The Final TimSidizen Cut or Uncut Blog Entry: “On To The Next One”

Alright, so I’ve been holding this off. Maybe it was just me being lazy or just the fact that I didn’t want to accept the fact that Tim and Sid: Uncut were no longer on the air. But it’s true, Tim Micallef, Sid Seixeiro, Rob Pizzo, John Noon, & Aaron Bronsteter, our favourite dudes to hang with everyday at 4PM, are no longer on the air or working the podcast. I’ve been getting a lot of mail of late requesting answers, delivering hate, or just plain out being a bitch for either selfish reasons or just because they love being a troll in their mom’s basement. I can get into a big ol’ entry about why I think this happened or demand they come back on air, but as with anything, it’s important to always look on the bright side. Change is good, change is positive, change always brought me a new girlfriend. Jay-Z says it best, “I’m on to the next one, on to the next.

In all seriousness though, it was a fun ride and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the show, working on the blog, and interacting with the guys. All of them, Tim, Sid, Rob, John, & Aaron were well receptive of the reviews and without their constant encouragement, I may have not stuck it out for so long. Each of them in their own right are solid dudes and gave me nothing but respect – and in the world of television and radio, that’s hard to come by at times.

Another big thank you also goes out to all the TimandSid-izens who would check in on the site on a regular basis. Starting with only approx. 10 views a day, it eventually rose to 400 views a day and way beyond anything I ever expected and the comments/feedback I received from you guys was unbelievable. It was meant to be a place for fans of the show to come and experience Tim and Sid: Uncut outside of the 4-5PM slot and all signs point to the fact that it did just that. But again, without you guys, the TimandSid-izens, this site was nothing.

Whether some of the “starting five” stay with theScore or move on, I wish all five of them nothing but success for the future with whatever they choose to do and I look forward to seeing them pop up wherever it may be. Good things happen to those who put in work, and Aaron, Rob, John, Sid, & Tim all put in hard work every day in order to keep us edu-tained in the world of sports & pop culture. You don’t become the #1 sports podcast in the nation for nothing. Until next time…shkeef ya later bitches!

Big thanks to the boys & all the listeners,
Toby (TimSidizen)

Final Laugh:

As most of the TimandSid-izens know, from time to time, I’ll throw up the photo of Micallef’s audition tape to show how long he’s been working with theScore. Unfortunately, I never had a photo of Sid from the early days of his career. Well, it’s only fitting that a secret listener who asked to remain nameless sent me this over the weekend. A final laugh to go out on with the last post for Cut or Uncut blog. A pre-Gabby’s photo.


The Return of Tim and Sid: Uncut…Bruce Smith Is Pumped & “It’s About Today” So Let’s Get Them Trending #TimandSid

It’s been a long two weeks for many listeners of Tim and Sid: Uncut, but the guys return today, Tuesday September 6th, and will most likely come out of the gates with guns a blazin’. In order to get the word out there, let’s try and get the show trending on twitter by adding the hashtag #timandsid to all of our tweets. Some examples to get you going:

  • Heading to the restaurant to propose to my girlfriend #timandsid
  • In the middle of a tornado but I can’t wait for this afternoon #timandsid
  • About to fly overseas to help build a school in Africa #timandsid
  • I hate to say this @Jasmine, but I think it’s time to break up #timandsid
  • Just got out of surgery; happy to head home #timandsid

Thanks again TimandSid-izens for all the support – you guys really are the best listeners out there. Same place, same time #timandsid. And as Sid is famous for saying, “It’s About Today!…It’s About Today!”

New Tim and Sid: Uncut Intro. From The Kid Famous Himself #REALTALK

Obviously, we’re all anticipating the return of Tim and Sid: Uncut tomorrow, but to get you a little more jacked and excited, The Kid Famous tweeted the following earlier this afternoon.

If this doesn’t get you more excited for tomorrow’s show, I don’t know what will….Check it out.

And make sure you follow The Kid Famous on twitter and check out his website.

The Worlds of Foss Direct, Roy Foss Motors, Twitter, and John Noon Collide!

It looks like over a year of plugging the word “FOSS” and the car dealership Roy Fosshas finally paid off for one of our very own, producer extraordinaire of Tim and Sid: Uncut, John Noon.

After being re-tweeted by a few solid TimandSid-izens, the dealership actually responded!

And the rest was history. A week later, it appears that Noon found what he was looking for thanks to Lucky, James, and the boys at Foss Direct.

Enjoy the ride Noon! And if you’re looking for a new vehicle yourself, check them out!

“Foss like!”

The Score’s NFL Fantasy Draft: Team Sid60 vs. Team Can’t Wait

Them are fightin’ words! Let the battle begin!

What Seixeiro is trying to say: DJ Bennett sucks at this NFL Fantasy Draft process. DJ has a habit of selecting players from the Dallas Cowboys only to see watch them fail during the season.

What Bennett is trying to say: After the first two rounds in today’s fantasy football draft, Sid just proved why he sucks at this pool. I’m going to destroy him.

What Bennett is trying to say: Week 1 is a lock. After Sid’s inability to select a solid team, Team Can’t Wait is going to crush him. Anybody can be beat…Can’t Wait!

Who Do You Think Has the Better Crew?

You Don’t Mess With This Starting Five! Tim and Sid: Uncut Ft. Nas & “Hip Hop Is Dead” Will Return Next Week

Lux Aeterna

It’s coming…They’re coming…

There’s been a few questions directed as to when Tim and Sid: Uncut will return with brand new shows. While Micallef has said on air that the show won’t be going anywhere, there’s still a few TimandSid-izens out there who are unaware of what’s happening, especially since theScore Radio no longer exists. So don’t worry TimandSid-izens. Tim, Sid, Bronsteter, Noon, and Pizzo will all return on Tuesday September 6th for a brand new episode of Tim and Sid: Uncut.

There are still some ideas being thrown around on how we’ll consume our daily dose of edu-tainment, but from what I can gather, it will still be available at and will still be available for download on itunes. You don’t become the #1 sports show in the nation for nothing. So until then, enjoy the history lesson episodes provided by Professor Sharman and make to sure to keep an eye out for new shows starting next week.

True Hip Hop ain’t dying this morning and neither is Tim and Sid: Uncut.

“Udonis Haslem (I’m So Handsome)” O’Grime FT. Metro Zu

LeBron did not take “talent” to Miami, Florida – it was already there! Write-up and photo to follow…but O’Grime have also collaborated with other artists in the past and brought the Miami Heat’s Udonis Haslem’s hip-hop song to life.

I’m sorry if this is the third post about O’Grime and NBA players, but as long as I keep finding them, I’m going to continue posting.