Tim and Sid: Uncut > Bob Saget, Alan Thicke, & David Hasselhoff

Bob Saget failed, Alan Thicke didn’t come close, and David Hasselhoff straight out collapsed. What do all the shows and their actors below have in common? None of them were able to make it to 250 episodes.

Family Ties 180
The X-Files 202
Full House 192
Growing Pains 166
Knight Rider 90
Golden Girls 180
Seinfeld 180
The Cosby Show 197 

I know that television is much different than radio but I don’t give a shit. Both forms of media run just under an hour, they involve several characters, and each episode has a new storyline. So Congratulations to Tim and Sid: Uncut and the guys behind the show. It looks like this Thursday will be the show’s 250th episode.

Make sure you tune in on Thursday July 7th at 4PM ET on SIRIUS Radio Channel 158. You don’t want to miss it!



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