The “Starting 5”

In order for Tim and Sidizens to get their complete fill of Tim and Sid: Uncut, it’s also important and would be wise to follow the men/woman responsible for our daily sports and edu-tainment fix. If you like after hours commentary, wisecracks, or sport ideas to ponder, I’d suggest signing up to Twitter (if you haven’t already done so) and follow the following players.

Tim Micallef

Sid Seixeiro

 Aaron “Orville” Bronsteter

John Noon

Robert Pizzo (w/ Kushal?)

There’s also a rotating 6th (wo)man that appears on the show from time to time that contributes to Tim and Sid: Uncut. I’d throw them a bone and follow them too.

 Ryan “Hainser” Hains
Hainser Nation (Alter-ego)

Nadine Liverpool
(We have crazy ass fans.
I’ll only post this photo of our
“Lady Behind the Glass”
unless she wants her real photo up.)


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