Nooner & Bronsteter Bytes

As discussed in a previous entry, the Tim and Sid: Uncut production crew use numerous sound bytes to introduce guests, the show’s intro., segments, or clips that are relevant to the topic of discussion at that time. We’ve all heard our share of random clips and at times they are hard to find online. However, in attempt to catalogue the funniest bytes, as they appear on the show, they’ll be uploaded for Tim and Sidizens to enjoy at all times.

* If you have a particular favorite sound byte/clip that is missing, please feel free to leave a note. I’ll do my best to track it down. And a special shout-out to HHH1977 for the suggestion.


“You want to FUCK ME!” Definitely one of Bronsteter’s better bytes. It seems to be Sid’s current favourite. Speed up to 3:07 to hear the one and only Arnold.

Sid’s a huge cricket fan – actually the first guy that I’ve known or heard that enjoys the sport. During the Cricket World Cup 2011, Bronsteter always introduced Sid’s Cricket update with the following theme song.

If you love the gun shot noise from Aaron Bronsteter’s introduction to Rapid Fire, check this tune out. The little sound byte came from M.I.A’s song “Paper Planes”. This song was also recently on the Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack. Note * This video wouldn’t play on my iPad. However, it will work on your laptop or desktop.

Remember Bruce Boudreau and the BBQ incident? Well, Bronsteter made the mistake of letting Hainser find a track for the particular topic. This sound byte got 2 days of attention and it took just as long to find out who the hell “can’t feel my face?”

Ahhhh, the wonderful Fabricland sound byte. It’s been absent from the show for the last while, but it still brings back memories.

“My friends call me Jacks.” This line is from the Miami Heat’s announcer Jason Jackson’s NBA Fan Conduct video. Damn hilarious! Bronsteter throws this sound byte in periodically.

If sales for Roy Foss have increased over the last year…Tim and Sid: Uncut are responsible. That’s all that needs to be said.


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