Rimas Kaukenas Who? Jonas Valanciunas Has A Hip-Hop Song Written About Him!

Charlee Redz who? Rimas Kaukenas who?

Just when I was getting ready to post a quick write-up on how Jonas Valanciunas did in today’s opening game against Great Britain at the European championships today, I find this piece of gold.

Who cares if the kid only recorded 0 pts., 2 reb., 0 ast. in today’s game. He’s got a f**kin’ hip-hop song written about him. It looks like a hip-hop duo out of Miami, Florida named O’Grime and L.Rey have taken a liking to the Lithuanian beast, Big V.

Whether you hate it or not, I really don’t care. I actually think it’s kind of catchy and will be singing this tune for the next couple of days. Hello new ringtone….

“…gold medals like Jonas Valanciunas…oh my God, so much potential.”


Social Networks = Ladies For Jonas Valanciunas

In an attempt to provide TimandSid-izens with some sports and edu-tainment news before Tim and Sid: Uncut return this afternoon, here’s a little Valanciunas interview to keep you up-to-date on what the big man is up to. As mentioned last week, the newest Toronto Raptor, Jonas Valanciunas, made the first cut and is 1 of 17 remaining players competing for a spot on the men’s national Lithuanian basketball team. The team is prepping for the upcoming EuroBasket 2011 and players arrived in Palanga earlier this week for the start of the second stage of training camp.

After doing some research this morning during my break, I was able to find an interview conducted by a reporter from sportacentrs.com who sat down with Big V to discuss basketball, growing up, social media, and his rise in popularity over the last few months. I think Uncle Timmy wanted to tweet the article himself or at least provide some feedback, but in fear of being “murdered” on twitter, he probably just kept it to himself. #JustTheFacts #CalmDown #Ha. But feel free to shit on me, I can take it.

Below are a couple of excerpts from the interview.

This summer has been very busy for you?

“In fact, busy and outdoors, and my life … I started the school-leaving exams, end men’s team. And among all this is America and NBA renginukas was then – the world championship. Really difficult summer, but I hope to handle.”

You’re hoping for one more victory at the European Championships in September, with the men’s team?

“It would be quite good! Championship will take place in Lithuania – will try to show what we can. Effort must be made, and success will come.”

Of those who are invited to attend the first workout, you’re the youngest?

“Yes, they probably need to wear inside bar (laughs).” (I’m guessing he’s just referring to the fact that he won’t be able to go clubbing)

Some players training with the squad will be assisted by the fact that they already have a ticket to the NBA. Did you always want to make it to the NBA?

“The sound can not name even as neįsivaizduodavau that one day I can get there. My goal was Lithuania’s top league. Then I saw that if I will work, and I get to the NBA. Then I started to dream about it.”

And that dream came true very soon!

“That’s good! I can dream about something else. I do not know how to be in the future, but for now all my thoughts and plans associated solely with basketball.”

I understand you have to spend another year in Lithuania. It is disappointing that you’re not going to Toronto in the Fall?

“Or no because I Vilnius – their own city. Very nice to stay here for another year. In addition, the NBA lockout now. So I think my – the best option.”

How is your English?

“On me all the drives that do not know English, but I will try to upgrade by a year (laughs).”

I heard your mother took you to your first training session. How old were you?

“Nine. Most wanted to play basketball. Maybe a good thing that I tried. Ten years ago, the live and still I find the motivation, why can not I get tired of basketball. The desire to push forward to achieve something.”

* Valanciunas playing some street ball on home court in Vilnius

At an early age, you had to become very independent. Where you a tidy person?

“Did not prepare the food – to eat in cafes and canteens. And all the other household chores had to learn. Had to call mother and advise on matters relating to health care, and advice on all kinds of washes. Mother is taught to prepare steaks. I fry them well.”

What drink is Valanciunas choosing?


Do you drink anything stronger?

“Do I take and can I say? Well, champagne (laughs) …”

It is obvious that your summer vacation has not been similar to those in the past.

“I tried after the World Cup, as far as I could relax. I had to do it very quickly, because there are matters … If you are more free time to relax in the warm skrisčiau edges. Part of the holiday with her parents praleisčiau Utena. I like fishing. During the season, maybe more difficult to find time for ice-fishing is not very engaged. Fished for the summer. But not to anything pagaučiau – that pabūčiau nature atsipalaiduočiau. Still I run fish. More than a catch – I am interested in the process.”

