges An Asian Beauty Contes
During one of his MC events, a little introduction of all the Beauties of Asia from Hainser.

You can check out Hainser here near the end sizing up the competition. Did you get a number brother?

Hainser Soundbites
Hainser was definitely one of the best at delivering some strange and hilarious soundbites. Whether he was singing a tune, screaming his twitter handle, or giving his insight into pop culture, he always provided laughs.

Hainser’s Tribute To Nate Dogg

Two Minute Tribute To Hainser

Hainser Destroys A Burger: Courtesy Of A Loyal TimandSid-izen
The following clip was sent in by a TimandSid-izen and it speaks for itself.

Hainser and Bronsteter Dance-Off At theScore Summer Party
What’s a little Summer Party without some dancing?

Ryan Hains On TOUT
Hainser was also popular in the world of Tout. Thanks to Aaron Bronsteter, Hains delivered some good times.

1. Hainser Watching Golden Tee Videos

2. Hainser Challenges the World To a game Golden Tee

3. Hainser Enjoys a Sandwich

4. Hainser Loves the Padres

5. Hainser is introduced to TOUT

Other than that, there’s really nothing left to say. I met Ryan during one of my visits at theScore and the guy is exactly who we hear on the radio. He’s a barrel of laughs, has a heart of gold, and will be there if needed. Here’s to you Hainser – you shall be missed. A long-time listener and devoted TimandSid-izen summed it up best on Friday’s show:

Dear @SiriusCanada & @XMCanada: Getting Rid of theScore Radio = #Fail

Sirius Canada and XM Canada Complete Merger

Tuesday June 21, 2011

Toronto, Ontario, June 21, 2011 – Canadian Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. (CSR, TSX:XSR), the parent company of XM Canada, and Sirius Canada Inc., is pleased to announce that the organizations have completed the merger announced in November 2010 (the “Merger”). Operating as SiriusXM Canada, the newly merged entity will have more than 1.8 million subscribers and form one of the country’s leading media companies. The combined company’s stock will continue to be traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “XSR”.

“The newly merged entity will have more than 1.8 million subscribers” is a false statement. As of last month, my parents and I cancelled our subscriptions. Plus, there’s a good chance that many of the listeners and fans of theScore Radio cancelled as well. Once September 1st rolls around, you might have 1 million subscribers.

“Today’s news brings us to an exciting conclusion of a process we started late last year,” commented Mark Redmond, President and CEO of SiriusXM Canada. “With this combination we have created a powerful Canadian media company with more than 1.8 million subscribers that is among the largest subscription entertainment companies in Canada. Today, SiriusXM Canada is stronger financially and well positioned to succeed in the highly competitive audio entertainment industry. Our increased size will bring a renewed focus to our strategy to lead the in-car entertainment experience as well as mobile and online listening.”

Two points here. First, your statistic of 1.8 million subscribers is incorrect again – I cancelled my subscription along with many other people I know. And two, removing theScore Radio Channel will not lead to a better in-car entertainment experience. It only makes it worse. What station are Canadian sport fans going to tune into now to get their sports fix? theScore Radio aired the #1 sports podcast in the nation, Tim and Sid: Uncut on it’s schedule, and since you dropped it, you can no longer say that you have all the best content available. 

“While both companies have enjoyed much success since the launch of the category in 2005, the growth opportunities for SiriusXM Canada are tremendous,” noted John Bitove, Chairman of SiriusXM Canada. “Our partnerships with all of the major automotive manufacturers will be a key catalyst to our growth.”

You speak some truth here. Sirius did in fact enjoy success since their launch, but theScore Radio played a key part when it came to sports broadcasting.

As a combined organization, SiriusXM Canada will have a total subscriber base of over 1.8 million. On a trailing 12-month basis (ending August 31st, 2010), the combined company will have pro forma revenues of approximately $200 million, and pro forma adjusted EBITDA of approximately $3.7 million. Not only is the merger expected to yield synergies of approximately $20 million within 18 months, the company will benefit from accelerated growth and a laser-focus on the subscriber experience.

Again, that silly 1.8 million subscribers stat. If that decreases, which it has, all your other numbers decrease as well.

The merged company will continue to have a strong presence at more than 3,000 retail locations, an expanding online/mobile offering, and its radios will be factory installed in more than 800,000 vehicles sold in Canada this year.

I’m glad to hear that you’ll be intstalled in more than 800,000 vehicles sold in Canada this year. The sad part of that is…let’s hypothetically say that 300,000 of those are purchased by sport fans and listeners of theScore Radio. You’re not going to make very many people happy when they hop in their cars on September 1st, and realize they can’t access channel 158.

