TimandSid-izens: Feed Your Uncut Hunger

Want to hear a unique take on sports and pop culture? Need help with the ladies? Are you trying to understand the psyche of a man? Looking for your Tim and Sid: Uncut fix?

Well there’s several ways you can find Tim and Sid: Uncut; the #1 sports radio show in the nation, and several ways to contact the boys behind the show.

A great way to listen to the show if you’re unable to tune in live is through iTunes. Downloaded Tim and Sid: Uncut podcasts are not only great for catching up on past episodes, but are also a great travel companion for those who use public transit, who are going for a drive around the country, or looking for edu-tainment to make the long work day go by. If you’re unaware of iTunes and require some help, check out the play-by-play below.

1. Go to the iTunes Page (Tim and Sid: Uncut CLICK HERE) and subscribe to the podcast from iTunes.

2. Click on the number of stars for the rating you think Tim and Sid: Uncut deserves.
3. Write a sentence or two review of the show and comment on how badass it is or if you think it’s crap.

Another great way to follow Tim and Sid: Uncut is on twitter. During the show, Producer Aaron Bronsteter will tweet match games, questions, or photos/videos of the topics that are usually being discussed between Tim and Sid. Tim and Sid: Uncut is as interactive as you can get and if you have a question, thought, or want to add comments, Bronsteter and Micallef are known to read TimandSid-zen’s tweets on-air. You can find Tim and Sid: Uncut‘s twitter account at @TIMANDSID.

And finally Facebook…the Tim and Sid: Uncut Facebook page can be found here. It includes photos from listeners, topics for discussion, and a place for TimandSid-izens to leave comments or suggestions.

Email is another great way to connect with the show. All the guys behind the show check the Tim and Sid: Uncut email on a regular basis and if you’re looking to say more than 140 characters, this is the way to go. Again, comments, suggestions, and feedback are welcomed. Drop them a note at TIMANDSID@THESCORE.COM

Thanks to all the TimandSid-izens out there. You keep me writing the blog! Keep listening to Tim and Sid: Uncut. You guys are the best fans out there. That’s #realtalk 



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