After the ceremony honoring the FIBA U-19 world champions in Vilnius Town Hall Square in Lithuania, it’s hard to believe that you don’t have lots of girlfriends.

“It was just a joke. A friend can not look – it will come naturally. If you seek is not available.”

Has social networks attracted a lot of attention from girls?

“Not crazy, but no complaints.”

Is there someone that can say they have your heart?

“I do not stereotype, it should be and that I liked. Everyone is different. One can draw some respects, on the other – the other. It is important that a good man.”

You have a lot of leadership qualities. What was it like to be elected the captain of the U-19 team?

“Elected captain of the team. Men’s trusted and spent last year in office. I was it this year. Being a captain has no special status – you’re a team player as well as the others. Just get the additional duties. Sometimes guys need to try to concentrate. World Championship defeat of the Croats, head spinning, you do that chebrytė nepalūžtų and we go on. Players are important not only physical but also mental preparation – as a race prejudice, against what they think the …”

Your career is going incredibly well. Every team you play for seems to win – how do you do this?

“Dedication to basketball and work. If you believe the thing you are doing, if you’re confident that everything will come true, and it helps.”

What about talent?

“In particular – work. And a little talent.”

As in previous entries, Google Translate was a big help for this and while I left Jonas’ translated answers untouched, I tweeked some of the questions asked by the reporter so you could understand them a little bit better. I felt that some of the interview above sounded more like a sit down with Justin Bieber than Jonas Valanciunas, but when the topic of basketball and his career was discussed, the kid sounds pretty mature and he seems to have one focus right now: Basketball. Always a plus for a Toronto Raptors fan…

It’s Friday TimandSid-izens, remember to tune in this afternoon on theScore Radio or SIRIUS Channel 158 at 4PM ET for an all new episode of Tim and Sid: Uncut.

BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut “Bob Cole, Chocolate Milk, Mansbridge Throws To The Economy, & Dwane Casey”

Happy Monday Tim and Sidizens…the end of the 2-week hiatus is just about over and a big thank you to all of you for sticking around during the slow period. The blog continues to blow up and the support has been amazing. Tim and Sid: Uncut will return this upcoming Wednesday July 27th at 4PM ET on theScore Radio and SIRIUS Radio Channel 158.

On today’s BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut, Bronsteter played an episode from July 4th. Topics included on this afternoon’s episode were:

1. Bob Cole and “I love the darn game.”
2. Either OR: Chocolate Milk vs. Vanilla Milkshake
3. Sid calls into the show while on holidays to congratulate the Boston Bruins and call out the CBC for their shitty coverage on the Vancouver riots
4. Dwane Casey joins the boys just after being named the newest coach of the Toronto Raptors 

Only a couple of days left Tim and Sidizens and the boys will be back on air live providing our hourly dose of sports and edu-tainment. #REALTALK

Jonas Valanciunas’ Training Camp Update: Off To The Second Round

According to Sportas.delfi.It (lithuanian sports site), it’s been reported that Jonas Valanciunas has made it to the next round of the men’s national basketball team try-outs for the upcoming EuroBasket 2011. The first training camp took place in the city of Druskininkai and players Mindaugas Lukauskis and Arthuras Jomantas were sent home Saturday night.

The remaining 17 potentials, including Jonas, will now pack up and head to Palanga for the second stage of camp that begins Monday. Good luck to Valaciunas from all the Tim and Sidizens.


EuroBasket 2011: Run Jonas, Run!

Uncle Timmy’s favourite new Raptor…wait, he was only presenting facts and shit. But Toronto’s No. 5 pick in this year’s NBA draft, Jonas Valanciunas, has officially begun try-outs with the men’s Lithuanian national team. After his dominating performance at the FIBA U-19 World Championships, it will be interesting to see how Big V. plays against players his own size and who are more skilled than the opponents he faced at the U-19s.