Canadian consumers will benefit from this merger in several ways over the coming months. To start, SiriusXM Canada will be launching a new channel dedicated to Aboriginal content by September of this year. “We’re excited about the launch of this new channel which further demonstrates our commitment to the diverse cultural makeup of Canadian content,” said Redmond.

What about the sports fan?

“We also look forward to the introduction of an interoperable receiver later this year, allowing customers to subscribe to either or both of the two services. SiriusXM Canada has the most exciting audio entertainment content available anywhere. We’ll continue to listen to what our subscribers want from us, we’ll deliver the best music and entertainment listening experience anywhere,” said Redmond.

Wrong, you don’t have the most exciting audio entertainment content available anywhere and no, you haven’t listened to what your subscribers want in their satellite radio. I spoke with many listeners of theScore Radio who contacted your customer service line and they were told to tune into ESPN instead. Is that how you treat paying customers? By dismissing them?

The merger will have no immediate effect on the current service coverage or existing radios, and in the near term, customers can expect to interact with each company as they always have.

This is what I like to call “straight foss” or “smells like shkeef”. This merger does affect how I listen to my radio and yes it does affect how I interact with the company.

“We will work quickly to integrate the two companies, creating a best-in-class management team and employee base,” said Redmond. “The opportunity in front of us is huge; for our shareholders, our employees, our partners, and most of all, our customers.”

SiriusXM Canada is the country’s leading audio entertainment company and broadcasts more than 120 satellite radio channels featuring premier sports, news, talk, entertainment and commercial-free music. SiriusXM Canada offers an array of content from the most recognized news and entertainment brands as well as from professional sports leagues including the NHL, NFL, MLB and CFL.

theScore Radio was one of the most recognized sports stations in Canada. You don’t have it anymore.

SiriusXM programming is available on a variety of devices including pre-installed and after-market radios in cars, trucks and boats, smartphones and mobile devices, and consumer electronics products for homes and offices. Sirius XM programming is also available online at and and on Apple, BlackBerry and Android-powered mobile devices.

It’s not available anymore in two households that I know of for sure. Mine and the parents vehicle in Newfoundland. They cancelled this past weekend out of disgust.

I’m proud to be Canadian. We have the Tragically Hip, Beavertails, and theScore Radio – this is as Canadian as it gets. Bring back my radio please!

If you want to let them know how you feel free to send them an email or phone call:
In Canada: 1-888-539-7474
In the U.S.: 1-866-635-2349

Then and Now: The Very First Tim and Sid: Uncut Review

I had a funny email from TimandSid-izen Nathan Jones last week (he said it was okay to give him a shout-out) suggesting that I should post the very first Tim and Sid: Uncut review ever done – just to compare how they were written then to now. Wow – what a difference. From the looks of it below, it may have only taken me 30 mintues to complete. The reviews were short, the graphics were small, and it definitely lacked content.

So check it out, it’s pretty entertaining…if anything, it brings back some great memories.

Tim and Sid: Uncut Review from April 23rd, 2011

Kung Fu & Vagine-aholics

After an eventful Easter weekend, the boys behind Tim and Sid: Uncut came out swinging. With all the parity that has been taking place in the NBA and NHL playoffs, there was no shortage of topics – from Luongo getting benched and Chris Paul putting up Superman numbers, 1 hr. just didn’t seem long enough.

But with most T & S shows, the boys tend to begin discussion with what I like to call, “The Warmup” (a random topic or discussion that warrants immediate attention). In today’s case, someone tweeted asking for Tim, Sid, and DJ to attend their upcoming wedding. A funny intro. and it definitely shows how much these guys are loved, but if I ever suggested such a thing (I get married in Dec.2011), my fiancee would probably respond with a “Hells no! #You’reF’nNuts.” Sorry guys, no invite this way.

Are the Canucks Having Their Period?
The big topic of today’s show surrounded around the goalie change in game 6 between the Vancouver Canucks and Chicago Blackhawks. In something that could only be scripted in a reality t.v. show, Canucks starter Roberto Luongo was benched in favour of seldom used goalie (25 gms.) Cory Schneider. After serveral subpar performances from Luongo, the Blackhawks had climbed back into the series after being down 3-0 and Vigneault was in favor of changing it up. There were reports that diva Luongo then proceeded to sulk in the locker room and didn’t even warm up. The kicker of this whole situation was that Schneider cramped up and had to be replaced later in the game. It’s bad enough that you just mind-fucked your starting goaltender, but now you’re asking him to enter the game. And what the hell Schneider? You’re a professional athlete, thrown into one of the biggest games of your career, and you have dehydration issues? Drink some damn water.

