Tim and Sidizen Updates: Nick Gilbert’s Fathead, LBJ Plays Summer League in Ohio, Reverse Penalty Kicks, and The Runaway Male Bride

What’s up Tim and Sidizens! I’m hope you’re all coping without any new Tim and Sid: Uncut episodes. Have faith though, their return to live air is just around the corner. Sid’s been tweeting about soccer, Tim’s anxious for a match game, Pizzo is working his points, Noon is drinking, and I believe Bronsteter is at the cabin. Have faith and stay strong, your fix for sports and edu-tainment from Tim and Sid is almost crowning. But in the meantime, here are some random updates to help you get through your day.

1. Remember Nick Gilbert? The kid who brought luck to the Cleveland Cavaliers when they were awarded the #1 and #4 picks in the 2011 NBA Draft. Well, you can now own a life-size decal of the enthusiastic Gilbert. Stick him on your wall, on the fridge, or at the bar – either way. he’ll always be fist-pumping. You can buy your $99.99 sticker of Nick here.

2. LeBron James made a surprise appearance in Ohio recently and I can’t believe he didn’t die. James showed up in Warrensville Heights, Ohio and took part in a Summer League game over the weekend to the surprise of fans. Is LeDouche trying to rub it in and remind Cleveland fans of what might have been?

3. We’re all familiar with streakers and fans running onto the pitch during a game. But have you ever heard of a guy wearing a wedding dress while doing it? On Saturday, during the Braves and Nationals match up, a runaway bride ran onto the baseball field during the 8th inning only to be tackled by security and staff.

 4. And from the world of soccer, check out this penalty kick by Awana Diab during a match up between U.A.E and Lebanon. With the team already up big (final score was 6 – 2), Diab went ahead and pulled this stunt. Let’s just say the coach, officials, and the Lebanon team were not too happy. According to the Guardian in the UK, Diab may face a fine and a suspension for the reverse kick.

And don’t forget Tim and Sidizens to tune into theScore Radio and/or SIRIUS Radio Channel 158 for another BEST OF Tim and Sid: Uncut this afternoon at 4PM ET.


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