The Lithuanian basketball team physical fitness trainer for the last 37 years, Evaldas Kandratavicius, said he had no complaints so far with the nineteen candidates. Thanks to Google Translate, I was able to break down a little bit of what the trainer had to say so far about training camp (courtesy of Alfa.It sports site):

“The first type of training was lead, and today we tried to simulate runs very similar to those that take place during the basketball game. Therefore, it is normal, if the players said today that they were hotter than the first day.”

Apparently Evaldas likes to run outdoors in the heat and humidty…I’m pretty impressed seeing as most North American teams are prepped inside an air conditioned gymnasium.

“Life does not stop team, each team dvyliktuką mail indicator to others – not. In any case, all received the workload will be useful – everyone will raise their level of physical fitness. So men are willing and no one there is no doubt about what we gathered here. Last year, have received much praise for the almost perfect physical preparation of players.”

Run Jonas, Run! Good luck with the try-outs and from all the Tim and Sidizens, Raptor Nation, and theScore..we wish you all the best. Kick some motherf**kin’ ass.

Jonas Valanciunas Gets Some Sugar From President Dalia Grybauskaite

As promised Tim and Sidizens, I’m going to be grabbing news from everywhere until Tim, Sid, Noon, Bronsteter, and Pizzo return. Until then, you’re left with me rambling about whatever is available in the sports world. Tonight, I bring you more news about the newest Toronto Raptor, Jonas Valanciunas. If Tim can’t tweet it in fear of backlash, then I’ll post it.

Since Big V helped Lithuania win the FIBA U-19 World Championships, the country has been in party mode. This past Monday, in front of thousands of fans, Valanciunas and his teammates were honoured by Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite in the main square of Vilnius’ Old Town.

During an interview after the celebration, Jonas had some thoughts regarding the Men’s Lithuanian National Team.

* The following excerpt below was taken from a Lithuanian paper and I did my best to translate it. Therefore, the grammar below is out of whack and to prevent trying to alter Jonas’ comments, I decided to leave it as is. You can still make out what he’s saying and it’s clear that he respects the men’s team and understands that making the team will not be a walk in the park. The kid seems to be mature…it’s a good sign.

“Gold medal at the World Basketball Championship in 19-year olds who won the Lithuanian national team leader John Valanciunas going to do everything said to enter the Lithuanian men’s basketball team. He thus acknowledged that access to it will be difficult, because there playing basketball is a lot older and have more experience than the young. 

“Men’s basketball teams begin camp on Sunday. In the evening we will begin all have a choice. Discouraged or not, is present in the team, I do not know. Will try to do everything that patekčiau. If excluded, it will only be greater incentive to engage in more of what I am doing more work. If you are, it will be very happy, I will endeavor to fight and possibly to transport one more victory to Lithuania “, – the President said Mr awards Valanciunas 

Lithuanian youth team captain acknowledged that access to the men’s team will be very difficult. 

“There was a whole different level. It is difficult to compare our and their team, as the men’s team of candidates and our age and experience are very different. Men are a higher caliber than we, the children “, – assured Mr Valanciunas.

Predict the experience of Lithuanian men’s team championship of the country’s young basketball dared to hope. “I think it is very difficult to predict, because the sport is a sport. But all of a burning desire to play and win something, so it can help us, “- said one of the candidates to play in the national Lithuanian men’s basketball team.

Later that evening, the team had a more formal meeting with the President and again showered with medals and accolades.

And for those willing to sit through a video of the above ceremony, feel free to check out below. But if you’re like me, just fast forward to 8:20 of the video.

Congratulations Jonas. If meeting the President isn’t cool enough, you even got some sugar from her. Good luck with the upcoming Lithuanian Men’s National Team – I’ll be pulling for you.

Lithuania & Tim and Sid: Uncut: Another Country Down

Goals of starting this Sid and Tim: Cut Review Blog:

1. Make Tim and Sid: Uncut the most listened to podcast in the world.
2. Build a portfolio.
3. Work in the Sports Business.

Well, No. 1 on my list is slowly happening. It looks like the Sid and Tim: Cut review blog has been discussed about on a Lithuanian sports website today.

* I was able to translate some of what was said, “Toronto some blogger wrote about Jonas Valanciunas .. like a couple of sentences:” Hopefully he tunes into the Tim and Sid: Uncut radio show.

Tim and Sid: Uncut are slowly, but surely taking over the world.