Tim and Sid both had some very good points and questions regarding the Canucks decision and the possible outcome should the Canucks lose in game 7. Did they make the goalie change due to the pressue/paranoia? Where the fuck are the Sedins? Does Vigneault lose his job if the Blackhawks come back from a 3-0 deficit? What about Lui? He’s contracted until 2022? My own thought is that if the Canucks lose tonight, the city of Vancouver is going to burn, Detroit style.

Some interesting facts from Pizzo’s update:
1. Pizzo is not a Turkey guy. WTF Pizzo? Let me guess, you don’t like babies too.
2. Bosh’s possible marriage was discussed and it’s apparent that Tim has some built up anger against Bosh. Then again, so do I – he’s a bitch.
3. Tim hates it when Sid leaves the booth for any period of time.

The Beastie Boys’ new album was briefly discussed. Their “Fight For Your Right – Revisited” is a huge hit online. I’d advise checking it out when you get a chance.

NBA Playoffs
Tim generally brings the heat when it comes to NBA talk. Today was no different – big ticket items including his man crush on Chris Paul (I can’t blame him), Celtics sweep, and the Raptors cast-offs. As a Toronto fan, this topic burns me especially. Personally, it clearly shows a lack of ability on management’s part to efficiently use the guys they bring in. Another interesting tidbit from this segment was Tim’s discussion on how “Delonte West is better than any of the Miami Heat’s guards.” I fully agree with him 100% – but what intrigues me more is the reunion of West and Jame’s mom. Do they have a pre-game quicke at the nearest 7-11?

Rapid Fire
Great, random rapid fire from Bronsteter…….
EA’s Madden Cover: I’d like to see Michael Vick on there personally.
Tiger Jam: Sounds like a pornstar’s dream. Apparently Urban and Mayer are performing. Question was who gets the most vagine? I think it’s more about quality really and something that Mayer out does Urban on. Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson to name a few.
Arrow vs. Skor: I’m an Arrow guy. Skor can get stuck in your teeth

Great show by the Tim and Sid: Uncut team. Would have liked to have heard Bronsteter or Pizzo a bit more – 3 way conversations seem to be when the show is at it’s funniest. 9/10

Like A Templar Knight, Sid Seixeiro Takes To The Field For Rock The Pitch

Like a Jedi Knight, no…better than that, a Templar Knight. This is a flash of pure inspiration and let me tip my hat to the genesis of this goal, Seixeiro…This is a bravado of a goooooooooooooaaal.

Athletes for Africa is Canada’s only athlete driven organization dedicated to making a difference in Africa’s most under-developed regions. The organization is not exporting sport, but using sport to help fundraise and support the infrastructure projects and sustainable development solutions Africa needs to help with poverty, famine, and disease.

Along with several other Score employees, Tim and Sid: Uncut-ville residents Sid Seixeiro and Nadine Liverpool are also taking part in the event and will be part of the Footy Show FC roster. At this point I have no idea what position Seixeiro will be playing – I almost picture him as a Finisher; a forward/striker who has the ability to “put away” or score when Dobby or Sharman give him the ball. Maybe somewhere he doesn’t have to run that much?

Micallef was actually part of the event last year and was the goal keeper. You can check out coverage of the event by clicking here and from the looks of it, there was no way in hell Uncle Timmy was going to drop any lyrical masterpieces for Paul Brothers.

But if you want to support the Tim and Sid: Uncut crew or any other of theScore members on the Footy Show FC roster, it’s for a good cause. The action takes place on Saturday August 20th, 2011 9:00am at Lamport Stadium and I’m pretty Sid won’t be signing autographs.

Tim Micallef Is Dropping Some Serious “Scrilla”

Since the reviews of Tim and Sid: Uncut have moved to the official blog, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate everything that is Tim and Sid, theScore, and Tim and Sid: Uncut. It’s all about making theScore the #1 spot to get all your sports information.

Last week Uncle Timmy announced that he will be on an upcoming episode of theScore‘s BET Night Live which focuses directly on the wagering component of racing, for standardbred racing. It’s all for a good cause and I hope Tim throws down some serious wagers in hopes of making the scrilla (Check out #Hainsers Dictionary for the definition). So from all the TimandSid-izens, we wish Tim good luck.

First There Was @Sid_Seixeiro’s Statute…Now We Have Lawrie’s Law

Remember Sid’s Statute? Well our boy came up with a new law on Thursday called Lawrie’s Law.

“Brett Lawrie gets a hit…Jays win. It’s the law.” – Sid Seixeiro

I know the predictability stat is only working on a four game sample, but it’s holding up nonetheless. Book It!